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Dalli’s Pizza Lake Mary Florida

Recently I ordered take out from Dalli’s Pizza in Lake Mary, FL. I ordered a half cheese/half meatball pizza. It was a pretty good pizza for the most part. The only problem was that the meatball half of the pizza was extra crispy, while the cheese half didn’t seem to be cooked as much. Maybe they cooked the meatball side in a warmer part of the oven due to the extra toppings or maybe their oven needs some adjustments and cooks unevenly. Besides from the unevenly cooked crust, the pizza was pretty good.

It also seems like there have been some changes in Dalli’s.  The last two times I’ve gotten food here, it has been extremely noticeable that there is a completely new group of people working here compared to in the past.  I’m assuming there was some sort of ownership change, but regardless, the food is consistent with what it always has been in the past and the pizza is good!  I will give Dalli’s Pizza in Lake Mary 5 out of 8 slices.

Digino’s Pizza Lake Mary Florida

Someone recommended that I give Digino’s Pizza located at 3895 Lake Emma Rd # 151
Lake Mary, FL 32746 (407) 333-2733 Lake Mary, FL a try. I did and it was an okay pizza experience. It wasn’t the best pizza ever, but was far from the worst.

When I first picked up the regular pie, it didn’t look too attractive when I opened the box. It appeared that there was way too much cheese on the pie, with a small puddle of sauce showing through in the center. Looks can sometimes be deceiving though, because I was pleasantly surprised when I got home and tasted the pizza.

The cheese and sauce turned out to be well proportioned, with just the right amount of each. My only two complaints was that I found the sauce to be a little too sweet, and the crust could have been a little bit thinner to get more like true New York Style Pizza as advertised in the restaurant’s window. Otherwise, it was an okay pizza. It was far from the best pizza I have eaten, but I have had many far worse pizzas as well.

On my second slice, I decided to add some toppings that hardly anyone else will eat. I put about three cloves of fresh chopped garlic and almost half of a can of anchovies on the slice. I have discussed the my thoughts on anchovies elsewhere in the past, and I will restate here that they are one of the most unappreciated pizza toppings out there that would probably be more popular if more people would be willing to actually try an anchovy topped pizza. The slice was stinky, but it was good!

Based on a scale of 1 to 8, I would give Digino’s a nice average rating of 4 out of 8 slices