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La Villa Pizza Restaurant Park Slope Brooklyn

lavillapizza.jpgvillapizza.jpgWe met up with Adam from Slice and enjoyed some upside down Sicilian pizza with him the other week.  Adam suggested we go to La Villa Pizza since it was close by to him, and out of all the other places we were going to try this seemed most convenient.  I was quite anxious to meet Adam after all this time.  We run two of the largest pizza review sites in the world, and it seemed only fitting that we finally shared a slice or two together.


Luigi’s Pizza Brooklyn New York PERFECT SLICE Best Pizza

As many of my regular readers know, it is almost impossible to wow me lately.  Seems like every place is either trying to capitalize on the “coal fired” or “wood fired” craze, or trying to pretend they are “New York Style” pizza. So it has been relatively impossible to find a perfect slice of pizza so far this year.  Although many places have come close, there is usually something that manages to turn me off, and change my mind. Luigi’s is not one of these places.  They had a perfect slice of pizza on this night.


Motorino Pizza Williamsburg Brooklyn

motorino.jpgmotorinopizzas.jpgMotorino Pizza is located in Greenpoint Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  Not too far from Fortunato’s bakery, which we happened to go to immediately after.  Greenpoint Williamsburg has been blessed with an amazing new wood fired pizza place.

This is their first place, and they recently opened a second joint on 12th street between first and second where the former Una Pizza Napoletana used to be. In a future review, you will see that they have managed to dilute themselves at this new location, as the pizza wasn’t nearly as amazing as the Greenpoint Williamsburg location.


Lucali Pizza Carroll Gardens Brooklyn

lucalis.jpglucali_pizza.jpgThere is something that is alluring about mobster run pizza establishments.  While researching Lucali’s Pizza in Brooklyn, I came to realize that this incredible pizzeria actually has a reputed Colombo crime family member working there.  That made the visit even more exciting.  You know some proud Italian gangster, is not about to serve sub-par pizza.  A this pizza was as far from sub-par as they come.  This pizza was amazing.


South Brooklyn Pizza Is Some of the Best Pizza in New York


Don’t judge a pizza by it’s photo. Although this pizza looked burnt, the only one who gets burned with it are those that don’t take the opportunity to eat here.
South Brooklyn Pizza, which is located on the right hand side of the Irish Bar P.J. Hanley’s,  is one of those places that I normally wouldn’t have thought to try. Had I not tried it, I could have made one of my greatest pizza mistakes ever. This place was delicious!


Franny’s Pizza Brooklyn


Ah the provolone pie! We went to Franny’s the other night and tried a uniquely deliciously pie. It had provolone piccante, tomato sauce, and onions.

It’s quite refreshing to see another cheese compete for the spot light on pizza’s center stage. Far too few pizzerias are willing to venture outside the mozzarella safe zone. This pie is an edible monument towards the glory that is provolone. Every other ingredient is (for better or worse) an aftertaste.