Tilted Kilt Boca Raton Flatbread Pizza

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Tilted Kilt Boca Raton Flatbread Pizza

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Let me first start off by saying that I in NO way went to the new Tilted Kilt in Boca Raton looking for pizza. I was going to meet a couple of friends from the gym (I have to work out to maintain this physique for my readers) to have a burger and enjoy the ambiance of scantily clad waitresses serving us our food with cute smiles.

When we sat down and starting to browse the menu, I saw Flatbread Pizzas on it, and it had some good real estate on the first inner fold, so I couldn't resist ordering one, since they must be proud of their pizza, or they would have buried it otherwise somewhere else on the menu. It should also be noted that Tilted Kilt isn't known for their pizza, and guys usually go in to grab a beer and hang with their friends, and this establishment is perfect for that. All these disclaimers are necessary since I guess you could tell, wasn't overwhelmed with what I was about to be served.


When our delightful waitress brought the pizza to me at first, it had full pieces of tomatoes on it and some cheese. Maybe I ordered it wrong, but I just wanted a regular flatbread pizza. She didn't give me an attitude at all, she actually happily took the pizza back and said she would get me a new one. Imagine that, no problem whatsoever. Whoever trained the staff at Tilted Kilt in Boca Raton, did a marvelous job.


It didn't take too long before my new pizza arrived on the table. I started to cut into it before realizing I hadn't taken a photo. Do not think they served me the pizza in the above photo with that hole in the middle, it was all my fault.


My first bite had something chunky to it, I wasn't sure what I just bit into, so I started to inspect. Low and behold they had a bunch of pieces of tomatoes or onions or both. I really did not like this. I expected my flatbread to be flat and with smooth sauce. But then again, what did I really expect from a place known for their other food, and their servers.

I am not going to go too hard on Tilted Kilt in Boca Raton because I am happy they are here. It is the perfect place to go and watch and game and have a burger and talk with the friendly and pretty waitresses. It is just safe to say I will not be ordering the pizza again, since in my opinion, I am sure there are plenty of other better tasting items on the menu. Normally I would rip into a place for serving this, but they never claimed to be a pizza place or to serve the best.

Lately I have been avoiding posting reviews with places that receive anything lower than a 4 slice ranking, but I am hopeful by posting this, it will alert more residents of Boca Raton that they are open and are a decent alternative to Hooters. But I like Hooters socks better.


Tilted Kilt in Boca Raton gets 3 out of 8 for their flatbread pizza.

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  • 3320 Airport Rd Suite 1, Boca Raton, FL 33431