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Stella’s Pizza Boca Raton

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Many times I end up going into a place to get pizza, but ultimately get something else to eat. It isn't because the pizza is bad, it is just because some of the regular food is so good. This is the case whenever I go out to West Boca and eat in the Boca Greens shopping plaza at Stella's Pizza. We will get to the pizza review in a moment, but their Baked Ziti usually wins me over. Even though I have gone there about half a dozen times with the specific purpose of rating their pizza, I end up getting the pasta instead. There is something about the way they cook it and serve it that keeps me coming back.


Stella's Pizza Boca Raton


This most recent visit, I was determined to check out their pizza though. Since all the staff there wear shirts that say "The Best Pizza in Boca Period", I figured they must have the best pizza. I mean, how can you put that on a shirt if it isn't true? Wouldn't it be a crime for lying on a t-shirt or on the internet?

I ordered their 2 slice lunch special from the super friendly server that has worked there for years. Her name slips me but she is the lady with short hair and glasses and a remnant New York accent. We have never had a bad experience with her, and she always takes the time to make sure she gets the order right before leaving the table. This must be due to the elderly crowd that seems to flood Stella's Pizza in West Boca Raton for their early bird specials. They seem to enjoy complaining about everything and blaming the server for getting it wrong, when they are the ones who usually ordered it wrong.

When the pizza came out I was excited to try it. It looked good and as I picked up the first slice I was impressed with the crispness of the crust. My first bit wasn't half bad. The crust tasted very good and had a nice thin crunch to it. The cheese was tasty, and I enjoyed the ratio of sauce:cheese. My least favorite part of the slice was the sauce. It had a bitter taste to it and just seemed off. My second slice also had a similar taste to it. The slice my guest had also tasted the same way. I asked them for their opinion and without prompting them, they also said they liked the slice but didn't love the sauce. Who knows, maybe it was just an off batch for the day.

Although I do not agree with the statement on their shirts that claims Stella's Pizza has the best pizza in Boca, the pizza has many excellent qualities to it. When I am out in this neck of the woods, I would absolutely stop in for a slice, but more than likely end up with their delicious baked ziti.

If you haven't tried Stella's Pizza yet, it might be worth the try. Get a pizza as an appetizer and also make sure to taste their pasta dishes as well. It is a good red sauce kind of joint. The owner Patrick is a very nice guy and always seems to be smiling, and the servers have been delightful over the years.

Stella's Pizza in Boca Raton gets 5 out of 8 slices for this visit. I will update the post if it improves the next time we go.

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