Little Nicky’s Pizza Centereach Long Island

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Little Nicky’s Pizza Centereach Long Island

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littlenickys.jpgWhat a way to end the day!  With bad pizza.  We passed by Little Nicky's Pizza in Centereach, Long Island during my trip, and I asked if we could stop there since I never noticed it before.  What a mistake this was!

In my opinion the sauce was terrible, with an overbearing amount of spice, and was plenty acidic! The crust was doughy and undercooked. Crust wasn't even crisp.  The staff came off as outright rude as far as I am concerned.  Since we are going to try and not discuss the places that fail to get under 4 slices during this new year, I will stop there.

Go there and try it for yourself and leave me a comment if you had a different experience. I am not going back here again.

Little Nicky's Pizza gets 1 out of 8 slices.

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    (631) 588-6425

  • 2425 Middle Country Rd Centereach, NY 11720-3663