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Gino’s Pizza Long Beach Best Pizza

ginos-grandmaginos-sicilianHere is my favorite pizza on all of Long Island!  Slices at Gino’s Pizza on 16 W Park Ave Long Beach, NY (516) 432-8193 are a different animal then the ones that come on a pie.  To get the full pleasure order it by the slice even if you will eat 8 slices yourself.  The Sicilian is very good as well.  They have a Grandma’s pizza that some people swear by but call me a purest.  I love the guy with the hair!  Anyone who is familiar with this place knows for over a decade who I mean.


Totonnos Pizza New York City – Best Pizza

23Totonno’s must be Italian for YUMMO!

I stopped at the Totonno’s on 462 2nd Ave (between 26th & 27th Street) 212.213.8800 after walking back from a closed Una Pizza Napoletana. (see my review)  It was 11:45am on a Saturday and I ordered a cold Peroni from the nice girl at the bar.  She prepped the bar for the day as I ordered my pizza.  I was not expecting the taste explosion I was about to experience.  When my pizza came it was cooked to perfection and the taste was far from disappointing.

The four slices of my personal pizza went down as quickly and smoothly as my beer.  The manager was a few stools away from me and we talked about Football and point spreads.  That is not a topic I get to discuss much since I moved from NY in 1997.  I also could not help but notice the fine white pair of capezio shoes that I have not seen a man wear since the 1988 dance party at Channel 80’s in Island Park or 1999 wedding at Russo’s on the Bay in Howard Beach, Queens.  Any way, if the shoes help make that awesome brick oven pizza, the guys in Florida should buy every pair available.

I loved the people. The Beer was cold, and the pizza was the best pizza I have had in years.  I actualy needed to lower my rating on Lombardi’s because of this pizza.  If you are in NYC this is my #1 pick!  That says alot.

This pizza is a 7 1/2 slices (but since pizzaexpert doesn’t like half slices here, he will change it to a 7) only because I never had an 8 out of 8. I guess I will know it if I ever have one.  Until then this is the one to beat.  Congrats to Totonno’s and the guy who sold the manager those shoes.

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Pizza 33 New York City NYC

pizza332In my best old school gangster impersonation “It’s on tirdy tird and tird” notice I did not spell it turd? Pizza 33 address 489 3rd Ave, New York  Telephone # 212 545-9191

I went to this pizza place for years and it never misses.  The pizza was only a single personal pizza and I wondered if that would make a difference, it did not.  The oven is worked and the staff was S. American and definitely not Italian.  The Pizza was fantastic and again proves you do not need to be a card carrying red white and green wearing guy named Vinny or Guido.


Pizzeria Sorbillo Naples Italy Best Pizza

This post was written by Margaret who moved to Naples with Augie. One of the first pizzas that I ate in Napoli was the pizza Mari. After tasting it, I giggled to myself thinking, “oooh boy! Love at first bite!” My dorkish sentimentality was genuine. To me this is an indication of true love.
Mari is a white pizza. The ingredients are gorgonzola cheese, red or white onions, thinly sliced salame, fior di latte cheese, and burn spots.

Best Pizza I Have Had In Florida

Quite possibly the best pizza I’ve ever had in South Florida. How crazy is that?! South Florida? Of all places…

Seriously, with all the north east transplants down here that beat their fists into their chests when expressing pride in their love for the NY/NJ tri-state area you’d figure that one of them could make a decent pizza. Unfortunately that hasn’t been the case. In fact, one of my favorite pizza places in Fort Lauderdale actually hails from Pittsburg (Primanti Brothers).

However Pimanti Brothers cannot compete with the pizza I had last week. This pizza was almost perfect. The crust was crisp yet delicate. It never bended nor did it ever fold at different temps. The cheese was just the right amount and cooked to perfection. The sauce was sweet and full of flavor with just a sprinkle of spices. This pizza never burned my mouth, even at the very first bite yet it was still hot. It was the near perfect pizza (for South Florida).

It’s unfair to say that this pizza was near perfect for South Florida. This was damn near perfect for anywhere. The only reason I didn’t give this pizza a perfect rating was because the guy who made it told me his actual recipe for this style requires onions (sauteed or caramelized, not sure) and anchovies. Are you freakin’ kidding me? I’ve got to try that (love anchovies).

Where can you get this pizza. I’m sorry to say but I can’t state it here. The owner made this pie as a treat for PizzaExpert and myself.  However if you ever meet up with me, I can tell you where to get awesome freakin’ pizza. Seriously, it’s worth the drive and it’s worth the visit. Why? Because I’m tired of eating sub-par pizza in South Florida and I’m sure you are too. Oh and the price is very fair and welcoming (compared some overpriced pizza joints in South Florida).

I’m Walt and I’ve just had some damn near perfect pizza! And remember, when trying a new place, always order the cheese pizza. It’s the best way to know if a pizza place deserves repeat business.

Spumoni Gardens in Brooklyn – BEST PIZZA

This could be the best pizza I have ever tasted.  I know this is a bold statement to make since I try to always stay tough, and make sure never to give a perfect rating to a place that is lacking, even the smallest of areas, but L&B Spumoni Gardens in Brooklyn, is pure perfection. Their website is kind of ugly, but since I cannot take that into the rating, we will only focus on this incredibly amazing Upside Down Sicilian Pizza.

As my readers are probably aware of by now, since I have stated it time and time again, I love Upside Down Sicilian.  Spumoni Gardens was always a place people would talk of when I was growing up, but I never ventured into this area of Brooklyn to try it before.  It seemed like my life was missing something until I tried this pizza.  It was so good it is hard to even describe it properly.  The sauce – Perfect and Sweet.  The Cheese – Extraordinary.  The Crust – Beyond Belief.

All I can really say to everyone is:  Just go try it for yourself to see how incredible this pizza tastes.  Spumoni Gardens has a pizza side which has a walk up window (be prepared for a line), and it has a restaurant side.  In between the two, they sell Spumoni (what a shocker).  At Spumoni Gardens you can order a sheet pie which contains 24 slices, so you can take some home and continue to enjoy this work of pizza art.

Needless to say, I am giving Spumoni Gardens 8 out of 8 slices, and thank them for their remarkable care and quality.  It is not easy to obtain a perfect rating from the experts, but this place easily deserves it.

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Joe’s Famous New York Style Pizza – Very Unfamous

UPDATE TO THE STORY:  We hear Joe’s is under new ownership so the pizza might have changed.  Check it out and let us know if you beat us there.

I pass Joe’s pizza 2 or 3 times a day.  So why don’t I eat there more often?
I couldn’t remember.  So I stopped by, and was instantly reminded.  The
Pizza was awful, in my opinion.


Albert’s Pizza Ronkonkoma Long Island New York Best Pizza

If you have not tried Albert’s Pizza in Ronkonkoma, New York, located out east in Long Island, you are missing what could be the best pizza I have eaten in Long Island.  While at the Boomers party the other day, my sister introduced me to this guy named Rich.  Rich owns Albert’s Pizza in Ronkonkoma and we started talking about