Stoner’s Pizza Joint by FAU in Boca Raton, FL

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Stoner’s Pizza Joint by FAU in Boca Raton, FL

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Stoner's Pizza Joint
Stoner’s Pizza Joint in Boca Raton From the Outside

A new pizza joint opened up near FAU in a somewhat run down plaza on 20th street to the west of campus called Stoner’s Pizza Joint. It joins the plaza that has other college town style places as The Hookup Smoke Shop, Disposable Stig Smokebar, Nakava Kava Bar and Kratom Herb Shop. You get the idea that this is a college plaza catering to a specific audience. While passing by it the other day, I decided to stop in and see if it was any good.

Stoner's Pizza Joint Menu Screen

Stoner’s Pizza Joint has a pretty basic menu so it doesn’t leave a customer confused or wondering what to get. I chose to get pizza which might surprise many of you. They had a 2 slice special with a soda for $5.49 with an extra slice for only $1.00, so I ordered it and waited. They use a conveyor belt oven here so I knew it wouldn’t take long. The nice guy behind the counter (I think an owner) opened another pizza box and took out my two little slices. I guess this explains why they can offer the special so cheap. After seeing how small the slices were, I understand why they try to get you to add an additional for $1 extra, so you don’t leave hungry.

Stoner's Pizza Boca Raton Oven

When the pizza came out of the conveyor belt oven, it was seriously hot. I had to let it cool down a bit to avoid burning the roof of my mouth, which would prevent me from tasting pizza for several days. That is not a risk a pizza lover like me can afford to take. As mentioned above, the slices were quite small. Here is a size comparison to a can of soda. Not that bigger is always better (something I keep trying to convince myself since college) but these were much smaller than I had hoped they would be.

Two Slices at Stoner's Pizza

When the slices cooled down I took my first bite. The crust was crisp but the slice wasn’t one of the more tasty ones I have tried in previous times. It was better than Domino’s but along the lines of a Papa John’s or Pizza Hut style pie unfortunately, just a bit better.

There’s an old saying that says you get what you pay for, so I am not going to really type too many negative things about the pizza from Stoner’s. The prices are fair for what you get and it is conveniently located near campus, If you have the munchies, it should arrive rather quickly based upon the heat of the conveyor belt pizza oven, and its proximity.

Usually I would give a place like this a 3 out 8 slices but that would be below our minimum rating here of a 4 and I wanted to write about them to let the local college crowd know they were open. I will give Stoner’s Pizza Joint in Boca Raton a 4/8 slices due to the fact the owner was nice and I really wasn’t expecting too much once I saw the style pie they served. If you live nearby and want to avoid the other delivery style places and ordering very high quality pizza isn’t of a concern, I would suggest you try them out. They are also open until 2am which is nice for many of you. We wish them good luck but just isn’t a place at this stage of my life I would frequent.

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