Portofino Hotel Poolside Pizza Universal Studios

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Portofino Hotel Poolside Pizza Universal Studios

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On our last day at Universal Studios in Orlando, we met with Sam over by his pool at the Portofino Hotel.  When the waiter came to our cabana and handed us menus I was happy to see they had some pizza.  My previous day's pizza was pretty horrible, but we will discuss that in a later review.  So I ordered myself a plain pie and hoped for the best.

When the pizza came it looks amazing.  The crust was super thin, and crispy, and the cheese was sizzling.  My problem with the pizza the other day was their sauce, so I was overjoyed to see that there was very little sauce on this pie.  Although the crust tasted a bit watery, it still was a great tasting pie.  The cheese tasted great, and what sauce was actually placed on the pie wasn't too bad.

I must digress, I even ordered a second pie as we were sitting there, since the first one wasn't too filling due to how thin it was.  Never got to eat that pie due to some unfortunate reason.  But next time I am up there, I will definitely eat this pizza again.  Probably the best pizza I have had anywhere within Universal Studios and Disney.

Portofino Hotel Pizza by the poolside in Orlando gets 5 out of 8 slices.

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