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Carlino’s Pizza Bar Opens in Boca Raton on Federal Highway

Carlino's Pizza Bar

Boca Raton’s newest pizza contender, Carlino’s Pizza Bar, has landed in the former Meatball Room space, which seemed to stay open for a week before it disappeared, and it’s already firing up taste buds with a bang. Forget fleeting meatballs – this joint is all about the pies, and boy, do they deliver!

My crew demolished a 20-inch beauty, sporting a perfectly crisp crust and a unique fruity olive oil drizzle that added a delightful surprise to the classic flavors. The high-quality ingredients shone through with every bite, making it a pizza experience worth writing home about (or at least tweeting!). The garlic twists tasted pretty good too.

Now, brace yourself for a quirky twist: Carlino’s embraces a counter-service system for food and separate bar service for drinks. It might feel a tad unconventional, especially for refills, but hey, it adds to the unique charm for some, I guess. Just a heads-up for those craving a traditional full-service vibe. The bartender was beautiful but that has nothing to do with the article. The staff overall was friendly and attentive.

Carlino's pizza boca

Speaking of price, Carlino’s sits on the higher end, with our 20-inch behemoth clocking in at $30. Considering the gourmet ingredients and generous size, it’s understandable, but keep it in mind if you’re on a budget. But here’s the thing: this pizza easily fed a hungry family (and maybe even a couple of stray FAU friends!), so think of it as an investment in deliciousness, not just dinner.

If you get slices, they seem to throw them into these small mini bakers pride ovens on the counter behind the cashier. Many will get confused and just sit down and wait so I hope the owner, Craig, puts up some signage to dumb it down.

Speaking of FAU, this late-night gem stays open until midnight on weekends, making it a prime contender for post-party carb-loading. And while I haven’t personally dug into their pastas yet, the options I peeked at looked downright drool-worthy. Next time, pasta, you’re mine!

Overall, Carlino’s Pizza Bar offers a fantastic pizza experience with unique flavors, high-quality ingredients, and enough size to conquer even the hungriest appetites. The quirky service setup and steeper price might raise an eyebrow, but the deliciousness (and shareability!) of the pies ultimately wins me over. I recommend giving it a try if you’re craving a gourmet slice with a touch of the unexpected (and a plan for leftovers!). We will try the pasta dishes here next time since they looked amazing.

Carlino’s Pizza Bar in Boca Raton gets 6 out of 8 slices.

Mister 01 Extraordinary Pizza Boca Raton

I recently had the pleasure of trying out Mister 01 Extraordinary Pizza Boca Raton, a new pizza place located near Mizner Park and I have to say I was thoroughly impressed. From the moment I walked in, I was greeted by the friendly staff and immediately drawn in by the open yet cozy atmosphere. The decor was simple yet stylish, with exposed brick walls and wooden tables giving the place a rustic charm.

Mister 01 Extraordinary Pizza Boca Raton

But it was the pizza that really stole the show. I opted for the cheese pizza ($12.99) and was impressed by the fresh, high-quality ingredients and the perfectly crisp crust. This is the closest thing to a Bar Pie I have had down here in South Florida. The tomato sauce had a great balance of sweetness and acidity, and the mozzarella was gooey and delicious. The basil leaves were also a nice touch, adding a fresh burst of flavor to each bite, but ultimately I removed them from the pie since I like pizza plain when I first try it.

In addition to the delicious pizza, I also appreciated the wide range of options on the menu. From classic pies like pepperoni and sausage to more creative options like the pizza they are known for “star pizza” and Hawaiana, there’s something for everyone at Mister 01. They also offer a variety of salads and burrata, as well as a selection of craft beers and wines to pair with your meal.

Thin crust pizza in Boca Raton

The service at Mister 01 was also top-notch. Our server was attentive and knowledgeable, and she made sure our experience was enjoyable from start to finish. She even recommended a few beverage options to pair with our pizza and gave us some great tips for other pizzas we should try when we return.

Mister 01 Extraordinary Pizza Boca Raton

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Overall, I would highly recommend Mister 01 for anyone looking for a good tasting pizza experience. The service was excellent, the atmosphere was welcoming, and the pizza was one I will keep coming back for. Although I do not like burrata, it seemed other people loved it, so maybe give it a try as well. If you’re in the Boca Raton area (or by one of there other several locations), be sure to give this new pizzeria a try – you won’t be disappointed! When it was first opening, I really didn’t think they would last at this location since everything that opened prior, closed relatively quick. It is just in a bad visibility stretch of Federal Highway. But have no fear, the place has managed to stay busy.

Mister 01 Extraordinary Pizza in Boca Raton gets a 7/8 slice rating.

La Rossa Pizzeria in Boca Raton, FL

La Rossa Pizzeria in Boca Raton Slice

La Rossa Pizzeria in Boca Raton, FL. A new pizzeria opened up where Ventura’s Pizza used to be located. Many of our readers never even heard of Ventura’s. It was a pleasant place that just wasn’t setup right for success. The sauce was too chunky and the layout was just weird. A really nice family from Argentina just moved to Florida and bought Ventura’s Pizza and renamed it La Rossa Pizzeria. The place sat for sale for a while since in our opinions they were asking more than it was worth. The oven was an expensive one but the business didn’t seem to have sales to justify the asking price. We aren’t accountants so we could be totally wrong. Went there the other day with Michael to test it out for the first time. Here is what we think.

Cheese pizza slice at La Rossa Pizzeria

Upon entering the newly named La Rossa Pizzeria next to the Boca Raton Police Department, and across the street from City Hall we could see that additional seats had been added and the drink cooler was moved. It seemed to really open up the place a bit. We ordered a couple a slice each, which basically meant splitting a lunch special. Their lunch special is $7.00 for two nicely sized slices and a drink. We also ordered a Sicilian Pie to taste. They had just put a freshly made pie into the oven so we were told it would take a little bit and one of the young owners would bring it out to us. When the slices arrived, they were hot out the oven and smelled delightful. I made the mistake of biting right in and making a noob mistake of burning the roof of my mouth, but it didn’t seem to both me since this was a fine tasting slice of pizza.

Regular Slice La Rossa Pizzeria

As mentioned above, the slice was super hot so a little cheese came off the tip. I won’t hold this against them at all. The cheese tasted great, and I am guessing they are using a Grande blend. The sauce was fresh and tasted homemade from that morning. The crust was tasty but a little soggy. This could be because of how hot it was coming out of that nice oven, but even when it cooled it didn’t hold up. It would have been better a bit crispier.

La Rossa Pizzeria in Boca Raton, FL Menu


When the Sicilian Pie came out, it didn’t look too good and after biting in, I cannot say I was a fan. We will not focus on the Sicilian Pizza here since it isn’t one I could recommend. We would however, recommend the regular pizza we had this day. The owner took some time to come by and ask us what we thought. Since he asked, I told him I will have to answer honestly. He took the advice like a champ and promised to implement some of the changes. He sincerely wanted to serve the best pizza he could and I admired that.

La Rossa Sicilian Pizza

Just to spot check them and see if they actually listened, I went back with Herb the other day, to see if he would enjoy it as well. We got a couple of slices each, once again a really big size. The second time around didn’t taste as good, this might be since the slices were not right out of the oven like last time, and they contained way too much oregano. What they did get right though was the crispiness of the crust. The owner once again came to talk to us and let us know he implemented some of the suggestions. This is a pizzeria with owners who care, and who want to serve the best slice of pizza they can. They are young enough to listen and not think they know it all. I have been recommending many others to go and try this pizza out and so far everyone has praised my suggestion.

La Rossa Pizza Boca Raton Cheese Slices

One thing to note though….not every place needs to serve every kind of pizza. If you make something average, maybe it is best to focus on the things you make great. This would be my advice here. Focus on the regular pie only.

La Rossa Pizzeria in Boca Raton gets 6 out of 8 slices. I will definitely be returning.

Little Italian Pizza in Pompano Beach Review

Little Italian Pizza in Pompano Beach
Slices from Little Italian Pizza in Pompano Beach, Florida

Little Italian Pizza in Pompano Beach Review. You ever walk into a pizza joint in a somewhat decrepit shopping center that smells great, is busy and even has terrible air conditioning with high hopes, since it has all the makings to be great, and take a bite and just shake your head with wonder as you were expecting it to be great? That is what happened to us while driving through Pompano Beach, FL recently.

Outside of Little Italian Pizza in Pompano

We had no intention on getting pizza on our ride to another store in Pompano Beach, FL. As we passed by Cafe La Buca I started to crave pizza and as I turned my head to this somewhat run down shopping plaza to my left, I noticed they actually had a pizzeria in there. At first, I wasn’t going to turn around to try it since I wasn’t sure I liked the plaza, but then I thought to myself, we are here, and we have an obligation to our readers to try each pizzeria we see. So we pulled into the plaza and headed towards the door. Upon opening the door it smelled fantastic. We started salivating thinking how good it must be. The place seemed filled with locals, including some Broward Sheriff Deputies and some cute senior women who were enjoying meatball heros (subs, hoagies, or whatever the heck you call them). It took a little while but eventually someone came to the counter to ask us what we wanted. He didn’t seem too rude but rather just busy. We ordered a couple of regular slices ($3 each), wings ($11.95 and not recommended in our opinion, but we don’t review wings), and mozzarella sticks. We waited outside since it was a little tight in there and hot!

Pizza at Little Italian in Pompano

Even when the pizza came out it looked great. The slices were oily, the way I was hoping, crispy and smelled delicious. I noticed the mozzarella sticks didn’t come but the guy behind the counter (I am guessing the owner) said he didn’t hear me request them. I won’t hold it against them since it was loud in there and I had a mask on. I stepped outside and couldn’t wait to bite into this pizza.

Crisp Pizza at Little Italian Pizzeria in Pompano Beach

I folded the slice, heard the crunch of the perfectly cooked crust and took my first bite. It was hot and crisp, the crust tasted great. What didn’t taste great was the sauce. Since it might have needed to cool down a bit, I waited to take my second bite. But my second bite was underwhelming as well. So I put that slice down and tried the other to see if maybe it might have been in a different part of the oven, which is a rotating version they use. The second slice was equally sadly just blah. Nothing wrong with it, just nothing amazing about it.

Little Italian Pizza in Pompano Beach Review

Little Italian Pompano Beach Pizza Sauce

Since I wasn’t really loving the slices, it was best to start dissecting them. Here is an example of the type of sauce our readers know we don’t like. We don’t like the peel or the skin in our sauce. We like it smooth.

Pizza Little Italian Pompano Beach

Here is another photo to show how good the pie looked. As you can see, Little Italian Pizza in Pompano Beach makes a really good looking pie. I watched the few pizza guys slinging their pies and they all put care into what they were making. They actually had 2-3 guys making the pies since they were so busy. Maybe I just got a couple of their average slices, but in my opinion, their sauce could use a little bit of changing, and then they might have a much better tasting pie. The crust was very good here. It was thin and tasty. The cheese didn’t seem like an expensive blend but maybe it is because I didn’t love the sauce underneath it.

Little Italian Pizza in Pompano Beach Review

One thing I know about Little Italian Pizza is that the owner (I think the guy who took my order) take pride in the food he serves. Many of the dishes and heros I saw the other customers enjoying (it was hot so they must really like to eat there) looked really good. We will probably go back there again to try a fresh pie and see if we should review the place again. They have been in business since 2008 so they must appeal to the local community and the local community would probably stop going if they didn’t consistently find it good. Their pricing is fair as well so I can see why people might return for the pizza I tasted. Not many other good places nearby that serves a thin style slice like this.

Little Italian Pizza in Pompano Beach, FL gets 5 out of 8 slices for this visit. We will be going back in hopes we can give it a higher rating. In the meantime, you shouldn’t avoid this place if you are nearby.

Stoner’s Pizza Joint by FAU in Boca Raton, FL

Stoner's Pizza Joint
Stoner’s Pizza Joint in Boca Raton From the Outside

A new pizza joint opened up near FAU in a somewhat run down plaza on 20th street to the west of campus called Stoner’s Pizza Joint. It joins the plaza that has other college town style places as The Hookup Smoke Shop, Disposable Stig Smokebar, Nakava Kava Bar and Kratom Herb Shop. You get the idea that this is a college plaza catering to a specific audience. While passing by it the other day, I decided to stop in and see if it was any good.

Stoner's Pizza Joint Menu Screen

Stoner’s Pizza Joint has a pretty basic menu so it doesn’t leave a customer confused or wondering what to get. I chose to get pizza which might surprise many of you. They had a 2 slice special with a soda for $5.49 with an extra slice for only $1.00, so I ordered it and waited. They use a conveyor belt oven here so I knew it wouldn’t take long. The nice guy behind the counter (I think an owner) opened another pizza box and took out my two little slices. I guess this explains why they can offer the special so cheap. After seeing how small the slices were, I understand why they try to get you to add an additional for $1 extra, so you don’t leave hungry.

Stoner's Pizza Boca Raton Oven

When the pizza came out of the conveyor belt oven, it was seriously hot. I had to let it cool down a bit to avoid burning the roof of my mouth, which would prevent me from tasting pizza for several days. That is not a risk a pizza lover like me can afford to take. As mentioned above, the slices were quite small. Here is a size comparison to a can of soda. Not that bigger is always better (something I keep trying to convince myself since college) but these were much smaller than I had hoped they would be.

Two Slices at Stoner's Pizza

When the slices cooled down I took my first bite. The crust was crisp but the slice wasn’t one of the more tasty ones I have tried in previous times. It was better than Domino’s but along the lines of a Papa John’s or Pizza Hut style pie unfortunately, just a bit better.

There’s an old saying that says you get what you pay for, so I am not going to really type too many negative things about the pizza from Stoner’s. The prices are fair for what you get and it is conveniently located near campus, If you have the munchies, it should arrive rather quickly based upon the heat of the conveyor belt pizza oven, and its proximity.

Usually I would give a place like this a 3 out 8 slices but that would be below our minimum rating here of a 4 and I wanted to write about them to let the local college crowd know they were open. I will give Stoner’s Pizza Joint in Boca Raton a 4/8 slices due to the fact the owner was nice and I really wasn’t expecting too much once I saw the style pie they served. If you live nearby and want to avoid the other delivery style places and ordering very high quality pizza isn’t of a concern, I would suggest you try them out. They are also open until 2am which is nice for many of you. We wish them good luck but just isn’t a place at this stage of my life I would frequent.

Two Tomatoes Pizza Boynton Beach


Some readers who claim to know pizza since they were from Brooklyn wrote me about a place they tried and enjoyed in Boynton Beach, Florida called Two Tomatoes Pizza. Important point to note before we continue… just because you are from Brooklyn doesn’t mean you know anything more about Pizza than others. You are fortunate enough to have some of the best around you but there are also hundreds of just average places that many of you frequent as well. Stop with the “I’m from New York, I know pizza” routine with a fake thick accent.

two tomatoes pizzeria

So we made the ride up to a more western part of Boynton Beach and figured we would try out Two Tomatoes Pizza on their recommendation. Upon entering the pizzeria, it didn’t have much ambiance, not too big and had some pizzas on display. We got the lunch special and then I got a Sicilian slice on top of it and some garlic knots, since it is almost impossible to get good garlic knots in Florida. Most places serve garlic rolls and pass them off as knots on the menu. Definitely not the same thing.

jerry two tomatoes

One other thing that ticks me off is when I read the descriptions that owners leave on review sites. Here is the version that the owner of Two Tomatoes Pizza left on Yelp. I mean, to make a claim like this, a claim that says the best in all of Florida is preposterous. Yes, people are flocking from all over the country to Boynton Beach, Florida to try the best pizza in the state. There should be lines up to Wellington if this was the case. I do not think I dealt with the owner but the staff I did deal with were actually EXTREMELY lovely.

two tomatoes pizzeria boynton beach

As far as the pizza goes, which I know is the reason you are reading this, my first bite was of the regular slice. It was thin, a bit soggy and had a nice amount of cheese on the pie. The sauce was a bit bland, and the crust didn’t contain a taste that was either good or bad, it was average. This wasn’t a slice I would avoid, but I didn’t crave ordering more of it either.

cheese slice two tomatoes boynton

The Sicilian slice was certainly not as good as the regular slice in my opinion. Although it might have been fresh, it appeared to be a par-baked shell that they just applied cheese and sauce to, in order to save money. This might not have been the case, but I didn’t see the process. Unlike the regular slice, the Sicilian slice at Two Tomatoes in Boynton Beach was quite crispy. The issue was the center was also too crispy and not fluffy or soft in any way. that might be what led me to believe it was stale in some sense.


If and when I return to Two Tomatoes, I will opt for the regular slice and not the Sicilian unless I see it baked fresh out of the oven and made from scratch. The regular slice is definitely worth another try and maybe I will get a more crispy slice and feel completely different about it. Several of my other friends who have since gone after I went seem to really enjoy the slices they have eaten and have started to eat more there.

Two Tomatoes Pizza in Boynton Beach, FL gets 5 out of 8 slices in my opinion for their regular slice. Not rating the Sicilian right now since I am not looking to hurt anyone’s business and I will wait to see if I can taste it again.

Lions & Tigers & Squares Detroit Pizza in New York City

detroit pizza new york

Upon a recent visit to New York City, we decided to only go and try square slices. Since two of our favorites aren’t in Manhattan, we didn’t feel as if we were betraying their exquisite tasting pizza. I am sure many of you can guess I am referring to Spumoni Gardens and Rosa’s. During this pizza tasting, we went to Sauce, Upside Down Pizza, and Lions & Tigers & Squares Detroit Pizza. We had high hopes for Sauce since it has won some awards, but we will give you our opinion about that place in a future review. Let’s just say you cannot trust some of the biased reviews you read around the web.

Lions & Tigers & Pizza

If you are trying to find this small and somewhat shallow built pizzeria, you will need to find its glowing marquee on 23rd Street just a bit east of Eighth Avenue in Chelsea. The sign reads “Lion & Tigers & Squares” — which is a play off of the Wizard of Oz. The pizza wouldn’t be considered a square by traditional measure, but rather a 6×9 rectangle. They are baked in the oven two at a time in a black metal pan, then put on display side by side behind a sneeze guard on the counter. Not sure why so many pizzerias elsewhere choose not to have a sneeze guard nowadays.

Lion & Tigers & Squares is brought to us by Francis Garcia owner of Artichoke Basille’s, a pizzeria we never really cared for, and actually found it to be below our minimum grade at times to even review it. This pizza was nothing like that though. This is Detroit Style Pizza. Many of you who read our reviews regularly know what a Detroit Pizza is but for those who are new, we will explain it again.

When making a Detroit Style Pizza, the crust should be extremely crunchy, with brick cheese (usually from Wisconsin) on the bottom, and tomato sauce on top. The pans are usually greased with oil or butter and the method of baking causes the cheese to overflow and form a crusty outer ridge around it between pan and pie.

best detroit pizza nyc

We got a plain pie like we usually do. The pizza we took into the car was crunchy on the bottom and sides and if you like the corner slices you cannot go wrong with four of them. The first bite was phenomenal. Although this pizza was a bit greasy, I didn’t mind it. I would imagine if you got one of these other Detroit Style Pizzas and added meat or other toppings this pie would become even greasier. The sauce was spot on and tasty, and the crust was exceptional.

Detroit Pizza.jpg

I absolutely enjoyed the taste of this pizza at Lions and Tigers and Squares in New York City. As Detroit Style Pizza is becoming more and more popular, in my opinion I feel this will continue to be one of the betters offerings you can get and at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

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Lions & Tigers & Squares now has two locations in New York City. One in Chelsea and one in the East Village.

Lions & Tigers & Squares Pizza in New York City gets 7 out of 8 slices.

Danny’s Pizza Kitchen Boynton Beach

Recently I noticed that many of the groups I follow on Facebook in the Boynton Beach area were getting flooded with what appeared to be the usual spam from people trying to promote a new place. This time the culprit was Danny’s Pizza Kitchen Boynton Beach. I hadn’t heard of this new pizzeria opening prior so I put it in pizza rolodex to make sure I tried it one day.

We happened to be on Boynton Beach Blvd. the other day, and my friend asked if they could get Chick-fil-a since it was nearby. Being the incredible host I am, I agreed and veered off our path to go through the drive-thru. As i went to make a U-turn, I noticed Danny’s Pizza in a plaza across the street. Little did my friend know, but after we got out the enormous line for chicken, we would be once again making another U-turn and heading to give Danny’s Pizza a try and see if it is the best pizza in Boynton Beach like the website claims.

Danny's Pizza Kitchen Boynton Beach

When I pulled up and took this photo above, I realized they had an awesome location and a pick-up window to the side. I am guessing this used to be a bank location, but I never really head out these ways in Boynton Beach. Upon walking into Danny’s Pizza Kitchen it is easy to notice that they recently opened. Everything was clean and modern, and the staff seemed friendly enough. There’s a few tables setup in the front for those who want to eat in. I ordered a slice from the young lady behind the counter and waited. It was taking a while but I patiently waited and ended up sitting down to eat in.


When my slice arrived it was quite overcooked. They had definitely left it in the oven too long. You can see the charring, but the photo doesn’t do it any justice. This slice was almost burnt. The young lady from behind the counter said she knows it looks too well done and asked if I still wanted it, cause if not I would have to wait for a new pie since this was the last slice. Since I was just there to taste the pizza and review it, I told her it was fine and figured I would cut off the burnt parts and just have a taste from where it appeared normal.


When I took my first bite, after dissecting the slice, it was almost impossible to taste the pizza since it was still too hot and the sauce and cheese just tasted burnt. Once again, the photo for some reason isn’t showing how overcooked it was. It was at this point I said to my friend that if I had owned this place, I would make another pie anyways and just drop a slice off in front of me just to show that they wanted me to have a good experience. Oh well, I guess I would just run a pizzeria differently.


Just as we were about to leave, the owner (I later asked if he was the owner so that is how I knew) came to the table and apologized for the burnt slice he initially gave us and told me to please eat this instead and there wouldn’t be a charge for the second slice. It was like they had a microphone on our little two top table and knew this was what we had hoped for!



This slice tasted must better. I wish I had this slice to start off with and not the biased opinion I had after tasting the first slice. The cheese tasted decent, the sauce was good, just lacked some flavoring, but I liked the crust the best. It held up nicely and was super thin with a nice taste to it. The food dishes they were making and serving looked pretty good too, so I think we will make a separate trip to go back and try them.

Although my pizza visit to Danny’s Pizza Kitchen in Boynton Beach didn’t start off great, it ended decently. We absolutely will be going back to give it another taste, and possibly changing our rating afterwards. But for this visit we have to base the taste on the average of both of our slices.

Danny’s Pizza Kitchen in Boynton Beach gets 5 out of 8 slices.

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Vapiano Pizza CityPlace Doral Fl

Vapiano Pizza CityPlace Doral FL


We got a few emails alerting us a new pizza concept called Vapiano that opened up and the magnificent CityPlace Doral center in Doral, Florida. For those of you who aren’t aware where Doral is, it is located right near the Miami airport and usually is recognized for having the Trump National Golf Course.

Having never been to the Doral area before, and after looking up information on Vapiano Pizza, we decided to head down and give it a try.


Although Vapiano might sound new to many of us, they have many locations throughout the world. The chain was started in Germany back in 2002 and has since grown to offer out franchises throughout Europe and the United States. The Doral location, is their second location in South Florida.

Upon pulling up into CityPlace Doral, we were in awe. We never knew they had a place so gorgeous down in Doral before. Usually we do not focus on the location of the pizzeria but this place deserves a look. They have shops, restaurants, movies, improv comedy, fountain shows and even “flats” to live in. You literally can live, work, dine and play in one location like their site mentions.

CityPlace Doral

We actually liked the location enough to attend their recent tree lighting ceremony. It was fantastic! Needless to say it is a great spot to visit during the holidays.


Anyways, back to the pizza. We entered Vapiano and were a little confused how it worked. First you walk into a cashier style cube, then you are instructed to go to order at the counter, where they have different lines for different things. Then you order your pizza, and they give you a chip card. After this, you must make your way to the other side of the restaurant to order your drink. Then once your journey is complete, you have to remember to pay on your way out. This might work well in Europe but I think us American folk must be trained a little bit better upon entering.

Regardless of how confusing we found the experience, we weren’t there to critique the usability of the establishment. We were there to review the pizza.


When we got our pizza, it looked delicious. Although we aren’t fans of the extra tomato on top, we quickly and surgically removed it from our pie. During our next visit we will request they leave it off. Our first bite revealed an incredible fresh pie, with obvious fresh ingredients. The crust was crisp and thin, the sauce was applied in a minimal fashion and the cheese was delightful. The cheese was our favorite part of this pizza actually. This pizza tastes wood fired but made in an electric oven.

Vapiano is a pizzeria we will certainly go back to. It is an excellent choice if you are seeing a movie at CityPlace Doral or going to the Improv to laugh a little.

Vapiano Pizza in CityPlace Doral, Fl gets 6 out of 8 slices.

Pizza Prima Strada Victoria, BC

Pizza Primastrada Victoria, BC

How far west from the friendly abeetzy confines of New York can one go to venture for a slice of humble pizza pie, and remain on the continent of North America? Not Alaska but close. Pizza Prima Strada, a nice cozy little local family owned franchise, indigenous to the lovely Victoria, BC was a nice surprise for the Mad Greek.

I started the epicurean venture with their insalata della casa, a nice plate if mixed greens topped with shaved parmigiano and dressed with a nice light hone vinaigrette.

Undecided as to which of the bounty of wood fired traditional Napoletana styled pizzas I desired, I opted for a margherita with half the pie covered in house made pepperoni.

Pizza Primastrada Victoria, BC

The house made pepperoni was as good as it gets and better.

The sauce was a light san marzano sauce that left me somewhat non plussed about the pie all in all. The crust was a good finish and held up well to the fold without losing its contents which is a big plus for me.

All-in-all Pizza Prima Strada was a nice experience and well received so far from anything close to greatness.

6 out of 8 slices for the Canucks who are not pizza schmucks after all.