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Crave America Pizza Orlando, FL

My cousin wanted to meet me while we were in Orlando, and he chose Crave America Restaurant. Crave was busy, and it had a nice hip crowd inside, so I was hoping for the best. Eventually, about 5 minutes after we sat, the server came over to get our drink orders. It took equally as long as them to arrive. My cousin chose the pizza, which seemed quite daring since they aren’t known for their pie, but against all my warnings he chose to get one anyways. Not the smartest choice as he would soon discover.


Amusement Park Pizza Fun Spot, Orlando Perky’s Pizza

The other day while in Orlando, I decided to take my son to check out the Go Karts, at Fun Spot. They have 4 adult tracks, and I have heard they were a lot of fun. When we arrived and started racing, all we heard about the excitement was accurate. There were almost no lines on this blistering day, full of humidity. The tracks were great, and we only got in trouble once for trying to spin each other out. After hours or horsing around, I asked my son if he was hungry and he said yes. We needed to escape the 96 degree heat anyways and get some air conditioning.

When inside we noticed they had some pizza, it was something they called Perky’s Pizza, so we decided to give it a go. We paid and sat down, where I had full view of how the pie was made. The crust was par baked, and as she applied the lite amount of sauce to it, and sprinkled what looks like some cafeteria style cheese on it, my hopes that this would be a good pie immediately diminished.


WonderWorks Dinner Show Pizza, Orlando

Even though this is not Vegas, this was still a fun time. Outside the parks of Disney, and Universal, in Orlando there is an upside down building which houses WonderWorks. WonderWorks has the Outta Control Comedy Magic Show that seems to run twice daily starting at 6pm. We hadn’t heard many things about this show, but really didn’t want to do a typical Disney type of vacation before school started. The VisitOrlando website had this listed so we decided to give it a try, and I am quite happy we did. Not so much for the pizza, but the performance, but we will address all that below.


NYPD Pizza in Maitland, FL

Several years ago, the original NYPD Pizza was located on Orange Ave in Downtown Orlando. This NYPD had awesome pizza, easily the best in Orlando. Not only was it really good, but they were also pretty authentic when it came to actually serving a product that closely resembled New York Style pizza. Lou Pearlman had some sort of connection to the store so on occasion you would see local celebrities from the various boy-bands that he managed in the restaurant which was always interesting.


Anthony’s Pizza Casselberry, FL

The last time I ate at Anthony’s Pizza in Casselberry, FL was way back when smoking was still allowed in Florida restaurants. I don’t remember much about the food, just that the smoking/non-smoking sections served no purpose in the small restaurant. The place smelled horribly like an ashtray and as a non-smoker, this left me with no desire to return any time soon.


Harmoni Market Pizza College Park, FL

I ate lunch at Harmoni Market in Orlando’s College Park neighborhood during an unexpected detour caused from an I-4 closure. The service was a bit weird when we entered, the group of employees standing at the bar ignored us for a few minutes until someone finally told us to sit anywhere. This awkwardness was followed by a drink being served in a cup covered in lipstick stains, but after the initial trouble, the food and service were good.


NYPD Pizza Lake Cay Near Universal Orlando

NYPD_pizza.jpgTired of hanging around the hotel, we decided to do some detective work and investigate the local fare. In a spankin’ new plaza across street we found NYPD Pizza.

Today was BOGO Tuesday so we went for a straight cheese pie as well as a pepperoni.
We were super starving and this was our first meal of the day. Well…this would have been a good day to begin fasting.

Giordano’s Pizza Lake Buena Vista

Giordano's.jpgWhen in Orlando, I usually like to hit UNO’s for some Chicago style deep dish pizza. On the way there, I saw a billboard for GIORDANO’s Pizza- just a few blocks away on Apopka-Vineland road in Lk Buena Vista. This was a good thing. Years ago there was an UNO’s at Towncenter in Boca. Too bad for all though, it has been gone for awhile so now I get deep dish only when I travel.

I had never been to Giordano’s and was excited to give their deep stuff a try. I was happy to have this unexpected option…Uno’s seems to have drifted toward frozen pizza aisle, store bought sub-mediocrity.