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Stella’s Pizza Boca Raton

Many times I end up going into a place to get pizza, but ultimately get something else to eat. It isn’t because the pizza is bad, it is just because some of the regular food is so good. This is the case whenever I go out to West Boca and eat in the Boca Greens shopping plaza at Stella’s Pizza. We will get to the pizza review in a moment, but their Baked Ziti usually wins me over. Even though I have gone there about half a dozen times with the specific purpose of rating their pizza, I end up getting the pasta instead. There is something about the way they cook it and serve it that keeps me coming back.


Stella's Pizza Boca Raton


This most recent visit, I was determined to check out their pizza though. Since all the staff there wear shirts that say “The Best Pizza in Boca Period”, I figured they must have the best pizza. I mean, how can you put that on a shirt if it isn’t true? Wouldn’t it be a crime for lying on a t-shirt or on the internet?

I ordered their 2 slice lunch special from the super friendly server that has worked there for years. Her name slips me but she is the lady with short hair and glasses and a remnant New York accent. We have never had a bad experience with her, and she always takes the time to make sure she gets the order right before leaving the table. This must be due to the elderly crowd that seems to flood Stella’s Pizza in West Boca Raton for their early bird specials. They seem to enjoy complaining about everything and blaming the server for getting it wrong, when they are the ones who usually ordered it wrong.

When the pizza came out I was excited to try it. It looked good and as I picked up the first slice I was impressed with the crispness of the crust. My first bit wasn’t half bad. The crust tasted very good and had a nice thin crunch to it. The cheese was tasty, and I enjoyed the ratio of sauce:cheese. My least favorite part of the slice was the sauce. It had a bitter taste to it and just seemed off. My second slice also had a similar taste to it. The slice my guest had also tasted the same way. I asked them for their opinion and without prompting them, they also said they liked the slice but didn’t love the sauce. Who knows, maybe it was just an off batch for the day.

Although I do not agree with the statement on their shirts that claims Stella’s Pizza has the best pizza in Boca, the pizza has many excellent qualities to it. When I am out in this neck of the woods, I would absolutely stop in for a slice, but more than likely end up with their delicious baked ziti.

If you haven’t tried Stella’s Pizza yet, it might be worth the try. Get a pizza as an appetizer and also make sure to taste their pasta dishes as well. It is a good red sauce kind of joint. The owner Patrick is a very nice guy and always seems to be smiling, and the servers have been delightful over the years.

Stella’s Pizza in Boca Raton gets 5 out of 8 slices for this visit. I will update the post if it improves the next time we go.

Oceano Kitchen Pizza Lantana, FL

Oceano Kitchen Pizza Lantana, FL

A sad thing happened in South Florida recently. Dak, the owner of Pizzeria Oceano decided to sell and walk away from the pizza world. It was with very little notice and as the only pizza reviewer whose opinion really matters down here, I can assure all our readers that he will be missed. We gave the new owner some time to get through the growing pains, and recently on a Friday night went there to try out the pizza.

The new owners Chef Jeremy Bearman and his wife used to work at One Door East in Fort Lauderdale. They renamed Pizzeria Ocean, Oceano Kitchen and did some upgrades to the exterior which you can notice right away. Now you can sit and enjoy the food without worrying about rain or baking in the sun. Another thing you will notice right away is that the prices have risen! But we will get to that later on.

After getting seated, which wasn’t a problem, since the place was quite empty, we gave our order to the server. I ordered the Straight Shooter with no basil. This is their equivalent of a Margherita, with a price of $18. Yes, you read that correctly. $18 for an individual pizza in Lantana, Florida. Nope, not New York City, or San Francisco, but a pizzeria in Lantana, Florida is now trying to command $18. 

One of the reasons for the exorbitant price of the pies, is that everything is “farm to table here”. All the ingredients are fresh, and we suppose that comes at a higher price than usual. In our opinions, almost $20 for a regular pie, is just a bit too much.

oceano pizza lantana, fl

My friend ordered a pie with Chorizo at the same time I did. Chorizo is a type of pork sausage made the way the Romans used to do it. My pie came out pretty quickly and I started to eat it. I lifted my first slice only to reveal it wasn’t cooked properly. The crust was somewhat raw and had zero crisp to it. The same was true for the rest of the slices. The taste of the pie was very good though, the fruitful olive oil used was delicious, and sprinkled evenly over the slice. Although the crust wasn’t cooked through, and contained too much flour/cornstarch, it still tasted better than a lot of places who do cook their crusts properly. What was somewhat lacking was sauce. As many of our readers know, I am not a huge fan of excessive sauce, but this pie didn’t really contain much at all. What sauce it did have, was extremely fresh tasting, and had amazing potential. This pie also had way too much crust. You can see it in the below image. The plain outer crust took up more than 35% of the pie. Most people want the sauce and the cheese and not just the bread.

oceano pizza

In case you are wondering how the Chorizo pizza was, I am not really sure. The pie didn’t come out until approximately 20 minutes after I was DONE with my entire pie and I wasn’t in the mood for more pizza. I get the whole cooked to order concept, but most people come to eat together and not 20 minutes apart. Hopefully the new owners can figure out a way to better their timing since I fear this will cause many discriminating customers from returning, and it would be a shame since Oceano Kitchen could have longevity. Please note that Oceano Kitchen in Lantana, FL changes their menu daily, so you need to check their website prior to going.

Not that I review other food, but the regular kitchen style food was excellent, so I do not think you can go wrong by sharing a pizza as an appetizer and getting other dishes as a main meal.

Here is a recap of the things I disliked:


The outer crust was almost as much as the actual sauce and cheese part of the pie.

Too much flour

Timing of the food servings


Not enough sauce

Here is a recap of the things I liked:

Taste of the sauce

Olive Oil

Quality of Cheese

Freshness of ingredients

Regular kitchen food

Awning outside

I know it might seem like I was too harsh on the new owner, but perhaps I am just bitter that we lost Dak. His pie was some of the best I have had in the country. I wish the Bearman’s (new owners) nothing but an amazing future and hope they find a recipe for success at this eclectic location. Although I am not craving the pizza like I used to, if someone asked me to meet them there again, I most certainly would happily return. Maybe by the next time I try it, the pizza oven will find the perfect temperature and the crust will shrink.

Oceano Kitchen in Lantana, FL gets 6 out of 8 slices.

Pizza Johny’s Miami

Pizza Johny's Miami

We had some friends from Modesto, California visiting with us. He was recently on Triple D and wanted to go see his friend at Latin House Burger Joint in Miami that he appeared on TV with. We headed down to this part of Miami that I thought was Kendall but was told it was just Miami proper. So we pulled into this unassuming shopping plaza on the North side of Sunset Drive, not too far from Florida International University, to get some burgers. Once we pulled in I noticed there was a pizzeria in the plaza named Johny’s Pizza. Nope, not Johnny’s Pizza as most people would spell it.

pizza johnys a taste of new york

My family and friends went into Latin House and I made a beeline to Pizza Johny’s. The pizzeria wasn’t anything to write home about. It didn’t appear entirely clean but smelled good regardless. For an off hour, Pizza Johny’s was doing a nice business. The seating in this establishment is minimal but that doesn’t seem to stop folks from taking food out from there. I glanced up at the menu, which was expansive. They had everything you would expect from a “New York Style Pizzeria”. Italian Ices, Strombolis, Calzones and even had pinwheels. Unfortunately they did not have Sicilian slices at this time, so I ordered just one regular slice to try and looked around a bit.

Pizza Johnny's Miami

I am wondering if they were about to renovate the place and that is why it looked a little dated. If you google Pizza Johny’s you will get this website… and that says they are under construction, but maybe it is the website that is under construction. Inside they have a sign by the pizza makers counter that shows their website as that doesn’t work at all. Seems like they are having an identity crisis. The phone number listed on the one website is even different from the other.

Johny's Pizza Miami

I know, I know, you don’t care about the website or how it could be the worst and longest domain name ever. You care about the pizza, so I will just get into my review of Pizza Johny’s Miami. The slice came out extraordinarily hot, even though I told him I didn’t need it cooked much. It had some burnt cheese on the tip but it was a decent size slice. After letting it cool down for a minute or so I took my first bite. As I lifted the slice from the plate I was impressed with how thin and crisp the slice was. It folded in half nicely and I started to have the feeling I was about to actually have one of those surprisingly good slices that you find by accident from time to time when you aren’t even looking.

best pizza south miami

This slice was actually really good. The sweet sauce was covered by a generous amount of quality tasting cheese. The crust was actually tasty and although I dislike when pizzerias use the term “New York Style”, this place was comparable to some of the Long Island pizza joints I grew up eating and enjoying. Too bad I do not live around this part of Miami, as I could see myself making this one of my regular spots. Next time I will try their Sicilian and make sure they do all pies correctly.

Pizza Johny’s in Miami gets 6 out of 8 slices. But they get a D on their spelling test.

Allegro Pizza Wynn Hotel Las Vegas

Allegro Pizza Wynn Hotel Las Vegas

After spending the day losing money and gazing at cocktail waitresses in some lovely outfits, I worked up an appetite and went to meet Evan for a bite to eat. It was late and we didn’t really want to venture far, so since we were at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas we checked around for a pizza place. We walked around for a while and couldn’t find anything so we finally swallowed our male pride and asked one of those lovely cocktail waitresses where we could get some pizza. She told us the best pizza could be found towards the front of the hotel and was called Allegro. We headed over to Allegro and couldn’t wait to try the best that the Wynn Hotel had to offer.

Allegro Pizza Vegas

Once seated, I started to flip through the menu and found the only part I cared about.. the pizza. Allegro is super fancy and has Wood Stone Pizza, this must be very different than Wood Fired Pizza, or Wood Oven Pizza, or Stone Oven Pizza, or Stone Bottomed Pizza or whatever the heck these places will call it to try to make people think their pizza is better sounding than tasting. I ordered the Margherita pizza with no basil. It was $19 which was a little pricey, but then again so are many things at the Las Vegas hotels.

Allegro Restaurant Wynn Hotel

When the pizza from Allegro Pizza Wynn Hotel Las Vegas arrived at the table it wasn’t what I expected. This was a rustic style thin pie in an oblong shape. It was a nice sized pizza and I started thinking maybe the $19 wasn’t such a bad deal. Sorry, I meant to say this was a nice sized wood stone pizza. Please forgive me Allegro. I took the first bite and wasn’t too blown away by the taste. Although the pizza from Allegro was nice looking, it wasn’t so nice a taste. I truly expected more from Chef Enzo Febbraro.

Chef Enzo Febbraro Wynn Hotel

The crust lacked taste, it was bland and really underwhelming, but at least contained a good crispness to it . The sauce was decent and the cheese tasted fresh. The cheese was probably my favorite part of this pie, since it tasted like a quality blend.

Allegro Wynn Hotel Las Vegas

Based upon the time of night, and our unwillingness to hop in an Uber and go to another hotel, I guess beggars can’t be choosers. At least we got pizza. Usually when I am starving, some otherwise average pizza places taste better. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case and I didn’t finish the pie. If you go with someone, these pizzas technically are big enough to feed two, so consider that prior to ordering your own.

Allegro Pizza Wynn Hotel Las Vegas gets 4 out of 8 slices. It isn’t a place I would rush back to for the pizza, but maybe the other dishes are good there and deserve a try.

Joe’s Old School Pizza Hollywood, FL

Joe's Old School Pizza Hollywood, FL

You ever drive by what appears to be a vacant gas station one day, and a few months later you drive by it again, and it is an Italian Ice place, and then you drive by it again except this time it is a delicious pizzeria? Well it happens to me all the time too! A while back I read about Joe’s on a friends food review site named Jeff Eats. I was kind of surprised that he beat me to this pizza joint. I had never noticed it since the last time I had been down around this area, just north of Young Circle was about a year prior to his article, so I actually forgot about this pizza place. That was until Nicole Danna asked me to discuss the Best Pizza in Broward County for the New Times. We had Joe’s Old School Pizza on our list of must try places, and even ended up ranking it 3rd best pizza in Broward County.

Joes Pizza Hollywood

Before I get to the pizza, let’s take in a little history on how Joe’s Old School Pizza ended up in this eclectic location in Hollywood. Joe Caristo is the name of the owner, and also the Joe in Joe’s Old School Pizza. Joe grew up in the Bay Ridge section of Brooklyn, which is known for a tremendous amount of quality pizza places. He opened this pizzeria over two years ago, Actually 2 years and 4 months as of the date of this review. For those of you who live in Coral Gables (1232 S. Dixie Highway) and Cooper City (2711 Hiatus Road) you might recognize Joe’s, as this is one of the three locations. This review will only focus on the Hollywood location but we will be visiting the other locales shortly to do separate reviews.

joe's pizza slice hollywood

When my slices arrived at the table, they looked extremely tasty. They had a perfect amount of cheese and upon lifting up the slice, I was amazed to see how crisp it was. Look at the photo, it barely tilted down. Many other reviews of Joe’s said the pizza was soggy, but this was obviously not the case during my two visits there. My first bite revealed a sweet tasting sauce, and I later become aware that the cheese comes from Grande. The crust on both of my visits was consistent and was nice and crispy with a fantastic taste.

Joe's Pizza Drive Thru

Joe’s isn’t like your average pizza place. You walk into the garage bay and order from a counter on the left. Then you wait and your slices appear at a window to your right. Definitely an experience I haven’t had down in South Florida. Another interesting thing Joe’s Old School pizza has at their Hollywood location is a drive-through window.

Joes Old School Pizza

I must say, Joe’s Old School Pizza in Hollywood, FL serves some of the best pizza slices in South Florida. If you are in the area, you won’t be disappointed. Even if you are out of the area, it is a different way to spend a breezy afternoon. Search for days with good weather since Joe’s does get hot during the summer, and the outside seating and inside the garage might get to you.

Joe’s Old School Pizza in Hollywood, FL gets 7 out of 8 slices.

Here are some other photos:


Joe's Pizza Hollywood best pizza hollywood, fl Joe's Old School Pizza, FL Joe's Old School Pizza Hollywood, FL Joe's Old School Pizza Hollywood

Grato West Palm Beach Pizza

grato west palm beach pizza

Last year there was a lot of buzz about a new restaurant opening near Antique Row in West Palm Beach. The chatter said that the team behind the very successful Buccan in the Town of Palm Beach was opening a new place called Grato. What made Buccan a must try spot was the rock star chef and two-time James Beard Award semifinalist Clay Conley was involved, now he has turned this former lighting store into the next hot spot in town.

Since I don’t really like waiting to eat at restaurants, especially ones I haven’t tried yet to know if they are worth waiting for, I never went to try Grato. After my friend got us some reservations on a Sunday night, I decided to make the trek up to this section of Dixie Highway and see what Grato in West Palm Beach had to offer.

Grato Pizza Oven

We ordered a basic $16.50 Margherita pizza. It didn’t take too long for the pizza to come out, and we were seated close enough to the pizza oven that I was actually able to watch as our pie was made. Although it didn’t appear that the pizza maker used excessive amounts of flour, when the pizza arrived it was layered across the top part of the crust. I didn’t let that stop me from diving in and taking my first slice.


grato pizza west palm beach


My first impression of the pizza was just ehhhh. It was soggy, and just had a sort of bland, mild taste to it. My second bite was a bit better, since it wasn’t so hot. Although it still was mild, it had a nice taste to it and it was easy to notice the quality ingredients used in the pizza here. I couldn’t tell if the oven was actually wood, or if they just burn some wood to make it appear like that, but it works on gas. I will have to ask the next time I go.


grato pizzeria west palm Beach

My second slice ended upside down after flipping it on the table, so I patiently waited to see if my guests were done, and then I grabbed my final slice. The sauce here is fresh and quality but not very sweet. The cheese is definitely fresh and of the highest quality. The dough wasn’t extremely tasty but I think that was mainly due to the excessive amount of flour on the pie. Here is a photo above to show what I am talking about. Lots of restaurant owners love to question me on my assessments so it is best to show a visual. This way there is no room say “you don’t know what you are talking about, we don’t put excessive amounts of flour on our pizzas”.

Grato in West Palm Beach is a place I would return to and try the pizza again. The scene is trendy and the place is usually packed. The lighting is dim, and the wood burning in the oven is bright. Next time I might sit at the pizza counter to watch what goes on there for a while.

Grato Pizza in West Palm Beach gets 6 out of 8 slices.

Le Sorelle Pizza Boca Raton, FL

Le Sorelle Pizza Boca Raton

Le Sorelle Pizza is a new wood fired pizzeria that recently opened in Eastern Boca Raton. Scott (the self proclaimed pizza expert equal) and I decided to go and try it out for lunch the other day. Le Sorelle Pizza took the spot in an eastern Boca Raton shopping center off Federal Hwy, it is a location that many restaurants have failed in already. The location is a hard one for restaurants to survive in since it really is a local crowd that would frequent the place. For some reason, that portion of north eastern Boca Raton just cannot seem to provide enough local support to keep dining establishments open. In case you want a reference point, it is located in the Hotdog Opolis shopping center.

Le Sorelle Pizza Oven

Upon entering Le Sorelle it was easy to notice the improvements they made. I was greeted but an extremely nice Fabio lookalike with an Italian accent. He sat me and before I knew it, there was a slice of pizza on my table. Since Scott was late I explained that it would be best to just have a menu for now and I would order pizza later. The owner didn’t seem to care and told me that today the pizza was free for their grand opening. Talk about luck, we ended up eating there on the day it was free for everyone! I wouldn’t let this cloud my judgement though, although free pizza usually tastes much better. Even though the sign was huge, I completely ignored it upon entering and went back outside to take the photo, just to make sure I wasn’t getting any favors. Maybe I should keep my head up when walking and not buried in my iPhone.

free pizza Boca Raton

My first bite was delightful. The fruity olive oil hit the roof of my mouth followed by the nice fresh smooth sauce. The sauce tasted great and it was even better when cheese was mixed with it. Since the pizza at Le Sorelle is Neapolitan style I wasn’t expecting the crust to be crispy, so even though it was soggy it still tasted fantastic. The outer crust was a bit crispier and more well done, but the char didn’t bother me at all.

Le Sorelle Wood Fired Pizza

Here is my fear… Le Sorelle charges too much for their food, especially where they are located. Therefore many locals will stay away and choose a cheaper option. If this happens, it could cause Le Sorelle to meet the same fate as the many restaurants before it in this spot. If this should happen, Boca Raton and the surrounding areas will miss out on some great pizza. Their Pizza Margherita is $15.50 for a 12″ and that is a bit high compared to other places in the area. Many of their regular dishes also have some sticker shock, but you be the judge about the pricing. Here is the menu.

If I could give them one piece of advice going forward, I would suggest having someone with a full grasp of the English language working there since many orders will come out wrong if they aren’t fully understood. Boca Raton can have quite the discriminating crowd.

Le Sorelle Pizza in Boca Raton gets 7 out of 8 slices and I most certainly will go back again for some of their Neapolitan style pizza. They do not sell slices here, but if you go with someone else and split a pie, you will definitely enjoy it.

Padano Gastro Bistro Pizza Boca Raton

Padano Gastro Bistro Pizza Boca Raton

My friend Seth contacted me the other week about a new pizza place named Padano Gastro Bistro that opened up in The Shoppes At Loggers Run all the way out where Boca Raton seems to meet the everglades. I seldom, if ever go all the way out to this long shopping center, and seldom see many businesses survive being so isolated out there. Mama’s, that used to occupy the space is a perfect exampleSeth wanted to go and try it out so we set a date and began our journey.

Padano Gastro Bistro Pizza Boca Raton

Padano Gastro Bistro is actually a pizza place in West Boca Raton, and although they have a fancy name, they would have been better suited just being Padano Pizza. We were the first customers in this day, so the manager greeted us and started to tell us a little about the place. He was extremely friendly and passionate, I was hopeful this passion would translate into the pizza. I ordered a $13.99 napolitana pizza and I forget what Seth got, but he got a different pie than I did. Maybe it was a margherita pie.

Padano Gastro Bistro Pizza Boca Raton


While we waited for our pizza to come out of the wood burning oven, the manager gave us the entire history of Padano, and their Brazilian ties. I think he mentioned they have two more places, one in Italy and one in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He taught us about tomatoes and how Italy has changed throughout the years and how it will continue to become less “Italian”. After a little while, he went to the back and came out with this bread appetizer that was extraordinary. Even looking at this photo gets me salivating to try it again. I went through this almost by myself and actually considered ordering another, when the manager brought me out a box and said, “here is one to take home, since you seemed to enjoy the bread so much”.

Padano Gastro Bistro Pizza Boca Raton


Now onto the pizza, since that is what we are all here for. When the pizza at Padano arrived I could tell it was not cooked evenly. The side closest to me was overcooked and the opposite side was a little under cooked. If the crust was anything like that crust on the bread above though, I knew I was about to have a heavenly slice.


Padano Gastro Bistro Pizza Boca Raton


Although the crust tasted good, and the cheese seemed to be a quality blend, I just didn’t love the sauce here. The sauce didn’t have much taste to it and contained too many chunks, which my regular readers will know I dislike. The slice was not as heavenly as I thought it would be. The crust underneath wasn’t cooked too much compared to the edges, which was a good thing, but it was also a bit undercooked on the side that wasn’t fully cooked.

Padano Gastro Bistro Pizza Boca Raton


Since I live a distance away, and it wasn’t as good as I hoped, I probably won’t be rushing back to Padano Pizza in the near future. If I happen to be out those ways, I will try the rodizio pizza special they have. Rodizio pizza is similar to the way Brazilians serve steak. They come around and just keep offering food to your plate. A reader tells me that the pricing on the rodizio is $13.99 for adults and $7.99 for children. That is pretty affordable for what you get here.


Padano Gastro Bistro Pizza Boca Raton


All-in-all, I really hope Padano Gastro Bistro learns from mistakes and makes the necessary changes to survive. They were a great couple of guys working there and I wish them nothing but success.

Padano Gastro Bistro in Boca Raton gets 5 out of 8 for their pizza.

Una Pizza Napoletana San Francisco – Best Neapolitan Pizza

Una Pizza Napoletna

In 2009, Anthony Mangieri, the great pizzaiolo and owner of Una Pizza Napoletana moved his own cheese to the city by the bay, San Francisco.

Once nestled in lower Manhattan at 349 East 12th Street, just down the block from Luzzo’s La Pizza Napoletana and surrounded by other odd eateries like Momofuku and Fuku (not pronounced F*ck-You, but Foo-Koo), Una Pizza Napoletana now serves the faithful upscale guttersnipe of San Francisco.

Una Pizza San Francisco

For many years I had hoped for the opportunity to eat a few pies at the NYC location and for some odd reason or another I would have, but for the so-called “Pizza Expert’s” desire to take me and Sam-I-Am (our other esteemed pizza colleague), to repetitive and nonsensical revisits to L&B Spumoni Gardens and other been-there, done-that tomfoolery. Nevertheless, I didn’t. Even an impromptu trip to San Francisco several years ago, caused the Mad Greek to come up with burnt crumbs as this fine eatery is closed Monday and Tuesday. So when yours truly had the chance this past week to finally take in the long awaited pleasure of Mangieri’s genius, I did so, twice on November 30th and December 1st.

Una Pizza Napoletana San Francisco – Best Neapolitan Pizza

Anthony Mangieri

Many may complain that Una Pizza Napoletana’s prices are steep, and to some who like to sit home and watch porn and use their web coupons to save $2 on a Domino’s pizza, yeah, at $25 a pie, its expensive. But where else are you going to find a traditional Verace Pizza Napoletana (VPN) that doesn’t need to belong to some hokey cock and bull organization like so many others put on their window.

white pizza una pizza napoletana

I’ll get right to the point… Anthony Mangieri makes the best f*cking VPN style pizza in America and quite possibly, the world. You don’t believe me? No problem, your loss. I’ve been reviewing and home cooking pizza for a long time. There is no doubt in my mind that Una Pizza Napoletana is the best VPN pizza. Just like there is no doubt in my mind that Johnny’s Pizza in Mt. Vernon, NY is the best deck style – Baker’s oven pizza in the country.

best pizza san francisco

I’ll save you all the “he gets the best ingredients” and “he makes his own dough” and the platitudes of “the San Marzano tomatoes this” and “the Caputo flour that”, and so on and so on and so on. The bottom line here is this… if you never get the opportunity to go to Una Pizza Napoletana, it’s a real shame and I wouldn’t fault you if you’ve never been to San Francisco, or don’t have it in your travel plans for the foreseeable future. But if you live in the State of California, a place well known to have some of the absolute WORST PIZZA in all of creation, then you don’t have any excuse not to go to Una Pizza Napoletana. If you don’t, then you’re just a loser like the rest of the pathetic folks that like to live their lives complaining about everything and not experiencing the best of things instead.

Una Pizza Napoletana San Francisco

Una Pizza Napoletana in San Francisco easily gets a perfect 8 out of 8 slices, and as you know we don’t give those out often on this site!

Campisi’s Pizza Dallas Love Field

Campisi's Pizza Dallas Love Field

Campisi’s Pizza has a spot at Dallas Love Field Airport. I made the mistake of ordering a pie since my flight was delayed. There are times I wish I could go back in time and hit myself in the head for ordering pizza from certain places. Usually I have tried not to write anything too nasty lately, so I will try to tone this down. Campisi’s should be ashamed of the pizza they serve to the unsuspecting customers at this location. I have had Campisi’s Pizza before in Dallas and although it wasn’t the greatest, it certainly was better than this Love Field location. The oven looked good, the pizza looked good, but the taste was not what I had hoped for.

Campisi's Pizza Dallas

For some reason, this airport kiosk that holds the Campisi’s Pizza name serves pizza with lunchroom cafeteria sauce full of peel and sour taste (in my opinion), and enough flour to make it snow in Dallas in the summer. I think I will stop here and not get too nasty. Safe to say I do not intend on personally eating this pizza again. It has been my goal not to talk poorly about an establishment unless I felt it was really poor, this is one of those times I just felt like I should have gotten better pizza.

I know many of my readers will ask “what did you expect at an airport”. To this I would reply, DECENT PIZZA. The excuse that a place is in an airport and therefore should give subpar pizza to customers is a terrible way to justify not giving consumers the very best. It isn’t hard to use quality sauce and cheese, and decent ingredients in your crust. If you are going to give just average pizza at best, it should come with an average at best price.

Since there are other Campisi’s locations throughout Dallas that I have enjoyed on other occasions, I am sure I will be eating pizza from Campisi’s again in the future. I just will avoid this airport location.

Campisi’s Pizza in Love Field Dallas Airport gets 2 out of 8 slices for this pizza