South Brooklyn Pizza Is Some of the Best Pizza in New York

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South Brooklyn Pizza Is Some of the Best Pizza in New York

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Don't judge a pizza by it's photo. Although this pizza looked burnt, the only one who gets burned with it are those that don't take the opportunity to eat here.
South Brooklyn Pizza, which is located on the right hand side of the Irish Bar P.J. Hanley’s,  is one of those places that I normally wouldn't have thought to try. Had I not tried it, I could have made one of my greatest pizza mistakes ever. This place was delicious!

Let us start off with some of the negatives about the place. South Brooklyn Pizza which is located in the Carrol Gardens section of Brooklyn, does not even let you take their food to go. So if you don't finish the pizza you ordered, then you cannot take any of it to go. We didn't know this and ordered a second pie figuring what we don't eat, we could give to our friend we were about to see, since it was so amazing.  It felt so sneaky getting a box from a neighboring store and slipping our pie into it when the waitress turned her head.  According to the waitress, they want to leave this pizza place as a place for the locals to come and eat good pizza.  They aren't looking to become like Grimaldi's or other places that rush people in and out, and possibly lower the attention that a pie deserves.

Please note that if you do not like your pies served borderline burnt, then South Brooklyn Pizza is a place you should steer clear of.  The owner of this fine establishment feels the well charred pizza's keep the pies from being too doughy.  The well done oval shaped pies start off with a simple sauce recipe, consisting of fresh crushed San Marzano tomatoes.  They sprinkle Peccarino Romano on the pie when done, which it put on top of the other medley of Mozzarella, Grana Padano, and Fontina. Once on the counter the pizza maker applies a nice splash of some fruity tasting olive oil to finish the pie off.  The fresh basil leaves weren't really needed but I guess added some aesthetic design element to the pie. The olive oil they poured on the pizza once complete was delicious.

The pizza comes served to your table on an Oak Board, which is pretty unique to this place.  They are served like this to avoid the pies becoming moist and soggy, like the do when placed on a metal tray.  Little touches like these show you how much they care about the pizza they serve.

As you walk around the bar, your eyes land on this beautiful, but well used wood burning brick oven.  This oven is tremendous and extremely deep.  The management here actually encouraged the photo taking, as opposed to places like Grimaldi's that think letting customers know that pizza is actually baked in an over will surprise them.  The pizza maker here was far from authentic Italian.  In fact he looked Central American.  It might sound odd to say that one of my favorite new pizza places is located in an Irish Bar, and made by a non Italian, but I have no other choice based upon what I tasted.


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