Joe’s Pizza Southlake Texas

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Joe’s Pizza Southlake Texas

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joes_southlake.jpgYeah, I know.....Dallas is not known to have good pizza.  I have even said it myself.  Through my numerous posts about the pizza parlors I have tried while visiting the Dallas area, one could easily assess that I have been pretty disappointed.  My view has changed a bit after trying Joe's Pizza.

I was driving back to my hotel after spending the day with the guys over at JICKA.  Like usual, I got a bit lost and ended up on some back road, with my hotel in the distance.  While trying to find a cross street to veer off to, I noticed this small gas station shopping center and a place called Joe's Pizza Pasta and Subs.  It dawned on me that someone during the day mentioned I should really try this pizza out before I leave town.  So, since I found it by mistake, I decided to go in and grab a slice.

As you enter the busy family eatery, which has been open since 1995, it is immediately apparent how involved Joe's is with their Southlake community.  Adorning the walls, are layers of the local teams trophies they sponsored.  The walls are actually murals of the New York City downtown skyline.  You actually felt like you were eating in a New York pizza joint.  Underneath the plethora of TV's, you will find a unique variety of families, from many different ethnicity's enjoying a meal.  Literally, if you thought of a country to find someone from, they were in there.  Joe's itself, could prove over pizza, how everyone in the world should get along.

I made my way to the counter and ordered a slice and some garlic knots (just to try them, I mean they were only $0.25 each).  The friendly owner rang me up, and I proceeded to ask him some questions.  Joe's has over 50 locations in Texas, and this Southlake one was the original.  He originated from Bensonhurst, Brooklyn and moved to Texas 26 years ago.  He agrees with me that the only way to taste a slice is plain, and a plain slice was his favorite.

My slice was placed on the counter and the guy motioned for me to pick it up, since like all great pizza joints, there was no wait staff.  The slice looked great, with perfectly melted whole milk Wisconsin mozzarella cheese, and a good cheese:sauce ratio.  When I picked up the slice to eat it, I noticed that the crust was a bit undercooked, and it could have benefited from a couple more minutes in the oven.  Based upon how long the slice cooked in the first place, I am thinking Joe's could benefit from raising the temperature of their ovens.

Now I cannot attest for the other Joe's locations, since all pizza places that open multiple locations, seem to get diluted in quality through each addition, but I can assure you that Joe's will give you a great slice in their Southlake location.  It is well worth the try if you are looking to grab a couple of quick slices.

Joe's Pizza in Southlake gets 6 out of 8 slices.

They even have pinwheels!

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  • 1101 E Highway 114 # 103 Southlake, TX 76092-5246