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Jack’s Pizza Delray Beach

Jack's NY PizzaStu told me he knows of the best pizza place around, in Delray Beach.  It is called Jack’s NY Pizza.  Jack’s Pizzeria is located on 14856 S. Military Trail
Delray Beach, Fl 33484 561-638-5552
.  Although I had passed it numerous times, I never thought to stop in and try it, cause something about the shopping center gives me the creeps.  Since they recently (year or so ago) updated the shopping center, I thought it would be ok to try it.  Besides, in my opinion, you can always tell a lot about a persons taste buds, based upon where they recommend the pizza expert to try.


La Bella Vita Pizza Delray Beach

La Bella Vita PizzaI have found Tony, from Tony’s Authentic Brooklyn Pizza.  And man am I happy I did.

The other night I was heading to poker night and decided to meet Jim for a fast bite to eat, in case Big G was making something exotic again that I don’t eat.  During the week, I was out to lunch at Jack’s NY Pizza in Delray Beach, when someone there mentioned I should also try the place directly across the street.  So I suggested to Jim that we go and try this new place, which happened to be called La Bella Vita.


Pizza Rustica Delray Beach

images1Seeing Hall & Oats perform can work up quite an appetite. Lucky for me, Pizza Rustica in Delray Beach keeps their doors open until 3am so I know I could score a somewhat hearty slick of pizza. However the counter service I received that night was one I never would have expected.

Since it was very late, I figured I’d go for a slice of their wheat crust plain pizza. The price of the slice displayed was $4 which is on the cheaper side at Pizza Rustica. The slice was thrown into the oven and I proceeded to wait in line for my slice. I was stoked.

The girl behind the register, with her blank stare and jaw hung out charged me $5.36 for my slice. I raised my eyebrow and protested. I told her that price can’t be right because the display price for the wheat cheese slice was $4. She said the price of the slice was in the computer and that’s what I owed. I told her to go look at the display sign and she just stared back at me with a lifeless stare. A few seconds later she asked for assistance and another guy, who was busy making pizzas, reset the register. She rang it up once more and $5.36 came up.

I was floored. This girl didn’t care to check the display price nor did she care to remedy the problem. I gave her my $20 bill and she gave back the change that was displayed on the register because chances are, she can’t do simple arithmetic much less remedy a pricing error.

As I sat eating my slice and conversing with my friends regarding the glory of the Hall & Oats show, I noticed that there was a price for a wheat ‘special’ pizza slice which was $5. The girl punched the wrong key in twice. Instead of hitting the plain wheat slice, she kept keying in the wheat special slice key. I just shook my head.

To the owners of Pizza Rustica, listen good and listen well. You never know when a worstpizza expert will walk through your doors. And don’t think it’s just pizza we are reviewing. Getting ripped off by the girl running the register earns you a 1/8 slice rating. The one is for the slice. I actually liked the wheat crust because it had a hearty flavor.

My name is Walter and I walked out of Pizza Rustica feeling that the management don’t care about their customers.

Brick Oven Pizza Delray Beach


I met up with pizzaexpert for some pizza at the Brick Oven Pizzeria on Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach. 5869 W Atlantic Ave, Delray Beach – (561) 496-5300. It was chosen specifically because neither one of us has ever tried their pizza. We were curious if they could do brick oven pizza right.

The first positive quality I noticed about this place were their prices. It seemed very fair, especially for the large cheese pie. I was surprised. I would say their cheese pie was about $3 dollars cheaper than any other place I’ve been to in the area. Hopefully this pizza wouldn’t taste as cheap as its price.

Our brick oven pizza came out and it was hot but not too hot to quickly take a first bite. My first reaction was the crust of this pizza. It was very tasty. It had a thin yet firm feel. It wasn’t doughy nor did the crust fold to the bottom as I was holding it. The cheese tasted fresh and the first slice was worth the wait. This pizza stayed warm for almost the whole meal and two to three slices were all you needed to fill up so there were leftovers to take home.

I took a few slices home and the next day I heated them up. I prefer my leftover pizza well done so I overcooked it just a bit. It didn’t hold as well as I would have hoped but then again, I’m no expert in reheating pizza that was already cooked. Still, I’ve had worse leftovers in my lifetime.

My only complaint about the pie when it came out was that there was just a touch more sauce. I’m a pizza sauce fan so this is just a preference of mine. The restaurant’s ambiance isn’t the hippest place but it serves its purpose. Let’s just say that your grandma and grandpa will love the restaurant and free valet parking. The service was adequate but not the type you’d expect if you were eating in downtown Delray. It’s definitely a slower pace at the Brick Oven Pizzeria.

I’d go back to the Brick Oven Pizzeria. I enjoyed their pizza. 5 out of 8 slices. Oh and I forgot to mention, the Parmesan cheese on the table tasted fresh so give that slice a little sprinkle. Stay away from the garlic rolls (just ask pizzaexpert) at the Brick Oven Pizzeria and as always, eat a cheese pizza.

Vic and Angelos Pizza Delray Beach

Went out to Vic & Angelos the other night.  This place just opened a week ago but they have their act together.  It is in a location where other places tried but failed.  This place is a winner.  It is owned by David Manero Restaurants.

The place is very nice and has a great bar.  They have glass windows to see the kitchen and the waiters are all in orange crocks. (I do not know why you need to know that).  Supposedly they even import the water from New York, but I have yet to prove this.

We had the Pizza (Great dough and very good) as well as the Calamari, fried zucchini, and the chef sent out some butternut squash tortellini.  (That was my favorite.  The 4 of us were stuffed so passed on the entrees that all looked great.  We had a bunch of deserts to try and the Italian Cheesecake was the best I ever had in Florida.  We ordered Zeppolli’s but they forgot to bring them.  The pizza had a great tasting crust, and the cheese was delicious.  The sauce was a little spicy, and I would probably put more cheese and sauce along the edges of the pizza.

The bread to start was also beyond all expectations of FL. bread.  This is a winner and I hope it keeps up the high level of food and service.  I will post actual photos of our food.  I will give Vic & Angelos in Delray Beach 6 out of 8 slices.

Here is the link to the menu.

Nino’s Pizza Best In Delray Beach Florida

I was down visiting family recently and had read the previous posts about Nino’s in Boca Raton, so since I was in the Delray Area I stopped by the other Nino’s Pizza located on the NE corner of Jog Road and Lake Ida Road in the San Marco Plaza 561-499-3988.  This Delray Beach Nino’s is quite nicer then the one in Boca Raton, at least to the best of my recollection.  I haven’t been to the one in Boca Raton for well over a year.

It was hard for me to decide what to order since I wanted pizza, but I also wanted something else.  Ultimately I ended up choosing the pizza and order a couple of slices.  When the first slice came (I ordered them separately) I was amazed at how good it tasted.  Seeing where this Nino’s is located, I naturally assumed they get the early bird crowd in there who expect to get their food for free, or at least back at 1930 pricing.  With that in mind I feared they would skimp out on the ingredients to avoid going out of business.  Well they certainly did not skimp out on any ingredients, and this pizza was better then almost any slice I have had recently in South Florida.  When I come back into town in two weeks, I am immediately going to the other Nino’s Pizza in Boca Raton to see if they taste as good.

Nino’s, I really do not care about your break up, as it is a natural assumption that you both make the pizza the same, since it was owned by the same people at one time.  What I care about is good pizza, and I have to tell you, this was good pizza.  Your waitress Ashley, I think was her name, was a doll and made my experience even better.  I will give Nino’s Pizza in Delray Beach 6 out of 8 slices.

Carolina’s Coal Fired Pizza Delray Beach

I don’t know why I let myself get excited. Every time I think I got a lead on a great new place, I am disappointed. And that’s how it was at Carolina’s. Carolina’s Pizza is located on 9 SE 7th Ave. in Delray Beach Florida 33483 (561) 278-1913. This pizza place located off the main street in a house was described as pretty good to me, so I was actually excited to try it. I went with Mrs. Pizza and we ordered 2 pies, 1 plain and the other with prosciutto ricotta and meatballs. The toppings were not hot. They were not even warm. The prosciutto tasted like regular ham. And at the temperature it was on the pizza, it reminded me of a cold ham sandwich. We even sent both pies back to be heated a little more, with no real result. The plain pie was OK, nothing special. It would have been better, I suppose, If it was hot. I am sensing a theme here. And the place wasn’t even crowded. When I eat pizza I want it to make me smile. This didn’t. I don’t think I’d go back. 3 of 8 slices.

Back To Carolina’s Pizza in Delray Beach

Yesterday, I went back for a second try at Carolina’s Coal Fired Pizza in Delray Beach.  My previous experience there was a decent one, but I wanted to make sure they have a follow through.

The place was crowded and the new hostess was pretty hot.  After waiting about 10 minutes, we were seated.  This visit, consisted of one plain pie and one with meatballs.  The pies took an unusual long time to arrive, since coal fired pizza tends to come out within minutes of cooking.  When the pizza actually did arrive the top looked well done, but the crust was undercooked.  Undercooked to the point that when I lifted up the pizza all the cheese and sauce fell off.  I am not a fan of this.

The meatballs were very good, but they were the only thing on the pizza that had a proper cooking.  Not sure why Carolinas re-calibrated the ovens, or why they might have switched sauce, but there is no way I could say this pizza tasted as good as the first time I tried it. With all the competition that is around, like Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza, and Vic & Angelo’s opening down the block, I would expect a little bit more attention to the quality of what you are serving.

Carolina’s, I would suggest not forcing too many pies into the oven at the same time in order to rush them out.  Even though ours took longer then it normally should, I would have rathered the pies to stay in another minute or too, in hopes of crisping up the crust.  You are not getting enough heat on the stone for the bottom of the pie.  In my opinion you should try to find the cold spots in the oven and avoid them.  I will give Carolina’s Coal Fired Pizza in Delray Beach 4 out of 8 slices.  At least the shirts they have are cool.

Pizza Rustica Delray Beach

Pizza Rustica is located on Atlantic Avenue, in Delray Beach.  We previously reviewed Pizza Rustica in Delray several months ago when we ordered in from them during poker night.  Since Pizza Rustica is known for their square slices, it seemed odd that we were delivered round pies.  In the spirit of fairness, I decided it was time to review the square slice as well.

Pizza Rustica has an enormous selection of different pizzas to choose from.  Almost too many.  Sometimes having too many choices isn’t a good thing either.  They keep their regular square slices in the front window, so they are hard to miss if you just walk into the store and start looking around.  If you happen to miss the plain ones, you might end up spending upwards of $5.00 for a slice.

Do not be fooled by my photo here, the pizza is not nearly as huge as it looks.  This is one slice cut up in their signature 4 pieces to make it easier to eat.  The other thing that made this pizza easier to eat was watching the cute little blond behind the counter who served it to me.  Ooops, my wife will kill me for that statement.  The pizza itself has a nice tasting crust, and some really good cheese.  My issue is with the sauce.  Pizza Rustica is definitely using the wrong type of sauce for this thin square style pizza.  Their sauce gets very chunky from time to time, which sometimes led to different tastes throughout the slice.  I found myself having to wipe off some of the globbed together tomato pieces before eating.  It would probably make a better tasting slice if you used less sauce perhaps, and got rid of the clumps.

I am going to give Pizza Rustica in Delray Beach 4 out of 8 slices.  Change the sauce, and change the prices, and I will gladly come back for th square.  Incidentally I think the pizza we ordered for poker night was much better.  This was the regular round style pie and not the fancy square.