We are dedicated to finding the best pizza places, by sorting through the worst.  Unlike the other review sites that only look for good pizza, we also expose those with poor quality.  If the biggest skeptics find a place to be exceptional, then you know you should try it as fast as you can.  Each reviewer has their own opinion about places, and our reviews will reflect as such.  Just because we don’t like a place, does not mean you also dislike it.  Everyone has a passion in life, and ours is pizza.  Enjoy!

Some Disclaimers You Should Pay Attention To:

Obviously since we encompass ourselves in the world of pizza and have become quite known for it, some restaurants send over free dishes and slices for us. We NEVER solicit for this to happen, but sometimes we get spotted and it does happen. This unsolicited free food may or may not sometimes find its way into our reviews. They may or may not find their way into our reviews and it should be noted, we do not accept payment in exchange for reviews.

Almost everyday we receive emails, tweets, facebook messages etc, asking us where to eat in certain cities. We refer our readers to places they can find what we deem to be the best pizza in their areas. Some of these places our parent company The Pizza Experts LLC, might have a working relationship with. It should be noted that our parent company The Pizza Experts LLC wouldn’t work with a pizza place it didn’t deem worthy to attach their name to.

We accept paid advertising on the site, but would never remove or show favoritism to anyone who advertises.

We sometimes get invited to some private media events where free food and/or beverages are sometimes given out.  We go to these events with the knowledge to our hosts that we might post both a positive or negative review depending on what we think. So don’t invite us if you cannot handle the criticism.

We are frequently requested to judge pizza events and/or contests. Up until now, we have not accepted payment for these events, but that is subject to change depending on the travel involved.