Umberto’s Pizza of Long Island in Deerfield Beach

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Umberto’s Pizza of Long Island in Deerfield Beach

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Let me start by saying one of my favorite pizza places back home was Umberto's Pizza of New Hyde Park.  They had several location and I used to frequent the one in Huntington on Jericho Turnpike, the one where they owners son Guy used to work.  The Sicilian was PHENOMENAL and was always consistent!  When I moved to Florida I used to crave this pizza and the second I would land out in Long Island I would go and grab a slice there.

The bottom of the crust was crispy, the sauce tasted amazing and the cheese, oh that cheese was delicious.  The owner of Umberto's had brothers who seem not to talk to each other and some came down to Florida and opened up Umberto's of Long Island as if to fool the people from Long Island living down here that they were one in the same.  This is not the case.

As you can tell by these photos, the sign on the left says Best Pizza and has Umberto's of New Hyde Park listed as the winner!  Umbertos of Long Island (right photo) is a different place all together and should not display this proud victory on their pizza display unit like it is theirs.  It is ultimately deceiving and they should be ashamed of themselves for doing this.

The pizza at this Umberto's location was nothing like the original Umberto's in Long Island.  Nothing about it even remotely reminded me of the original, unbelievable taste of the places in Long Island.  Hopefully the original brother in New York will see this article and call his brother and comm and him to take this sign down and stop taking credit for something he had nothing to do with.  I will give Umberto's of Long Island Pizza in Deerfield beach 3 out of 8 slices and hope that they stop trying to bamboozle unsuspecting New Yorkers into thinking they are something they're not.

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