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Sal’s Pizza Deerfield Beach, FL

Didn’t have much time the other day to be picky about where lunch should be eaten, since the people I was with only had an hour. We happened to be off 10th Street in Deerfield Beach and as we drove towards the west we pulled into a shopping plaza that had a Sal’s Pizza in it. Sal’s is a local chain around this portion of South Florida, for those of you who do not know. Seems like every Sal’s Pizza claims they are different than the others, at least that is what the people I was eating with said the lady who drops off the menus to their office always says.

We entered Sal’s Pizza in Deerfield Beach and it looked like all the others, so I am not sure how she could claim they are different, but whatever. I wasn’t here for the ambiance, I was here for the pizza. Since, none of us wanted a whole pie, we took advantage of some of the lunch specials Sal’s has. One of them has a slice that comes with it, so it was a perfect chance for me to try a piece of their pizza out.


Umberto’s of Long Island in Deerfield Beach

umbertos-deerfield-4-8-09-frontI’m a huge fan of the various Umberto’s Pizza Restaurants up on Long Island (although my last visit was disappointing). About a year ago, I was driving through Deerfield Beach, FL and spotted a place called Umberto’s of Long Island. I really wanted to give the place a try based on the name alone, but I had already eaten for the night. Fast forward a bit, and I am in Deerfield Beach once again, and this time I know exactly where I was going to get pizza regardless of their previous Review.

I stopped by the restaurant and the initial feeling wasn’t the same as a visit to one of the actual Umberto’s Pizzas in Long Island. No one was speaking Italian. There wasn’t a huge selection of pizza choices either. The choices consisted of the standard pie or Grandma pizza. I ordered a slice of cheese pizza, and it turned out I got the last slice. My dining companion also wanted a plain slice, but the options were to wait for a new pie to be made or make another selection. We didn’t have much time left in the parking meter, so a slice of pepperoni was selected.
We received our slices after they were reheated and ate them as we walked back towards the car. My cheese slice wasn’t as attractive as I would have liked (too many collapsed bubbles in the center of the slice), nor did it compare to a slice of pizza from an Umberto’s up north. It tasted acceptable, but not exceptional. The same was said about the pepperoni slice. It was good, but nothing great. The pizza definitely wouldn’t be worth making another special trip to get, but if at the beach, I could see myself getting another slice. The one thing that the Long Island Umberto’s can’t compete with is being able to cross the street to eat pizza on the beach.

Umberto’s of Long Island gets 4 out of 8 Slices.

Little Menna’s Pizza Deerfield Beach

little_mennas_pizza.jpgAfter receiving a tip from someone who used to work at another place in Boca Raton that I really liked, I decided to give Little Menna’s Pizzeria a try. Little Menna’s is located on 1619 SE 3rd Court 954-482-0914, near the Cove. I do not think I would have ever found this place, since I was unaware that there are two pizza places in the same shopping plaza directly across from each other. Seems odd that the landlord would allow this, but I guess in these hard times, ethics don’t matter.

Upon walking into Little Menna’s, I thought it was kind of cute. The decor was nice, and the whole feeling was quaint. They do not have many tables inside and only a couple outside, so if this place does get busy, there will most likely be a long wait. The lady behind the counter was plesant, and said she was friends with the owners. She must be very good friends, since she took her job passionately and seemed proud to work for them. What I found odd though, was how hard she pushed her Christian beliefs on me as a customer, but whatever, I am not there to review religion.

I ordered a slice to split with my son, and waited since they just had a fresh pie coming out of the oven. Like most pies fresh out of the oven, the bottom was a bit soggy, and since my son and I have no will power, we bit right in and burnt the roof of our mouth. You would think we would have learned by now. The cheese was really good here, and I scraped every piece off the plate. The crust had a nice taste, but I didn’t care much for the sauce. The sauce was pretty powerful and overpowered the cheese and crust. It was garlicy, and way too spicy for me. My advice would be to cut back on some of the seasoning you are using in the sauce guys. You have the potential to make a really good slice if you could fix the sauce up.

Little Menna’s Pizzeria in Deerfield Beach gets 5 out of 8 slices.

All Star Pizza Deerfield Beach

img_0699My wife suggested a pizza place she passed by the other day while driving through Deerfield Beach.  When I finally found the shopping center a couple of days later, I assumed she meant All Star Pizza. All Star Pizza is located on 1315 S. Military Trail in Deerfield Beach, Fl 954.481.3455.

Upon walking into this establishment, I wasn’t too impressed with the decor.  After waiting a couple of minutes at the counter, someone came and asked me “yes”, now I am not sure if this meant something like “what would you like today”, or even “what can I get you”.  So just taking a guess that Yes meant one of these, I asked for a slice.

After paying I asked if I could have a receipt (you know all these pizza tastings add up come tax time) and he looked at me like I was some sort of idiot.  Like by me asking for a simple receipt, ruined his day.  Oh no!  What is he supposed to do, actually take out a pad and manually have to write 1 slice $…. ?  If this is the Yes guy that works there with the bald head, sorry to have troubled you this day by making you do something extra.  Excellent customer service buddy!

Eventually he left to go do something else that must have been very hard, like maybe moving a can of soda from the counter to the trash, or maybe figuring out how to use the phone.  When the slice came out a more energetic guy gave me it and actually smiled, which was very unique for this place.  If the pizza sucked, I would have enjoyed continuing on the things I disliked about this place, but the pizza was actually pretty good.  It was nothing amazing that would make me travel out of my way to go there, but if I was in the area, compared to the other places located around it, this place would be my place of choice.

All Star Pizza has bubbles in their pizza, which I do not care for.  The guy making the pizza seemed to actually care about the pies and ingredients he was using on them, so I am a bit shocked he didn’t open the oven to pop the bubbles.  The crust had a nice taste and was crispy.  The cheese was adequate and the sauce was put on perfectly and evenly!

All Star Pizza gets 5 out 8 slices.  Hopefully during my next visit I will not ask for a recipt and things should go better.

Also guys, spend a few hundred bucks and redo your website, it looks terrible!

Cici’s Pizza Buffet Deerfield Beach Florida

So, Sunday I was driving my son around with my wife, when he started his usual “I’m Hungry” chant.  Since we were heading down in the Deerfield Beach vicinity, I suggest maybe he wants Red Caboose BoxCar Burgers, which is our White Castle equivilant of South Florida.  When we got to The Red Caboose I was quite surprised that they closed on Sundays.  The very day most people will pick up sacks of burgers for the football games, they choose to be closed.  Lucky this isn’t a site about worst burgers.

We ended up driving into the shopping center across from The Red Caboose and that is when my son noticed CICI’s Pizza Buffet.  He has loved going to this place since he was a baby.  It is loud, he can eat instantly, and he gets to watch cartoons while eating.  Does it really get any better then this for a child?  But wait, if you answered yes, I should mention they also get to play video games when done eating as well.  How can you go wrong with a $4.99 all you can eat buffet (I think it is only $2.99 for children).  Even though the cheese tastes like some oil concoction, and the sauce is like chef boyardee, it still tastes better then some places that charge that same $4.99 for a single slice of crap.  Places like peace a pizza fail in comparison to this pizza buffet.

Personally I got the deep dish plain pizza, which I special ordered from the cashier.  A nice thing about Cici’s Pizza, is you can custom order any dish or pizza and they will make you as many or as little as you want.  My son quickly devourered the spinch slice and the white pizza which he seems to enjoy.  He then washes it down with their dessert pizza, which consists of several choices.  They have apple pie, chocolate fudge and some other thing I couldn’t tell what it was.  I do not really like their regular pizza, so if you happen to be stuck going to Cici’s Pizza, make sure to order the deep dish.

Let me just clafiy my view on this place one more time.  In no way am I suggesting you go and eat there (unless you enjoy having the runs), but if you can accept that you get what you pay for, heck, even more then what you paid for, you might want to eat there.  Especially if you are on a budget.  I will give Cici’s Pizza in Deerfield Beach 3 out of 8 slices.

Umberto’s Pizza of Long Island in Deerfield Beach

Let me start by saying one of my favorite pizza places back home was Umberto’s Pizza of New Hyde Park.  They had several location and I used to frequent the one in Huntington on Jericho Turnpike, the one where they owners son Guy used to work.  The Sicilian was PHENOMENAL and was always consistent!  When I moved to Florida I used to crave this pizza and the second I would land out in Long Island I would go and grab a slice there.