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Little Star Pizza San Francisco Best Pizza San Francisco

Being the best pizza in San Francisco is no small feat, especially when you are known for deep dish pizza. Ask anyone in San Fran for their favorite pizza and Little Star Pizza is ALWAYS mentioned.

The first thing to know if you plan on taking the trip to have some of their heavenly pizza is they are closed Mondays. Next understand the wait can be long and the parking can be terrible, but it’s worth it! A 2 hour wait is not uncommon. Once inside expect your pizza to take up to 30 minutes as well. And lastly a deep dish pizza for 2-3 with a topping and a couple of drinks will run you approximately $35. So why would anyone do this? Like I said its the best deep dish pizza in San Francisco – that’s why.



Boca Raton – (December 20, 2010) – Where do you start when trying to find the best pizza in your local area? In the past year, “The Pizza Expert” ate his way through 25 states, tried his favorite recipes that included a Grandma and Upside Down pizza, and reviewed over 500 pizza restaurants, all in the search of finding the best pizza. This year, , the ultimate resource for pizza reviews and recipes, highlights their first top 10 list of pizza parlors in the U.S for 2010.

The list is compiled each year by “The Pizza Expert” and his team of professional pizza reviewers on . Contrary to the name Worst Pizza, the website critiques, entertains and gives thoughtful reviews of pizza and the restaurants that sell it. This year’s list ranges from little-known pizzeria’s in Mount Vernon, NY, to the kings of pizza in New Haven, CT, to cities that are world-renowned for their pizza’s like Brooklyn and Long Island, NY. Through his website, the top 10 list changes and gets updated each year based upon the preparation and ingredients used by the pizza makers.


Bráz Pizzaria Best Pizza in Brazil São Paulo Brazil

Thanks to @ergagit for sending in a review of a pizza place we have heard to be among the best pizza in the world.  You can find more of his reviews here.

After a long day of meetings, Gagit and San Diego were too tired to go to D.O.M., but Braz Pizza is one of the best in Brazil and supposedly a great way to unwind. We get to Braz and as expected there was a half hour wait in this huge restaurant. This wasn’t so bad, considering how popular the place is.


Luigi’s Pizza Brooklyn New York PERFECT SLICE Best Pizza

As many of my regular readers know, it is almost impossible to wow me lately.  Seems like every place is either trying to capitalize on the “coal fired” or “wood fired” craze, or trying to pretend they are “New York Style” pizza. So it has been relatively impossible to find a perfect slice of pizza so far this year.  Although many places have come close, there is usually something that manages to turn me off, and change my mind. Luigi’s is not one of these places.  They had a perfect slice of pizza on this night.


Motorino Pizza Williamsburg Brooklyn

motorino.jpgmotorinopizzas.jpgMotorino Pizza is located in Greenpoint Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  Not too far from Fortunato’s bakery, which we happened to go to immediately after.  Greenpoint Williamsburg has been blessed with an amazing new wood fired pizza place.

This is their first place, and they recently opened a second joint on 12th street between first and second where the former Una Pizza Napoletana used to be. In a future review, you will see that they have managed to dilute themselves at this new location, as the pizza wasn’t nearly as amazing as the Greenpoint Williamsburg location.


Lucali Pizza Carroll Gardens Brooklyn

lucalis.jpglucali_pizza.jpgThere is something that is alluring about mobster run pizza establishments.  While researching Lucali’s Pizza in Brooklyn, I came to realize that this incredible pizzeria actually has a reputed Colombo crime family member working there.  That made the visit even more exciting.  You know some proud Italian gangster, is not about to serve sub-par pizza.  A this pizza was as far from sub-par as they come.  This pizza was amazing.


South Brooklyn Pizza Is Some of the Best Pizza in New York


Don’t judge a pizza by it’s photo. Although this pizza looked burnt, the only one who gets burned with it are those that don’t take the opportunity to eat here.
South Brooklyn Pizza, which is located on the right hand side of the Irish Bar P.J. Hanley’s,  is one of those places that I normally wouldn’t have thought to try. Had I not tried it, I could have made one of my greatest pizza mistakes ever. This place was delicious!


King Umberto’s Pizza Elmont Best Pizza

king_umbertos.jpgKing Umberto’s in Elmont, NY holds the top spot on my list for best pizza.  It’s a mandatory stop whenever I’m on Long Island, and the pizza is almost always excellent.  One of the factors that sets King Umberto’s apart from the others is the variety of pizza that’s always available by the slice, regardless of the time of day.


Nino’s of Boca New Upside Down Sicilian Pizza

ninosofboca.jpgIt is easy for anyone to misjudge how amazing an upside down pizza tastes right out of the oven.  Normally, one would have to go to Brooklyn to enjoy a fresh, hot out of the oven, upside down Sicilian slice.  This is no longer the case.

Nino’s of Boca Raton located on 7120 Beracasa Way, Boca Raton, FL‎ – (561) 392-9075‎ is testing out this upside down Sicilian style pies (also known as Red Pies) for anyone who walks in and asks for one of these special pies, saying they are friends of Lapp or  These pies cost a couple of dollars more then the regular Sicilian pies there (which are still very well priced for the quality and taste).

This is different then the other upside down pies you might have had with me, if we have had the opportunity to meet and eat there together.  The other kind that I previously had at Nino’s was an upside down grandma style pizza.  This is regular, thick Sicilian style crust that has sliced mozzarella cheese melted into the dough, on top of a tasty coating of extra virgin olive oil.  On top of the cheese, can be found a layer of sweet sauce that meets the roof of your mouth, so smooth, and hot, that it is unlike any pizza you have previously encountered.

sicilianpizza.jpgsicilian_pie.jpgMany might argue that this pizza was originated in Detroit, but that is a fight that they will have to battle out with the New Yorkers.  Places like Spumoni Gardens, Rosas’s and numerous others have been serving this style pizza for decades.  Others refer to this as cheesebread with sauce on top (Mr. Waffle), but once you taste it, I think you will find it hard to classify as anything but delicions.

Nino’s will not be offering this pie for long.  They will test it out on my readers and ask for honest reactions.  If you all think it is worthy of the menu, then they will include it.  This is crowdsourcing for Pizza.  And what a great pizza to try it out on.  Also, the owner, Marco, would love to hear what you think he should call this pie after you eat it.

Nino’s gets 7 out of 8 slices for this remarkable pizza.

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Spris Pizza Lincoln Road

spris.jpgspris_pizza.jpgWent back to Spris on Lincoln Road in South Beach for another tasting.  Although I did not have the same pretty waitress I had last time, I tried to not let that skew my tastebuds.  Spris Pizzeria and Restaurant is located on 731 Lincoln Rd Miami Beach, FL 33139 (305) 673-2020.

I know it probably would have been wiser for me to try a new place, we haven’t reviewed before here on Worst Pizza, but as we passed by this place, I recalled how great it was last time.  Spris was busy but there were still seats.  Our server wasn’t nearly as attentive as he should have been, in regards to drinks, but the food came out in a decent amount of time.

The pizza was as delicious as I recalled it.  Very thin, with some amazing sauce and cheese.  The crust wasn’t as perfect as it was last time, as you can see in the bubble photo above, but it still managed not to disappoint. One of these days I would love to speak with the owner of Spris (who also seems to own like every restaurant on Lincoln Road) and find out what he uses in his crust, to get the texture it has.

Next time I am down in South Beach, I will try to stay away from Spris and try a new place to review for everyone.  I hear Pizza Piola is well worth the try.

Spris Pizza gets 6 out of 8 slices.