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Pizza Prima Strada Victoria, BC

Pizza Primastrada Victoria, BC

How far west from the friendly abeetzy confines of New York can one go to venture for a slice of humble pizza pie, and remain on the continent of North America? Not Alaska but close. Pizza Prima Strada, a nice cozy little local family owned franchise, indigenous to the lovely Victoria, BC was a nice surprise for the Mad Greek.

I started the epicurean venture with their insalata della casa, a nice plate if mixed greens topped with shaved parmigiano and dressed with a nice light hone vinaigrette.

Undecided as to which of the bounty of wood fired traditional Napoletana styled pizzas I desired, I opted for a margherita with half the pie covered in house made pepperoni.

Pizza Primastrada Victoria, BC

The house made pepperoni was as good as it gets and better.

The sauce was a light san marzano sauce that left me somewhat non plussed about the pie all in all. The crust was a good finish and held up well to the fold without losing its contents which is a big plus for me.

All-in-all Pizza Prima Strada was a nice experience and well received so far from anything close to greatness.

6 out of 8 slices for the Canucks who are not pizza schmucks after all.