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Slightly Oliver Pizza New York City

Slightly Oliver is a cocktail-themed Gastropub on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Slightly Oliver is known for the tantalizing flavors and unique visual appeal of dishes that emphasize fresh, authentic ingredients in this New York City establishment; Teamed with the experise of Consulting Chef Jason Hicks and consulting mixoligist Orson Salicetti. It presents a combination of unique Gastropub cuisine and an apothecary-style bar with barrel-aged cocktails in a setting to match.

The bar features a menu that changes seasonally to showcase ingredients at the peak of their freshness and the sounds of rock n’ roll and reggae.


Grimaldi’s Pizza Limelight New York City

In the first season of Sex and the City, only real New Yorkers knew that “the Church of Disco” was a real place, and that place was the Limelight. Like any club, it always seemed cooler in the past. I never went dancing there. I wasn’t that cool. I did attend a few artsy events in the converted church on Sixth Avenue, but it didn’t live up to the stories I’d heard from other people.

Despite any meaningful personal experience with the space, when the building was repurposed yet again last year, I was offended to hear that it had gone retail. Divided into booths like a flea market, most of the vendors sell pretentious, high-end, useless things. And they were sold out of the Rhubarb bitters I wanted.

When I heard that Grimaldi’s pizza was opening a satellite restaurant on the ground floor, I was conflicted. Was this evidence that the Once-best had turned into the tourist trap that many claimed? Would the Limelight pull out a velvet rope again?