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Campisi’s Pizza Dallas Love Field

Campisi's Pizza Dallas Love Field

Campisi’s Pizza has a spot at Dallas Love Field Airport. I made the mistake of ordering a pie since my flight was delayed. There are times I wish I could go back in time and hit myself in the head for ordering pizza from certain places. Usually I have tried not to write anything too nasty lately, so I will try to tone this down. Campisi’s should be ashamed of the pizza they serve to the unsuspecting customers at this location. I have had Campisi’s Pizza before in Dallas and although it wasn’t the greatest, it certainly was better than this Love Field location. The oven looked good, the pizza looked good, but the taste was not what I had hoped for.

Campisi's Pizza Dallas

For some reason, this airport kiosk that holds the Campisi’s Pizza name serves pizza with lunchroom cafeteria sauce full of peel and sour taste (in my opinion), and enough flour to make it snow in Dallas in the summer. I think I will stop here and not get too nasty. Safe to say I do not intend on personally eating this pizza again. It has been my goal not to talk poorly about an establishment unless I felt it was really poor, this is one of those times I just felt like I should have gotten better pizza.

I know many of my readers will ask “what did you expect at an airport”. To this I would reply, DECENT PIZZA. The excuse that a place is in an airport and therefore should give subpar pizza to customers is a terrible way to justify not giving consumers the very best. It isn’t hard to use quality sauce and cheese, and decent ingredients in your crust. If you are going to give just average pizza at best, it should come with an average at best price.

Since there are other Campisi’s locations throughout Dallas that I have enjoyed on other occasions, I am sure I will be eating pizza from Campisi’s again in the future. I just will avoid this airport location.

Campisi’s Pizza in Love Field Dallas Airport gets 2 out of 8 slices for this pizza

Urban Crust Pizza Plano, TX


For a full work week, I found myself in Plano, TX. A suburban little area located outside of Dallas. I ate at a place called Urban Crust Pizza for lunch four of the five days I was in Plano, TX actually.

Urban Crust has a decent lunch special which was a personal size pizza (9-10 inches) and a soup of the day or caesar salad for less than $10! With the lunch special you choose one topping, I believe you could ask for more for a price but I never did. The toppings I had were: pepperoni, sausage, prosciutto and jalapeño. I asked the server if the meat was store bought or from the area and the reply was it is from the local butcher shop.


Campania Pizza Southlake City Center Dallas

Back in September of 2009 I reviewed Campania Pizza in Southlake, Tx, about thirty minutes outside of downtown Dallas. During that visit I made some suggestions to the restaurant and pointed out ways to better their pie, such as using less flour. I was curious to see if they had listened, so while back in town visiting a close friend, I took a visit back there to see if they improved at all.

Campania Pizza has a nice decor, and I once again want to point out how comfortable this pizza place is. Campania is also located in the City Center in Southlake which is extremely nice and a great way to spend a day shopping.


Sfuzzi Pizza Bar Uptown Dallas, TX

Got a last minute call the other day to go to Dallas, and sit down with some clients. After our meeting, my host surprised me and told me we would be meeting another mutual associate in Uptown Dallas for some Pizza at a place named Sfuzzi that he heard was the new chic place.

We sat down outside on a rather windy Dallas evening, and were greeted by an extremely nice server. Each and every time I go to Dallas, I am quite impressed with how nice most of the natives are. Not sure what the schools teach the people when it comes to manners, but whatever it is, it seems to work pretty well.


Sneaky Pete’s Pizza Lake Lewisville Texas

Dallas does not seem to be known for its water frontage. Outside of a few man made lakes around it, it is actually quite baron. We traveled up to Lake Lewisville to see what was going on and have a relaxing day. We decided to meet at Sneaky Pete’s on Lake Lewisville. It seemed like it was the only place of its kind on this lake. But don’t go by me 100% on that assumption, since I haven’t been anywhere else around this lake.


Tony’s Authentic Pizza Bedford Texas

Here is a shocker, even pizza places in Bedford, TX now serve Authentic New York Style Pizza, Pasta & Subs. This is exactly what Tony’s Authentic Pizza says on their menu. I didn’t even know New York had Authentic Pasta or Authentic Subs. Who would have thought that I could learn this, by coming to a small town like Bedford, just outside Dallas, TX.


Bella Bar & Restaurant Focaccia Pizza Dallas

My associate, who I come to see regularly in Dallas, swears by this restaurant in downtown Dallas called Bella Bar & Restaurant.  It seems like every time I am in town, it is a given we will take the 30 minute drive to eat there. Can’t say it upsets me, that this has become the norm.  Bella is a fantastic establishment with a great menu, and even better atmosphere. Seems like no expenses were spared on the decor around the bar area and eating vicinity.


Fireside Pies Pizza Grapevine, TX Home of The “straight pie”

While visiting Dallas again, my host “with the penciled mustache” insisted we try a new pizza place, since I didn’t find Campagnia and Coal Vine to be worthy of “the best” title.  This time around he took me to Fireside Pies just outside Southlake, in Grapevine.  The place was empty, which made me nervous, but we decided to stay and try it out anyways.

Fireside Pies smelled great inside, and my eyes were drawn to the wood burning oven on display behind the rather large bar.  Although the place is dimly lit, the lights they do have shine directly over the table top, so you are able to see pretty well.  It is kind of deceiving actually, since I thought they had almost no light in the place.  The booths were comfortable and inviting,  and they even boast a beautiful outside dining area for the 3 months a year the weather permits their patrons to enjoy it.