Scotti Pizzatti’s Pizza Deerfield Beach

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Scotti Pizzatti’s Pizza Deerfield Beach

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img_0553img_0552Scotti Pizzatti's just opened up in Deerfield Beach. On my way to get the wife at the airport the other day, I passed it and decided to give it a try. Scotti Pizzatti's is located on 119 N Powerline Road in Deerfield Beach. 954-428-8100.

Upon walking up to the door I noticed a statue of a pizza guy holding a sign saying Worlds Best Pizza. This is a bold statement to make Scotti, considering we have actually eaten some of the Worlds Best Pizza. Once inside, I was extremely unimpressed with the atmosphere. The place was very bland and extremely uninviting. It was obvious they wanted to spend the least amount they could, outside of the gross fish tank that was against the wall. We will get back to the fish tank later.

At first I thought the Welcome To Scotti Pizzatti thing that played each time the door opened was cute. Eventually I was praying nobody else would walk in and make me suffer through hearing it again.

I was about to turn around and walk out since it just seemed so uninviting in there. The best comparison would be to a Pizza Hut take out, or a Papa John's take out. Then this really incredibly nice woman behind the counter said something to me and I turned back around. When I met her eyes, she had this huge smile and asked me if I had been there before etc etc etc. So I decided to give Scotti Pizzatti a try. When I asked for a slice, I was informed they only had pies. 10", 14" and 18". Now I was wishing I had walked out before, as I wasn't in the mood for some tiny little pizza. Just wanted a slice so I could review. As I said thank you to her and turned around to the door....again, this amazingly cheerful lady behind the counter told me I should really give it a try, that I wouldn't be disappointed. With that....I told her I was going to review the pizza, and if there was any doubt about how great it was, now would be a good time to let me leave. She insisted this was the best pizza.

So there I was awaiting my 10" individual pie and staring at this fish tank, with these disgusting big fish trying to eat each other, and a bunch of waste coming out of them. Scotti, it is not such a good idea to have this fish tank in the pizza place. It is bad enough you are close to a reptile store, and lord knows what bugs escape from there and potentially get into your store. Last thing I need to do is imagine that like I did while I was sitting there.

When the pizza came out, the nice lady handed it to me and I waited for it to cool down a bit, since coming out of the conveyor belt (yup another place that uses a conveyor belt for pizza) it was sizzling. My first bite was nothing special. There was nothing about this pizza that was worth waiting for in my opinion. Well the cheese was kind of nice. If the super nice lady behind the counter, wasn't so sweet I would have picked this pie up and threw it away.

Scotti Pizzatti says on their website

We are dedicated to using the best tasting, highest quality ingredients in our pizzas. For instance, we use real Pit-roasted ham (not pizza topping ham), 2 oz meatballs sliced fresh just before your pie is baked (not pellets of beef with fillers), and 100% grilled chicken breast sliced fresh for you. We use 100% whole milk GRANDE mozzarella (the best, ask anybody) and vine-ripened California-grown tomatoes in our hearty pizzatti sauce.

And I do not doubt this. On my pie, I did not get toppings so I cannot dispute their quality. I agree Grande is some fine cheese, and perhaps you are using some wonderful tomatoes in your sauce. But for some reason, this pizza didn't cut it for me. Maybe try getting a regular oven. If you are willing to use such "best tasting" ingredients, why would you ruin the pizza with a conveyor belt?

Scotti Pizzatti gets 3 out of 8 slices from me. It is definitely better then Domino's though, so if it is a toss up between Scotti or Domino's, choose Scotti Pizzatti's.  If you love listening to Country Music while you are eating pizza, this might also be the place for you!

I do commend Scotti Pizzatti for taking advantage of some of the web advertising tools that are out there!

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