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Pizza Rustica Delray Beach

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is located on Atlantic Avenue, in Delray Beach.  We previously reviewed Pizza Rustica in Delray several months ago when we ordered in from them during poker night.  Since Pizza Rustica is known for their square slices, it seemed odd that we were delivered round pies.  In the spirit of fairness, I decided it was time to review the square slice as well.

Pizza Rustica has an enormous selection of different pizzas to choose from.  Almost too many.  Sometimes having too many choices isn't a good thing either.  They keep their regular square slices in the front window, so they are hard to miss if you just walk into the store and start looking around.  If you happen to miss the plain ones, you might end up spending upwards of $5.00 for a slice.

Do not be fooled by my photo here, the pizza is not nearly as huge as it looks.  This is one slice cut up in their signature 4 pieces to make it easier to eat.  The other thing that made this pizza easier to eat was watching the cute little blond behind the counter who served it to me.  Ooops, my wife will kill me for that statement.  The pizza itself has a nice tasting crust, and some really good cheese.  My issue is with the sauce.  Pizza Rustica is definitely using the wrong type of sauce for this thin square style pizza.  Their sauce gets very chunky from time to time, which sometimes led to different tastes throughout the slice.  I found myself having to wipe off some of the globbed together tomato pieces before eating.  It would probably make a better tasting slice if you used less sauce perhaps, and got rid of the clumps.

I am going to give Pizza Rustica in Delray Beach 4 out of 8 slices.  Change the sauce, and change the prices, and I will gladly come back for th square.  Incidentally I think the pizza we ordered for poker night was much better.  This was the regular round style pie and not the fancy square.

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