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Carlino’s Pizza Bar Opens in Boca Raton on Federal Highway

Carlino's Pizza Bar

Boca Raton’s newest pizza contender, Carlino’s Pizza Bar, has landed in the former Meatball Room space, which seemed to stay open for a week before it disappeared, and it’s already firing up taste buds with a bang. Forget fleeting meatballs – this joint is all about the pies, and boy, do they deliver!

My crew demolished a 20-inch beauty, sporting a perfectly crisp crust and a unique fruity olive oil drizzle that added a delightful surprise to the classic flavors. The high-quality ingredients shone through with every bite, making it a pizza experience worth writing home about (or at least tweeting!). The garlic twists tasted pretty good too.

Now, brace yourself for a quirky twist: Carlino’s embraces a counter-service system for food and separate bar service for drinks. It might feel a tad unconventional, especially for refills, but hey, it adds to the unique charm for some, I guess. Just a heads-up for those craving a traditional full-service vibe. The bartender was beautiful but that has nothing to do with the article. The staff overall was friendly and attentive.

Carlino's pizza boca

Speaking of price, Carlino’s sits on the higher end, with our 20-inch behemoth clocking in at $30. Considering the gourmet ingredients and generous size, it’s understandable, but keep it in mind if you’re on a budget. But here’s the thing: this pizza easily fed a hungry family (and maybe even a couple of stray FAU friends!), so think of it as an investment in deliciousness, not just dinner.

If you get slices, they seem to throw them into these small mini bakers pride ovens on the counter behind the cashier. Many will get confused and just sit down and wait so I hope the owner, Craig, puts up some signage to dumb it down.

Speaking of FAU, this late-night gem stays open until midnight on weekends, making it a prime contender for post-party carb-loading. And while I haven’t personally dug into their pastas yet, the options I peeked at looked downright drool-worthy. Next time, pasta, you’re mine!

Overall, Carlino’s Pizza Bar offers a fantastic pizza experience with unique flavors, high-quality ingredients, and enough size to conquer even the hungriest appetites. The quirky service setup and steeper price might raise an eyebrow, but the deliciousness (and shareability!) of the pies ultimately wins me over. I recommend giving it a try if you’re craving a gourmet slice with a touch of the unexpected (and a plan for leftovers!). We will try the pasta dishes here next time since they looked amazing.

Carlino’s Pizza Bar in Boca Raton gets 6 out of 8 slices.

Mister 01 Extraordinary Pizza Boca Raton

I recently had the pleasure of trying out Mister 01 Extraordinary Pizza Boca Raton, a new pizza place located near Mizner Park and I have to say I was thoroughly impressed. From the moment I walked in, I was greeted by the friendly staff and immediately drawn in by the open yet cozy atmosphere. The decor was simple yet stylish, with exposed brick walls and wooden tables giving the place a rustic charm.

Mister 01 Extraordinary Pizza Boca Raton

But it was the pizza that really stole the show. I opted for the cheese pizza ($12.99) and was impressed by the fresh, high-quality ingredients and the perfectly crisp crust. This is the closest thing to a Bar Pie I have had down here in South Florida. The tomato sauce had a great balance of sweetness and acidity, and the mozzarella was gooey and delicious. The basil leaves were also a nice touch, adding a fresh burst of flavor to each bite, but ultimately I removed them from the pie since I like pizza plain when I first try it.

In addition to the delicious pizza, I also appreciated the wide range of options on the menu. From classic pies like pepperoni and sausage to more creative options like the pizza they are known for “star pizza” and Hawaiana, there’s something for everyone at Mister 01. They also offer a variety of salads and burrata, as well as a selection of craft beers and wines to pair with your meal.

Thin crust pizza in Boca Raton

The service at Mister 01 was also top-notch. Our server was attentive and knowledgeable, and she made sure our experience was enjoyable from start to finish. She even recommended a few beverage options to pair with our pizza and gave us some great tips for other pizzas we should try when we return.

Mister 01 Extraordinary Pizza Boca Raton

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Overall, I would highly recommend Mister 01 for anyone looking for a good tasting pizza experience. The service was excellent, the atmosphere was welcoming, and the pizza was one I will keep coming back for. Although I do not like burrata, it seemed other people loved it, so maybe give it a try as well. If you’re in the Boca Raton area (or by one of there other several locations), be sure to give this new pizzeria a try – you won’t be disappointed! When it was first opening, I really didn’t think they would last at this location since everything that opened prior, closed relatively quick. It is just in a bad visibility stretch of Federal Highway. But have no fear, the place has managed to stay busy.

Mister 01 Extraordinary Pizza in Boca Raton gets a 7/8 slice rating.

La Rossa Pizzeria in Boca Raton, FL

La Rossa Pizzeria in Boca Raton Slice

La Rossa Pizzeria in Boca Raton, FL. A new pizzeria opened up where Ventura’s Pizza used to be located. Many of our readers never even heard of Ventura’s. It was a pleasant place that just wasn’t setup right for success. The sauce was too chunky and the layout was just weird. A really nice family from Argentina just moved to Florida and bought Ventura’s Pizza and renamed it La Rossa Pizzeria. The place sat for sale for a while since in our opinions they were asking more than it was worth. The oven was an expensive one but the business didn’t seem to have sales to justify the asking price. We aren’t accountants so we could be totally wrong. Went there the other day with Michael to test it out for the first time. Here is what we think.

Cheese pizza slice at La Rossa Pizzeria

Upon entering the newly named La Rossa Pizzeria next to the Boca Raton Police Department, and across the street from City Hall we could see that additional seats had been added and the drink cooler was moved. It seemed to really open up the place a bit. We ordered a couple a slice each, which basically meant splitting a lunch special. Their lunch special is $7.00 for two nicely sized slices and a drink. We also ordered a Sicilian Pie to taste. They had just put a freshly made pie into the oven so we were told it would take a little bit and one of the young owners would bring it out to us. When the slices arrived, they were hot out the oven and smelled delightful. I made the mistake of biting right in and making a noob mistake of burning the roof of my mouth, but it didn’t seem to both me since this was a fine tasting slice of pizza.

Regular Slice La Rossa Pizzeria

As mentioned above, the slice was super hot so a little cheese came off the tip. I won’t hold this against them at all. The cheese tasted great, and I am guessing they are using a Grande blend. The sauce was fresh and tasted homemade from that morning. The crust was tasty but a little soggy. This could be because of how hot it was coming out of that nice oven, but even when it cooled it didn’t hold up. It would have been better a bit crispier.

La Rossa Pizzeria in Boca Raton, FL Menu


When the Sicilian Pie came out, it didn’t look too good and after biting in, I cannot say I was a fan. We will not focus on the Sicilian Pizza here since it isn’t one I could recommend. We would however, recommend the regular pizza we had this day. The owner took some time to come by and ask us what we thought. Since he asked, I told him I will have to answer honestly. He took the advice like a champ and promised to implement some of the changes. He sincerely wanted to serve the best pizza he could and I admired that.

La Rossa Sicilian Pizza

Just to spot check them and see if they actually listened, I went back with Herb the other day, to see if he would enjoy it as well. We got a couple of slices each, once again a really big size. The second time around didn’t taste as good, this might be since the slices were not right out of the oven like last time, and they contained way too much oregano. What they did get right though was the crispiness of the crust. The owner once again came to talk to us and let us know he implemented some of the suggestions. This is a pizzeria with owners who care, and who want to serve the best slice of pizza they can. They are young enough to listen and not think they know it all. I have been recommending many others to go and try this pizza out and so far everyone has praised my suggestion.

La Rossa Pizza Boca Raton Cheese Slices

One thing to note though….not every place needs to serve every kind of pizza. If you make something average, maybe it is best to focus on the things you make great. This would be my advice here. Focus on the regular pie only.

La Rossa Pizzeria in Boca Raton gets 6 out of 8 slices. I will definitely be returning.

Stella’s Pizza Boca Raton

Many times I end up going into a place to get pizza, but ultimately get something else to eat. It isn’t because the pizza is bad, it is just because some of the regular food is so good. This is the case whenever I go out to West Boca and eat in the Boca Greens shopping plaza at Stella’s Pizza. We will get to the pizza review in a moment, but their Baked Ziti usually wins me over. Even though I have gone there about half a dozen times with the specific purpose of rating their pizza, I end up getting the pasta instead. There is something about the way they cook it and serve it that keeps me coming back.


Stella's Pizza Boca Raton


This most recent visit, I was determined to check out their pizza though. Since all the staff there wear shirts that say “The Best Pizza in Boca Period”, I figured they must have the best pizza. I mean, how can you put that on a shirt if it isn’t true? Wouldn’t it be a crime for lying on a t-shirt or on the internet?

I ordered their 2 slice lunch special from the super friendly server that has worked there for years. Her name slips me but she is the lady with short hair and glasses and a remnant New York accent. We have never had a bad experience with her, and she always takes the time to make sure she gets the order right before leaving the table. This must be due to the elderly crowd that seems to flood Stella’s Pizza in West Boca Raton for their early bird specials. They seem to enjoy complaining about everything and blaming the server for getting it wrong, when they are the ones who usually ordered it wrong.

When the pizza came out I was excited to try it. It looked good and as I picked up the first slice I was impressed with the crispness of the crust. My first bit wasn’t half bad. The crust tasted very good and had a nice thin crunch to it. The cheese was tasty, and I enjoyed the ratio of sauce:cheese. My least favorite part of the slice was the sauce. It had a bitter taste to it and just seemed off. My second slice also had a similar taste to it. The slice my guest had also tasted the same way. I asked them for their opinion and without prompting them, they also said they liked the slice but didn’t love the sauce. Who knows, maybe it was just an off batch for the day.

Although I do not agree with the statement on their shirts that claims Stella’s Pizza has the best pizza in Boca, the pizza has many excellent qualities to it. When I am out in this neck of the woods, I would absolutely stop in for a slice, but more than likely end up with their delicious baked ziti.

If you haven’t tried Stella’s Pizza yet, it might be worth the try. Get a pizza as an appetizer and also make sure to taste their pasta dishes as well. It is a good red sauce kind of joint. The owner Patrick is a very nice guy and always seems to be smiling, and the servers have been delightful over the years.

Stella’s Pizza in Boca Raton gets 5 out of 8 slices for this visit. I will update the post if it improves the next time we go.

Le Sorelle Pizza Boca Raton, FL

Le Sorelle Pizza Boca Raton

Le Sorelle Pizza is a new wood fired pizzeria that recently opened in Eastern Boca Raton. Scott (the self proclaimed pizza expert equal) and I decided to go and try it out for lunch the other day. Le Sorelle Pizza took the spot in an eastern Boca Raton shopping center off Federal Hwy, it is a location that many restaurants have failed in already. The location is a hard one for restaurants to survive in since it really is a local crowd that would frequent the place. For some reason, that portion of north eastern Boca Raton just cannot seem to provide enough local support to keep dining establishments open. In case you want a reference point, it is located in the Hotdog Opolis shopping center.

Le Sorelle Pizza Oven

Upon entering Le Sorelle it was easy to notice the improvements they made. I was greeted but an extremely nice Fabio lookalike with an Italian accent. He sat me and before I knew it, there was a slice of pizza on my table. Since Scott was late I explained that it would be best to just have a menu for now and I would order pizza later. The owner didn’t seem to care and told me that today the pizza was free for their grand opening. Talk about luck, we ended up eating there on the day it was free for everyone! I wouldn’t let this cloud my judgement though, although free pizza usually tastes much better. Even though the sign was huge, I completely ignored it upon entering and went back outside to take the photo, just to make sure I wasn’t getting any favors. Maybe I should keep my head up when walking and not buried in my iPhone.

free pizza Boca Raton

My first bite was delightful. The fruity olive oil hit the roof of my mouth followed by the nice fresh smooth sauce. The sauce tasted great and it was even better when cheese was mixed with it. Since the pizza at Le Sorelle is Neapolitan style I wasn’t expecting the crust to be crispy, so even though it was soggy it still tasted fantastic. The outer crust was a bit crispier and more well done, but the char didn’t bother me at all.

Le Sorelle Wood Fired Pizza

Here is my fear… Le Sorelle charges too much for their food, especially where they are located. Therefore many locals will stay away and choose a cheaper option. If this happens, it could cause Le Sorelle to meet the same fate as the many restaurants before it in this spot. If this should happen, Boca Raton and the surrounding areas will miss out on some great pizza. Their Pizza Margherita is $15.50 for a 12″ and that is a bit high compared to other places in the area. Many of their regular dishes also have some sticker shock, but you be the judge about the pricing. Here is the menu.

If I could give them one piece of advice going forward, I would suggest having someone with a full grasp of the English language working there since many orders will come out wrong if they aren’t fully understood. Boca Raton can have quite the discriminating crowd.

Le Sorelle Pizza in Boca Raton gets 7 out of 8 slices and I most certainly will go back again for some of their Neapolitan style pizza. They do not sell slices here, but if you go with someone else and split a pie, you will definitely enjoy it.

Padano Gastro Bistro Pizza Boca Raton

Padano Gastro Bistro Pizza Boca Raton

My friend Seth contacted me the other week about a new pizza place named Padano Gastro Bistro that opened up in The Shoppes At Loggers Run all the way out where Boca Raton seems to meet the everglades. I seldom, if ever go all the way out to this long shopping center, and seldom see many businesses survive being so isolated out there. Mama’s, that used to occupy the space is a perfect exampleSeth wanted to go and try it out so we set a date and began our journey.

Padano Gastro Bistro Pizza Boca Raton

Padano Gastro Bistro is actually a pizza place in West Boca Raton, and although they have a fancy name, they would have been better suited just being Padano Pizza. We were the first customers in this day, so the manager greeted us and started to tell us a little about the place. He was extremely friendly and passionate, I was hopeful this passion would translate into the pizza. I ordered a $13.99 napolitana pizza and I forget what Seth got, but he got a different pie than I did. Maybe it was a margherita pie.

Padano Gastro Bistro Pizza Boca Raton


While we waited for our pizza to come out of the wood burning oven, the manager gave us the entire history of Padano, and their Brazilian ties. I think he mentioned they have two more places, one in Italy and one in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He taught us about tomatoes and how Italy has changed throughout the years and how it will continue to become less “Italian”. After a little while, he went to the back and came out with this bread appetizer that was extraordinary. Even looking at this photo gets me salivating to try it again. I went through this almost by myself and actually considered ordering another, when the manager brought me out a box and said, “here is one to take home, since you seemed to enjoy the bread so much”.

Padano Gastro Bistro Pizza Boca Raton


Now onto the pizza, since that is what we are all here for. When the pizza at Padano arrived I could tell it was not cooked evenly. The side closest to me was overcooked and the opposite side was a little under cooked. If the crust was anything like that crust on the bread above though, I knew I was about to have a heavenly slice.


Padano Gastro Bistro Pizza Boca Raton


Although the crust tasted good, and the cheese seemed to be a quality blend, I just didn’t love the sauce here. The sauce didn’t have much taste to it and contained too many chunks, which my regular readers will know I dislike. The slice was not as heavenly as I thought it would be. The crust underneath wasn’t cooked too much compared to the edges, which was a good thing, but it was also a bit undercooked on the side that wasn’t fully cooked.

Padano Gastro Bistro Pizza Boca Raton


Since I live a distance away, and it wasn’t as good as I hoped, I probably won’t be rushing back to Padano Pizza in the near future. If I happen to be out those ways, I will try the rodizio pizza special they have. Rodizio pizza is similar to the way Brazilians serve steak. They come around and just keep offering food to your plate. A reader tells me that the pricing on the rodizio is $13.99 for adults and $7.99 for children. That is pretty affordable for what you get here.


Padano Gastro Bistro Pizza Boca Raton


All-in-all, I really hope Padano Gastro Bistro learns from mistakes and makes the necessary changes to survive. They were a great couple of guys working there and I wish them nothing but success.

Padano Gastro Bistro in Boca Raton gets 5 out of 8 for their pizza.

Manhattan Joe’s Boca Raton Long Island Sicilian Pizza


Many people find Friday to be the best day of the week around the country, even in Boca Raton. I have nothing against Friday’s personally, and actually enjoy them as much as the next guy. Thursday is my new favorite day around Boca Raton for pizza though. Why you might ask? Well the answer is simple, it is the day that Manhattan Joe’s Pizza makes their Long Island Sicilian pie!


Tilted Kilt Boca Raton Flatbread Pizza


Let me first start off by saying that I in NO way went to the new Tilted Kilt in Boca Raton looking for pizza. I was going to meet a couple of friends from the gym (I have to work out to maintain this physique for my readers) to have a burger and enjoy the ambiance of scantily clad waitresses serving us our food with cute smiles.

When we sat down and starting to browse the menu, I saw Flatbread Pizzas on it, and it had some good real estate on the first inner fold, so I couldn’t resist ordering one, since they must be proud of their pizza, or they would have buried it otherwise somewhere else on the menu. It should also be noted that Tilted Kilt isn’t known for their pizza, and guys usually go in to grab a beer and hang with their friends, and this establishment is perfect for that. All these disclaimers are necessary since I guess you could tell, wasn’t overwhelmed with what I was about to be served.


Blaze Pizza Boca Raton



For those of my readers from the west coast of our great nation, you have had places like Blaze Pizza and 800 Degrees for years and are probably wondering why I am first getting around to review it now. Well, we just got our first ones opened in Florida, and I managed to eat at the Blaze Pizza in Boca Raton prior to writing my review from the one I ate at in Las Vegas. So, it just seemed right to try out the more local Blaze and review it instead. I will get to other Blaze Pizza locations to review soon as well, since I recently just ate at the one in Gainesville, FL.