Cici’s Pizza Buffet Deerfield Beach Florida

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Cici’s Pizza Buffet Deerfield Beach Florida

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So, Sunday I was driving my son around with my wife, when he started his usual "I'm Hungry" chant.  Since we were heading down in the Deerfield Beach vicinity, I suggest maybe he wants Red Caboose BoxCar Burgers, which is our White Castle equivilant of South Florida.  When we got to The Red Caboose I was quite surprised that they closed on Sundays.  The very day most people will pick up sacks of burgers for the football games, they choose to be closed.  Lucky this isn't a site about worst burgers.

We ended up driving into the shopping center across from The Red Caboose and that is when my son noticed CICI's Pizza Buffet.  He has loved going to this place since he was a baby.  It is loud, he can eat instantly, and he gets to watch cartoons while eating.  Does it really get any better then this for a child?  But wait, if you answered yes, I should mention they also get to play video games when done eating as well.  How can you go wrong with a $4.99 all you can eat buffet (I think it is only $2.99 for children).  Even though the cheese tastes like some oil concoction, and the sauce is like chef boyardee, it still tastes better then some places that charge that same $4.99 for a single slice of crap.  Places like peace a pizza fail in comparison to this pizza buffet.

Personally I got the deep dish plain pizza, which I special ordered from the cashier.  A nice thing about Cici's Pizza, is you can custom order any dish or pizza and they will make you as many or as little as you want.  My son quickly devourered the spinch slice and the white pizza which he seems to enjoy.  He then washes it down with their dessert pizza, which consists of several choices.  They have apple pie, chocolate fudge and some other thing I couldn't tell what it was.  I do not really like their regular pizza, so if you happen to be stuck going to Cici's Pizza, make sure to order the deep dish.

Let me just clafiy my view on this place one more time.  In no way am I suggesting you go and eat there (unless you enjoy having the runs), but if you can accept that you get what you pay for, heck, even more then what you paid for, you might want to eat there.  Especially if you are on a budget.  I will give Cici's Pizza in Deerfield Beach 3 out of 8 slices.

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