Little Menna’s Pizza Deerfield Beach

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Little Menna’s Pizza Deerfield Beach

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little_mennas_pizza.jpgAfter receiving a tip from someone who used to work at another place in Boca Raton that I really liked, I decided to give Little Menna's Pizzeria a try. Little Menna's is located on 1619 SE 3rd Court 954-482-0914, near the Cove. I do not think I would have ever found this place, since I was unaware that there are two pizza places in the same shopping plaza directly across from each other. Seems odd that the landlord would allow this, but I guess in these hard times, ethics don't matter.

Upon walking into Little Menna's, I thought it was kind of cute. The decor was nice, and the whole feeling was quaint. They do not have many tables inside and only a couple outside, so if this place does get busy, there will most likely be a long wait. The lady behind the counter was plesant, and said she was friends with the owners. She must be very good friends, since she took her job passionately and seemed proud to work for them. What I found odd though, was how hard she pushed her Christian beliefs on me as a customer, but whatever, I am not there to review religion.

I ordered a slice to split with my son, and waited since they just had a fresh pie coming out of the oven. Like most pies fresh out of the oven, the bottom was a bit soggy, and since my son and I have no will power, we bit right in and burnt the roof of our mouth. You would think we would have learned by now. The cheese was really good here, and I scraped every piece off the plate. The crust had a nice taste, but I didn't care much for the sauce. The sauce was pretty powerful and overpowered the cheese and crust. It was garlicy, and way too spicy for me. My advice would be to cut back on some of the seasoning you are using in the sauce guys. You have the potential to make a really good slice if you could fix the sauce up.

Little Menna's Pizzeria in Deerfield Beach gets 5 out of 8 slices.

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