Lions & Tigers & Squares Detroit Pizza in New York City

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Lions & Tigers & Squares Detroit Pizza in New York City

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Upon a recent visit to New York City, we decided to only go and try square slices. Since two of our favorites aren’t in Manhattan, we didn’t feel as if we were betraying their exquisite tasting pizza. I am sure many of you can guess I am referring to Spumoni Gardens and Rosa’s. During this pizza tasting, we went to Sauce, Upside Down Pizza, and Lions & Tigers & Squares Detroit Pizza. We had high hopes for Sauce since it has won some awards, but we will give you our opinion about that place in a future review. Let’s just say you cannot trust some of the biased reviews you read around the web.

Lions & Tigers & Pizza

If you are trying to find this small and somewhat shallow built pizzeria, you will need to find its glowing marquee on 23rd Street just a bit east of Eighth Avenue in Chelsea. The sign reads “Lion & Tigers & Squares” — which is a play off of the Wizard of Oz. The pizza wouldn’t be considered a square by traditional measure, but rather a 6×9 rectangle. They are baked in the oven two at a time in a black metal pan, then put on display side by side behind a sneeze guard on the counter. Not sure why so many pizzerias elsewhere choose not to have a sneeze guard nowadays.

Lion & Tigers & Squares is brought to us by Francis Garcia owner of Artichoke Basille’s, a pizzeria we never really cared for, and actually found it to be below our minimum grade at times to even review it. This pizza was nothing like that though. This is Detroit Style Pizza. Many of you who read our reviews regularly know what a Detroit Pizza is but for those who are new, we will explain it again.

When making a Detroit Style Pizza, the crust should be extremely crunchy, with brick cheese (usually from Wisconsin) on the bottom, and tomato sauce on top. The pans are usually greased with oil or butter and the method of baking causes the cheese to overflow and form a crusty outer ridge around it between pan and pie.

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We got a plain pie like we usually do. The pizza we took into the car was crunchy on the bottom and sides and if you like the corner slices you cannot go wrong with four of them. The first bite was phenomenal. Although this pizza was a bit greasy, I didn’t mind it. I would imagine if you got one of these other Detroit Style Pizzas and added meat or other toppings this pie would become even greasier. The sauce was spot on and tasty, and the crust was exceptional.

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I absolutely enjoyed the taste of this pizza at Lions and Tigers and Squares in New York City. As Detroit Style Pizza is becoming more and more popular, in my opinion I feel this will continue to be one of the betters offerings you can get and at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

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Lions & Tigers & Squares now has two locations in New York City. One in Chelsea and one in the East Village.

Lions & Tigers & Squares Pizza in New York City gets 7 out of 8 slices.

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