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Pizza Rustica Delray Beach

Posted By: Walt
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images1Seeing Hall & Oats perform can work up quite an appetite. Lucky for me, Pizza Rustica in Delray Beach keeps their doors open until 3am so I know I could score a somewhat hearty slick of pizza. However the counter service I received that night was one I never would have expected.

Since it was very late, I figured I'd go for a slice of their wheat crust plain pizza. The price of the slice displayed was $4 which is on the cheaper side at Pizza Rustica. The slice was thrown into the oven and I proceeded to wait in line for my slice. I was stoked.

The girl behind the register, with her blank stare and jaw hung out charged me $5.36 for my slice. I raised my eyebrow and protested. I told her that price can't be right because the display price for the wheat cheese slice was $4. She said the price of the slice was in the computer and that's what I owed. I told her to go look at the display sign and she just stared back at me with a lifeless stare. A few seconds later she asked for assistance and another guy, who was busy making pizzas, reset the register. She rang it up once more and $5.36 came up.

I was floored. This girl didn't care to check the display price nor did she care to remedy the problem. I gave her my $20 bill and she gave back the change that was displayed on the register because chances are, she can't do simple arithmetic much less remedy a pricing error.

As I sat eating my slice and conversing with my friends regarding the glory of the Hall & Oats show, I noticed that there was a price for a wheat 'special' pizza slice which was $5. The girl punched the wrong key in twice. Instead of hitting the plain wheat slice, she kept keying in the wheat special slice key. I just shook my head.

To the owners of Pizza Rustica, listen good and listen well. You never know when a worstpizza expert will walk through your doors. And don't think it's just pizza we are reviewing. Getting ripped off by the girl running the register earns you a 1/8 slice rating. The one is for the slice. I actually liked the wheat crust because it had a hearty flavor.

My name is Walter and I walked out of Pizza Rustica feeling that the management don't care about their customers.

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