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Little Star Pizza San Francisco Best Pizza San Francisco

Being the best pizza in San Francisco is no small feat, especially when you are known for deep dish pizza. Ask anyone in San Fran for their favorite pizza and Little Star Pizza is ALWAYS mentioned.

The first thing to know if you plan on taking the trip to have some of their heavenly pizza is they are closed Mondays. Next understand the wait can be long and the parking can be terrible, but it’s worth it! A 2 hour wait is not uncommon. Once inside expect your pizza to take up to 30 minutes as well. And lastly a deep dish pizza for 2-3 with a topping and a couple of drinks will run you approximately $35. So why would anyone do this? Like I said its the best deep dish pizza in San Francisco – that’s why.


Pizza Guys Vallejo California

With about sixty locations covering the San Francisco Bay area and beyond, Pizza Guys seems to be the “little chain that could.”

I found them by accident tonight, punching in “pizza” on the Tom Tom, and ending up at a place around the corner from a “Pizza Guys” locale – my first stop looked far too scary, even for an adventurous soul like me, so when I spotted PG in the strip mall across the street, nestled between a nail place and a liquor store, I thought I would give it a try.


Tommaso’s Pizza Restaurant San Francisco

Opened in 1935, Tommaso’s Pizza at1042 Kearny Street (415) 398-9696 is a North Beach institution that seems to have a line every day from 530pm onwards. It is an old school Italian eatery that hasn’t changed much. Big communal table down the middle. A small basement eatery with old fashion decor and yellow lighting, this is a classic and full of tourists. They are well know for their wood-fired brick oven pizza.

Their lighting was very dim and yellow, so our pictures have a tint. They have a different specials menu every month.

Pizza with Mushrooms and Sliced Italian Sausage (12in $18.50) – Good thin crust (Not super thin) that isn’t soggy in the middle. Slightly burned on the edge. Good toppings and Sausage.  Pizza Super Deluxe (Mushrooms, anchovies, peppers, ham, Italian sausage and fresh tomatoes) (12in $20.50) – Wow this is getting expensive for pizza. A little mushy because of the fresh tomatoes. The Anchovies are real salty.

The service was pretty average. You had to track down the waiter for everything including getting water refilled. They even forgot our wine and didn’t apologize. Do not expect world class service here. There will be a line at this place whether you come back or not. Coming for just a thin crust pizza is ok, especially if you are in the area. $12 Corkage Free by the way

If you like deep dish, go to Zachary’s in Oakland or Little Star Pizza. If you like Neapolitan pies, visit A16 or Pizzeria Delfina. We would goto A16, Antica, or Delfina for better Italian food at a similar price. They offer to go service.

I will give Tomamasos Pizza in San Fran 4 out of 8 slices.

Thank you foodnut for this review!

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