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Delvecchio’s Pizza BB&T Center Sunrise, FL


Well I had the official pizza of the Florida Panthers the other day while watching the Panthers lose to the Jets the other day at The BB&T center the other day. At least I think it is still called The BB&T Center still, since it seems to change every few months to something else. Apparently the name of the arena is not the only thing that changes regularly. The pizza also changed recently, from Papa John’s (I think) to Giovanni’s Pizza, and now to Delvecchio’s Pizza.

Delvecchio’s Pizza has a few other locations throughout South Florida, including Weston, and Davie. I have been to their Weston location, but wasn’t overly impressed by the pizza I ate there. Not that there was anything specifically wrong with it, it was just that there are many other places that I felt served better pies. One thing I knew, is that I disliked Giovanni’s Pizza and Papa John’s, so I was quite confident that this Delvecchio’s Pizza would taste better.


TIC TAC DOUGH Pizza Swap Shop Sunrise, FL

Ok, I’m not a professional pizza reviewer. That goes without saying. However, I do consider myself to be a “quality pizza consumption specialist.” Pizza is one of my four food groups. French fries, cereal and fruit are the others, in case you were curious. I brought my two of my sons (6 & 7) along with my mom (65) to the Swap Shop for lunch and socks.

I opted for a plain cheese slice while they all went for food elsewhere (lucky them). The slice had two big bubbles in it. Fail. Aside from the bubbles, it was undercooked and soggy. I didn’t have high expectations because I was, in fact, at the Swap Shop. However, this pizza place has been there forever. It’s not rocket science to make a pizza without bubbles and cook it long enough to make sure its cooked in the middle but not burnt on the edges.


Ikea Pizza Sunrise, FL

The idea of having a slice of Pizza at Ikea the other day was just too tempting. I mean, what could a put it together yourself store, possibly offer in the way of a $1.75 slice of pizza. I knew what I was in for, but I had to take one for the team, and be able to tell you if you should eat this pizza, regardless of how hungry you are. Quick synapses….DON’T!

Mario The Baker Pizza Sunrise Florida

img_0679img_06801img_06811Went to Mario the Baker on 2220 N. University Drive in Sunrise 954.742.3333 with my sister and her family the other day.  Long known as having some of the best garlic knots in South Florida, as we passed this place I figured we should give it a try.  Many of you might have read my previous review on Mario The Baker in Boca Raton.  This is owned by different people, and is considered the flagship location alongside the one in Miami.

The place was almost totally empty outside of us and another table.  Maybe this was due to the fact we were on an off hour, or perhaps cause their quality has been slipping.  Since I hadn’t eaten here before, I would like to guess it was due to the hours we ate there.  Everyone at the table decided upon a pie with meatballs, and some of those supposedly delicious garlic knots (or rolls, who knows what they call them down here from place to place).  Our waitress took our order and then pretty much disappeared.  Now I understand that there was nobody else to tend to, so it was frivilous to be sitting around doing nothing, but it might have been nice to get a refill and some napkins or something if we needed them.  Luckily another waitress who brought out the garlic knots took care of our needs.

In my opinion these garlic knots were not even close to the best in South Florida.  So for all of those who have bragged about them for years (Tiffany) you need to have your taste buds examined.  I have had plenty of better knots around South Florida.  Places like Pizza Time, and Luna’s come to mind immediately.  Since this isn’t, we will not focus on them anymore then we already have.

The pizza came out and looked presentably.  What was odd is that Mario The Baker puts their meatballs on top of the pie, and then rebakes the pie with some cheese.  Personally, this is not the way I like it.  For those who enjoy picking off the toppings as they are eating, this type of pie makes it difficult.  Although it is “different”, different doesn’t always make it better.  The cheese:sauce ratio was decent, and the taste of both were pretty good.  The big issue with Mario The Baker in their Sunrise location is their crust.  As you can see by the above photo, this pizza was almost raw, and the crust was un-enjoyable.  This pie needed at least another 2+ minutes in the oven.  Seeing how the top was pretty melted, I am going to guess that their ovens are not set at the accurate temperature.  If they say they are, then they have some serious cold spots in the oven and should focus on rotating the pies.  Both the Mario The Baker’s I went to in Boca Raton, and Royal Palm Beach taste much better.

Mario The Baker in Sunrise, gets 4 out of 8 slices.

Florida Panthers Pizza Bank Atlantic Center

Excuse my photos on this review please.  It was hard to take pictures with all the different color lights flashing overhead.

This year I decided to coach my sons Basketball team.  At the end of the season the team gave me club level seats to see the Florida Panthers vs. Boston Bruins at the Bank Atlantic Center in Sunrise, Florida.  When we got up to the club level we were in awe with the food choices.  This isn’t your everyday sports venue eating establishment.  This is like a fancy restaurant with different food stations.  Shockingly, I chose the pizza.

The pizza was an individual one made from scratch in front of you.  Although they had about 4 different types, I chose the plain.  At a cost of $10.00 for this small pie, I was reluctant….but you know how it is.  You see pizza, you have to try it.  The pizza itself was very undercooked.  The crust was not crisp and almost tasted like white bread.  They put 3 cheeses on this pizza I found out after tasting.  It was Mozz, parm, and cheddar.  YES I SAID CHEDDAR (GROSS),  The sauce wasn’t terrible though, and considering how hungry I was I managed to finish it.  Well I finished everything but the crust, cause I figured I could always have some wonder white bread later that evening if I had the craving.

I will give the pizza place at the Bank Atlantic Center 3 out of 8 slices.  It was better then domino’s, but not as good as Subway Pizza.

Sbarro – Sawgrass Mills Mall – Sunrise – Worst Pizza

While shopping at the Sawgrass Mills Mall the other day, we stumbled upon the food court and decided to eat lunch.  The smell from the Sbarro Pizza place caught my attention and I decided I really should have a slice.  When I got to the register I almost passed out!  The gentleman behind the counter mumbled something in some foreign sounding rhetoric that almost sounded like $3.38 please!