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The Lodge Boca Raton Pizza

The Lodge in Boca Raton, a place known for their craft beer selection, also boasts two varieties of pizza on the menu: cheese and BBQ chicken, but actually calling these creations pizza requires a stretch of the imagination.
A more fitting name would have been cheese bread. Or bad cheese bread. Or “don’t order this.” What they referred to as pizza was a rectangular piece of hard bread covered in cheese and sad looking diced tomatoes. The bread itself had the consistency of a stress ball – maybe a better use for it than consumption.

Little Nicky’s Pizza Centereach Long Island

littlenickys.jpgWhat a way to end the day!  With bad pizza.  We passed by Little Nicky’s Pizza in Centereach, Long Island during my trip, and I asked if we could stop there since I never noticed it before.  What a mistake this was!

In my opinion the sauce was terrible, with an overbearing amount of spice, and was plenty acidic! The crust was doughy and undercooked. Crust wasn’t even crisp.  The staff came off as outright rude as far as I am concerned.  Since we are going to try and not discuss the places that fail to get under 4 slices during this new year, I will stop there.

Go there and try it for yourself and leave me a comment if you had a different experience. I am not going back here again.

Little Nicky’s Pizza gets 1 out of 8 slices.

Pizza Hut in Deltona, FL

It’s been a very long time since I’ve had a pizza from Pizza Hut. After my latest experience with the pizza chain’s Deltona, FL location, I was reminded why it’s been so long!

pizzahut.jpgWhen Pizza Hut delivers their overly greasy pizzas, shouldn’t safe food handling practices be extended to the time when the pizza is in the delivery driver’s car?


Big City Tavern Fort Lauderdale Pizza

bigcitytavern.jpgHad a lunch appointment with some friends from Miami so we chose Las Olas Blvd. in Fort Lauderdale as the meeting spot.  Ultimately my friends picked Big City Tavern for the lunch.  Big City Tavern is located on 609 E Las Olas Blvd Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 (954) 727-0307.

I have previously reviewed the pizza at Big City Tavern in Boca Raton, which was far superior to this location.  This pizza was almost hard to eat, with the chunky, spicy sauce.  I ended up wiping most of it off and ended up making the most disgusting mountain of it on my plate, which I am unsure if my friends thought was attractive or not.  The cheese wasn’t of great quality, and the dough almost seemed rubbery.  The pizza I ate at the location in Boca Raton was delicious compared to this location.  Even the presentation of the pizza at the Boca Raton Big City Tavern was tremendously better.  The Boca location also had the perfect cheese:sauce ratio, which the Las Olas location was severely off on.

I find it hard to understand how two locations owned by the same company can be so far off.  This is the problem when restaurants venture out and open up many locations, as might be evident with Renzo’s soon.  Just because one location is doing well, does not mean the others will.

Big City Tavern, you have truly disappointed me with this pizza that you served, and I can never see myself coming back to give it another try, at least at your Fort Lauderdale location.  I will give Big City Tavern 2 out of 8 slices.

Dan’s Midnight Pizza Orlando

midnightpizza.jpgUpon the suggestion of Big Jim at BarCamp Orlando, we went to Dan’s Midnight Pizza in Downtown Orlando near Wall Street Plaza.  This will be the first and last time I listen to Big Jim!  Dan’s Sandwich Shoppes (midnight pizza) is located on 28 S. Orlando Ave in Downtown Orlando. 407.425.8881.  This place is not a place I will try again.


Sal’s Market Deli Pizza Portofino Bay Hotel Universal

Sals_market.jpgsals_pizza.jpgMade the mistake of getting pizza at Sal’s Market Deli at the Portofino Hotel in Universal Studios. Since it was the only eatery open at the hotel, I had little choice. We were too lazy to go off site to try somewhere else. I ordered a plain pie, and Sam got a Margherita pizza. Both looked decent enough when they delivered them to the table, but upon tasting them, we were both greatly let down.

The price is not an issue at a tourist trap like that, so I will not complain about how expensive the pizza’s cost. Sal’s even has an exotic pizza oven they use to bake the pies, so even the tools they use to make the pizza would lead a patron to believe they served decent pies. But like every other magical facade at these parks, the oven is just for show and the crap they put into it will taste terrible, regardless of what they bake it in.

The main problem is with the awful sauce they use at this place. The cheese wasn’t so bad, and the crust was not the worst I have had. But the sauce was just terrible. I cannot believe they did not taste this sauce before serving it to their patrons. The sauce was barely edible.

If you are visiting Universal Studios and want pizza, this is definitely not the place for you to go. Getting pizza by the poolside is a much better experience. Stay there.

Sal’s Market Deli at the Portofino Hotel, Universal Studios Orlando, gets 1 out of 8 slices.

Via Italia Pizza Commack Long Island Worst Pizza

vita-italia-sucksvia-italia-terribleSitting home the other day I got hungry and was appointed the decision maker for our family meal.  Thought it would be cool to try out a new place, and remembered passing by Via Italia on 118 Commack Road in Commack, NY, and wanting to try it. BIG MISTAKE!  Via Italia Pizza is located in the Meat Farms Shopping Center.  I ordered a regular pie, a Sicilian Pie, and a couple of pasta dishes.  The first call I made to them was at 2:30 pm, it was during this first call that I placed my order, and was told it would be 20 minutes.

I arrived at Via Italia around 3:00 pm, and the both the pizza and pasta were still not finished. Using basic math skills I figured it was 30 minutes already and not the 20 they had originally said.  A few minutes after waiting, the two pies were finished, and placed on the oven, but the rest of the food wasn’t done.  Finally…at about 3:25, which is over an hour from when I placed the order, and over 40 minutes from when the food was promised, the rest of the order came out.  The rude counter help offered no apologies for it taking as long as it did.

When I got home, we noticed that the sicilian pie wasn’t even cut fully, only cut into 8 slices!  What a lazy group of employees Via Italia has.  I had to cut the pizza myself.  At least the Sicilian pie looked decent, the regular pie looked worse then Domino’s Pizza in my opinion. It was so sloppy looking, that we almost didn’t even eat it. Of course, since the pizza was waiting on top of the oven for about 25 minutes, it was cold and terrible.  I mean TERRIBLE.

One of the pasta dishes was also wrong.  Get this…I called up and told them that they made a mistake.  The idiot who answered proceeded to tell me that they didn’t make any mistakes, and said in a nasty tone “what do you want us to do about it.”  I said I can bring it back and the manager said they didn’t want us to bring it back, and said in even a more nastier sounding tone “so what do you want from us again.”  I said, I would like what I ordered and they said that they didn’t care and they did not want us to bring back the food as well as the pie that they forgot to cut. Never in my life have I been treated in such an inconsiderate fashion from an uneducated pizza guy, who could barely put his sentences together.  He even asked me, why don’t you just slice it yourself and leave us alone!

This experience left a bad taste in my mouth about Via Italia Pizza in Commack.   The sicilian pizza was not that tasty and it was very thin.  The regular wasn’t even edible.

Via Italia in Commack gets 0 out of 8 slices, and I would NEVER go back to this place after the way they disrespected me, and how rude they treated me.  In my opinion it would be wise for everyone to stay away and order from anywhere else in the Commack area.  This place could be the Worst Pizza in Long Island, with the worst management.  Go to La Scala Pizza instead on Vanderbilt Parkway.

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