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Best Pizza Slice in Downtown Orlando Gino’s Pizza

ginos_pizza.jpgGinospizza.jgpginospizza.jpgSince I was in Downtown Orlando again and remembered my previous experience at Gino’s Pizza, I couldn’t wait to try it again.  Take note Big Jim when I say, that this pizza is superb, and if you ever choose to go to Dan’s Midnight Pizza, no matter how drunk you are over this place, you are nuts.  Gino’s Pizza is located on 120 S. Orange Ave, 888.892.3666.


Dan’s Midnight Pizza Orlando

midnightpizza.jpgUpon the suggestion of Big Jim at BarCamp Orlando, we went to Dan’s Midnight Pizza in Downtown Orlando near Wall Street Plaza.  This will be the first and last time I listen to Big Jim!  Dan’s Sandwich Shoppes (midnight pizza) is located on 28 S. Orlando Ave in Downtown Orlando. 407.425.8881.  This place is not a place I will try again.


Sal’s Market Deli Pizza Portofino Bay Hotel Universal

Sals_market.jpgsals_pizza.jpgMade the mistake of getting pizza at Sal’s Market Deli at the Portofino Hotel in Universal Studios. Since it was the only eatery open at the hotel, I had little choice. We were too lazy to go off site to try somewhere else. I ordered a plain pie, and Sam got a Margherita pizza. Both looked decent enough when they delivered them to the table, but upon tasting them, we were both greatly let down.

The price is not an issue at a tourist trap like that, so I will not complain about how expensive the pizza’s cost. Sal’s even has an exotic pizza oven they use to bake the pies, so even the tools they use to make the pizza would lead a patron to believe they served decent pies. But like every other magical facade at these parks, the oven is just for show and the crap they put into it will taste terrible, regardless of what they bake it in.

The main problem is with the awful sauce they use at this place. The cheese wasn’t so bad, and the crust was not the worst I have had. But the sauce was just terrible. I cannot believe they did not taste this sauce before serving it to their patrons. The sauce was barely edible.

If you are visiting Universal Studios and want pizza, this is definitely not the place for you to go. Getting pizza by the poolside is a much better experience. Stay there.

Sal’s Market Deli at the Portofino Hotel, Universal Studios Orlando, gets 1 out of 8 slices.

Portofino Hotel Poolside Pizza Universal Studios


On our last day at Universal Studios in Orlando, we met with Sam over by his pool at the Portofino Hotel.  When the waiter came to our cabana and handed us menus I was happy to see they had some pizza.  My previous day’s pizza was pretty horrible, but we will discuss that in a later review.  So I ordered myself a plain pie and hoped for the best.

When the pizza came it looks amazing.  The crust was super thin, and crispy, and the cheese was sizzling.  My problem with the pizza the other day was their sauce, so I was overjoyed to see that there was very little sauce on this pie.  Although the crust tasted a bit watery, it still was a great tasting pie.  The cheese tasted great, and what sauce was actually placed on the pie wasn’t too bad.

I must digress, I even ordered a second pie as we were sitting there, since the first one wasn’t too filling due to how thin it was.  Never got to eat that pie due to some unfortunate reason.  But next time I am up there, I will definitely eat this pizza again.  Probably the best pizza I have had anywhere within Universal Studios and Disney.

Portofino Hotel Pizza by the poolside in Orlando gets 5 out of 8 slices.

Casa Del-Dio Pizza in Fern Park FL

Casa Del-Dio Pizza in Fern Park, FL used to always win Best Pizza in Orlando awards in the local papers. I ate at the restaurant back then, and the pizza was good, but nothing too exceptional. Then for some reason, I thought Casa Del-Dio went out of business. I tried going to the restaurant a few times, and they were always closed and empty looking. Recently, I drove by, and they were open again, so I gave them a try. We had a large cheese pizza and some garlic bread.


Peanut Butter and Jelly PIZZA???

Another morning in Disney World brings me to my 2nd ever breakfast pizza.  After a positive experience at the Cape May Cafe, we are now at Chef Mickey’s at the Contemporary Hotel.

I like this restaurant better, and the characters seem more fun and interactive.  And this Peanut Butter and Jelly pizza tastes quite good. Never thought I could find a place that would even serve a Peanut Butter and Jelly Pizza.  Guess magical things do happen at Disney. It’s  not addicitive, but it’s alot of fun to eat in a place where fun might mean more than taste. The kids seems to really get a kick out of having something so different.

Eating this pizza makes me wonder why it isn’t just peanut butter and jelly flatbread or something, but when you are Disney, you call anything you want whatever you want.  It gets 3 of 8 Slices.

Cape May Cafe Breakfast Pizza Disney World

Breakfast Pizza

As we continue our vacation in Disney World, we were excited to have breakfast with Minnie Mouse at the Cape May Cafe at Disney’s Beach Club Resort in Orlando, FL.  This is a nice breakfast option if your staying in the Epcot area.  It is a character breakfast with Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Donald and sometimes Chip & Dale.

As they did not offer eggs to order, I started to consider the Breakfast Pizza.  And you know what, it was really good.  How could you go wrong with eggs, bacon, salsa and cheese baked into a pizza.  It was embarissingly delicious.  I kept going back for more.  It was the best part of this meal (outside of my eating company).  Now I do not think this will replace a traditional pizza, or a traditional egg breakfast dish, but as I write this, I want some more.  4 of 8 slices.

Pinocchio Village Haus Pizza at Disney

Located in the heart of Fantasyland, in the Magic Kingdom of Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida, lies Pinocchio Village House.  While I do not want to stake my reputation on this review, I have to say I like this place.  Not just like, but look forward to this pizza when at Magic Kingdom.  It’s a great location, no pressure, filling meal.

We sat outside and just watched everyone on the dumbo ride having fun, watched the people walking past, and enjoyed some decent pizza.  My threshold question in evaluating a pizza place is Would I go back?  And the answer is an emphatic yes.  And so far, I have not been disappointed.  The pizza is about $6 and a nice salad can be added for $2.   Everyone in the family was happy and ate their pizza, so Pinocchio gets 5 out of 8 slices.   Plus you can sometimes meet Mary Poppins outside.

Louie’s Pizza at Halloween Horror Nights Universal Studios Orlando

As far as theme park food goes, Universal Studios in Orlando, makes good pizza. Most theme park pizza consists of overpriced personal sized pies, that seem to be nothing more than bad frozen pizzas. At Universal Studios, there is a restaurant in the New York section of the park called Louie’s Italian Restaurant. Here, they make full sized pies rather than the personal sized pizzas. The taste of the pizza, the willingness of the employees to do special orders on the toppings, as well as the imperfections in the crust lead me to believe that the restaurant employees are actually making the pies fresh in the back instead of just heating up pre-made frozen pizzas, which is a good thing. I visited Universal last Saturday for the second night of Halloween Horror Nights, and while I was there, I had dinner at Louie’s.

On this visit, I ordered a Garden Vegetable pizza, minus the mushrooms. It was a good pizza, but I had problems with the crust and the toppings. I thought the pie could have been cooked a little bit longer to make a slightly crispier crust, although it seemed consistent with the pizza I have eaten here in the past. A generous amount of the toppings were piled onto this pizza. There was no lack of green peppers and onions, but they didn’t seem to be cooked into the pizza too well. The toppings seemed like they were piled onto the pie halfway through cooking, so not all of them stuck to the cheese. It was a minor thing, and the pizza held together for the most part except for the occasional bell pepper that decided to escape.

Something interesting did happen while I was eating the pizza though. A guy in a wheelchair rolled up and dropped a business card with an American flag pin stuck through it. My initial thought was that he was handing out church propaganda to all of us ‘pagans’ that were enjoying our Halloween event, but it was worse than that. He was begging for money. The card talked about how he was deaf and for a donation of $3, we could keep the pin to help with his expenses. I wonder if those expenses included the admission that he paid to get into the park, which would have cost somewhere between $30 to $70. As we were eating, he probably made about $50 in ten minutes before coming back the section of the restaurant where I was sitting to either collect money or his card. By the end of the night, he must have made a huge amount of money if he worked all of the restaurants in this way. Whether he was really deaf or not, no one should be subjected to being solicited for money while eating your overpriced pizza, when you pay an overpriced admission to get into a theme park.

Other than that incident, I had a good time at Halloween Horror Nights, and I enjoyed my pizza. This pizza was a good 5 out of 8 slices.