Sfuzzi Pizza Bar Uptown Dallas, TX

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Sfuzzi Pizza Bar Uptown Dallas, TX

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that he heard was the new chic place.

We sat down outside on a rather windy Dallas evening, and were greeted by an extremely nice server. Each and every time I go to Dallas, I am quite impressed with how nice most of the natives are. Not sure what the schools teach the people when it comes to manners, but whatever it is, it seems to work pretty well.

We ordered a plain pie, and began to wait for the food while snacking on some fries. When the pizza came out it was brought to us by our new lovely server, who informed us our other server left (quitting time) and she would be taking care of us. After looking at her, trust me, I had no complaints!

When the pie arrived it looked undercooked and if getting cut into squares made this place Chic, then I guess the rest of Dallas Pizza places must just be so un-chic for cutting in circles. It looked almost as if the owner traveled to some other trendy city and saw the new "rustic" style pizza and thought to himself....hmmmm, I should try this in Dallas and make everyone think we are so novel. Anyways, as a pizza connoisseur, I was not impressed by what I saw. The crust had, well, just way too much crust. It is evident in the photo above. How about more actual sauce and cheese, and less crust. There were bubbles, and enough flour to make Dallas look like it might actually have a mini beach. The crust was almost like dough, since it was undercooked on the edges and a bit crispy in the middle since it was not evened out properly.

The cheese however is what won me over here. It tasted great, and it was melted perfectly into the undercooked dough. Although it was hard to tell how good it tasted, with all that excess flour, whatever brand they are using is a winner. The sauce wasn't anything to mention here, since it didn't stand out at all.

Personally, I do not think I would go back there for pizza, but I would go back to try some of the other food they have. Sfuzzi is located in a pretty cool location, the staff was excellent and the ambiance was gorgeous.

Sfuzzi in Dallas gets 4 out of 8 slices.

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