NYPD Pizza Lake Cay Near Universal Orlando

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NYPD Pizza Lake Cay Near Universal Orlando

Posted By: Jim
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NYPD_pizza.jpgTired of hanging around the hotel, we decided to do some detective work and investigate the local fare. In a spankin’ new plaza across street we found NYPD Pizza.

Today was BOGO Tuesday so we went for a straight cheese pie as well as a pepperoni.
We were super starving and this was our first meal of the day. Well…this would have been a good day to begin fasting.

The pies looked hastily assembled. The cheese and sauce were more like a soupy mix ladled onto the pie with a little steam mixed in. There was little distinction between cheese and sauce. Not very tasty at all. Crust was so-so and the ratio of bread to stuff was too high.  As every pizza connoisseur knows, even cold (sometimes especially cold), a good pie serves nicely as a midnight snack or leftovers the next day. Well, it was all even worse several hours later when I had a cold slice from the leftovers we brought back.

NYPD is a franchise wanting to grow. Too bad it seems to be approaching the blah quality of mega chain franchise, strip mall sub-mediocrity. Ironically, it will probably do well as there are many hotels nearby and a UCF Campus right across the street.
The New Yorkers I know would drag their heads in shame …. NYPD Pizza needs a bit more NY in their recipe. With a little tweaking of the sauce and a higher dose of cheese they could make an ok pie.

Today though, (and after rounding up since we were hungry) 4 of 8 slices….

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