Campania Pizza Southlake City Center Dallas

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Campania Pizza Southlake City Center Dallas

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Back in September of 2009 I reviewed Campania Pizza in Southlake, Tx, about thirty minutes outside of downtown Dallas. During that visit I made some suggestions to the restaurant and pointed out ways to better their pie, such as using less flour. I was curious to see if they had listened, so while back in town visiting a close friend, I took a visit back there to see if they improved at all.

Campania Pizza has a nice decor, and I once again want to point out how comfortable this pizza place is. Campania is also located in the City Center in Southlake which is extremely nice and a great way to spend a day shopping.

I ordered a plain pie and Jay got some sort of concoction of toppings which didn't really sound edible. He should have just listened to me and kept it basic. When the pies came out, one thing was evident on both. The crust shouldn't be as snowflake white as it was. When does too much flour mean it is time to hire new pizza chefs? When the bottom of your pizza is whiter then the plate, it is time. So Campania, it is time to switch how you make pizza.

Your cheese is great, your sauce, although bland is enjoyable, and your crust is pretty tasty for a Dallas pie. What good is having decent crust, when you cannot even taste it. I felt like putting Head & Shoulders on the pie in hopes of keeping the dandruff flour particles from falling everywhere. Your pie has so much potential if you would just pay more attention to how you make it. It wasn't like you guys were crazy busy on the day I went there, that you had to rush the pizza. You took all the time and money possible to buy a great oven and decorate the place amazingly, why not put out a pie that is equally as amazing.

Sorry Campania, but I am giving you guys a 4 out of 8 on this visit, which is down from the 5 out of 8 I gave last time. Your rating should be increasing and not decreasing.

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  • 291 Grand Ave Southlake, TX 76092