Bella Bar & Restaurant Focaccia Pizza Dallas

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Bella Bar & Restaurant Focaccia Pizza Dallas

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My associate, who I come to see regularly in Dallas, swears by this restaurant in downtown Dallas called Bella Bar & Restaurant.  It seems like every time I am in town, it is a given we will take the 30 minute drive to eat there. Can't say it upsets me, that this has become the norm.  Bella is a fantastic establishment with a great menu, and even better atmosphere. Seems like no expenses were spared on the decor around the bar area and eating vicinity.

They even have coed bathrooms here, which is kind of weird.  After you are done, you open the door and there is this gorgeous plastic endowed female waiting to go in.  I mean what if you didn't have such a pleasant experience in there?  Game over.

During a previous visit, I sampled the Focaccia Style Pizza, which tasted pretty good.  I never got around to writing the review since the photo I took of the pizza was too dark, and wouldn't have showed it nicely.  This time I was fortunate enough to be seated under a light, so the pizza actually appears.

My first impression of this pie was "just great, now I have to spend 15 minutes removing the basil from the top", since I didn't tell our waitress Shannon that I wanted it without the basil. Shockingly, it fell off with little effort, so I was immediately ready to dig in. When I took my first bite, it was quite impressive to see how crispy the bottom of the crust was, while the inside bread remained light and fluffy. My teeth crunched into this delightful pie, as the roof of my mouth was greeted with some awesome tasting cheese. The sauce, was applied liberally (which is the way I like it) and had a nice sweet taste to it. The top of the pizza was adorned with some fresh sliced parmesean cheese, which just added to the wonderful flavor.

Although this Focaccia Style Pizza is listed as an appetizer on the menu for $12.00 and on the late night menu for $10.00, it is well worth the money.  Definitely try this pizza if you are dining there and let me know if you agree.

Bella Focaccia Style Pizza in Dallas gets 6 out of 8 slices.

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  • 2626 Howell St. Suite 100 Dallas, TX 75204