Sneaky Pete’s Pizza Lake Lewisville Texas

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Sneaky Pete’s Pizza Lake Lewisville Texas

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Dallas does not seem to be known for its water frontage. Outside of a few man made lakes around it, it is actually quite baron. We traveled up to Lake Lewisville to see what was going on and have a relaxing day. We decided to meet at Sneaky Pete's on Lake Lewisville. It seemed like it was the only place of its kind on this lake. But don't go by me 100% on that assumption, since I haven't been anywhere else around this lake.

For those of you who aren't from Dallas, or never visited, the water reminded me of a river flowing through a village in Somalia.  It was full of mud and just looked gross. As your eyes looked further out into the lake you can see that the muckiness clears up a bit, but there was no way in hell I was venturing into that mudpit.

While the others were trying to stain their white bathing suits brown, since that is definitely going to be the color when they come out of the water, I went up to the bar with a buddy and ordered some pizza. Based upon the location of this restaurant, and the cleanliness of the staff, it wasn't looking promising. Note to not sit by the frozen drink machines, as the heat that comes out of them is overbearing during a terribly hot Dallas summer.

Since we were seated at the outside bar, I knew my pizza would have to travel from the main kitchen, and somehow navigate through all the pretty girls in bikinis and steroid freaks trying to hit on them. If the pizza made it to the actual steps of the outdoor gazebo, it would have to make it through the crowd of insanely drunk Longhorn fans trying to pick fights with the Aggie fans. Then it would sit on the counter and wait for one of the bartenders to slip their bottle openers back into their ass cheeks (totally gross that they do this and then open your beers with these unsanitary pieces of metal).  Sure hope they wiped good after going to the bathroom or the beer isn't the only thing you are drinking.  After all this,  the bartender would have to get the pizza, make it around the other girls behind the bar, and find me to give me the pizza. So my chances of having a good slice were pretty grim.

It was with amazement that the pizza tasted as good as it did when I bit into it.  This was not the kind of incredible slice you would find at a regular place in Brooklyn, but considering where I was and who was making it, it was pretty darn good. The sauce was almost non existent on the pie, but when tasted, it was smooth and the perfect amount to go against the cheese.  The crust was even somewhat crisp by the time it got to me. I asked one of the bartenders if this pie was frozen, and she told me it was made fresh.  If this was a frozen pie I would have stocked up them.

I hope the pizza guy doesn't put the pizza cutter in his butt crack like the bartenders do with their tools! So don't go out of your way to have pizza at Sneaky Pete's but if you are there,  you should try it.

Sneaky Pete's gets 5 out of 8 slices.

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