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Carini’s Pizza Wildwood New Jersey

While vacationing in Wildwood, NJ this summer, I noticed my hotel littered with boxes from Carini’s Pizza. Being a curious pizza eater, I naturally had to find out why by trying some.

Carini’s Pizza was pretty good. Especially when hot and fresh. It wasn’t world class pizza, but it worked and served its purpose. It made me sad for the state of pizza in my beloved south Florida. What passes for OK in New Jersey would probably be King in Florida.

On my last night I went in to the restaurant and noticed it was very large. They do a brisk business and I will be sure to go back if I ever return to Wildwood.  I will give Carini’s Pizza in Wildwood Crest, NJ 5 out of 8 slices.

Sorrento Pizza Wildwood New Jersey

Ahh New Jersey in summer. The ONLY thing I miss about NJ is the boardwalk. The rides, games, people, lights and oh yes, the pizza. Is Pizza a beach food? Oh yeah. However, most of it is garbage.

It’s appropriate that we talk about them here at the offices of Worst Pizza. We stopped at Sorrento II Pizza, because my kids just couldn’t hold off long enough for Mack’s Pizza, a Wildwood institution. So we settled on Sorrento. Vile.

The sauce was nasty. The cheese leaden and the crust hot and cold at the same time. It sounds physically impossible, but I swear its true. The staff barely spoke English, but the language spoken certainly is not Italian. I always wonder if someone who makes bad pizza knows he makes bad pizza. In this case Sorrento probably knows they make bad pizza, but obviously does not care. 2 out of 8 slices.