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Giovanni’s Pizza Coral Springs


While going to the Burlington Coat Factory in Coral Springs the other day, I noticed that Giovanni’s opened up in the same plaza.  Apparently it has been there for a while, but since I seldom make it down those ways, I had no idea that they had another location even. The Giovanni’s Pizza I had in Boca Raton, although not a town favorite, had a deep dish pie that I liked. I didn’t like it because it was extraordinary, but liked it because it was different and a nice change of pace when I wanted to try some Chicago Style Pizza.


Fusilli’s Italian Restaurant Pizza Coral Springs

Normally places seem to cringe when they find out that they have been reviewed by us.  I guess the deceiving name makes them think we are only out to bash places, instead of help them if they are open to it. Fusilli’s pizza in Coral Springs is one of the places confident enough to send me an email asking me to come try the pizza.  That says a lot for a place. They are so confident in the quality of their pie, that they would invite the worlds biggest pizza skeptic into their place to try the pizza at some random date in the future. Last night was that random night I decided to show up.

Upon pulling up into the shopping center of this new restaurant I noticed they had a movie theatre and a day care center, both of which could be good business for a reasonably priced pizza place. I parked and started walking towards the loud playful Italian music outside. After walking into the restaurant, I was very impressed with the size of the establishment coupled with the decor. It reminded me of a family Italian place you would find on Long Island.


Pasquale’s Pizza and Subs Coral Springs

pasquales_pizza.jpgThe review comes from one of the youngest reviewers we have here at worstpizza.  We welcome Sammy on board, and look forward to his expert reviews!

Pasquale’s is a great pizza place to go to if you are in the Coral Springs area. It is roomy inside, with a noticeable cafeteria style to it.


Pepperoni Grill Pizza Coral Springs

pepperonigrill.jpgpepperoni.jpgThe Pepperoni Grill is located in Coral Springs and a place I never really noticed, therefore never tried.  We were heading to our friends house in Parkland the other weekend, and offered to stop off to get some pizza long the way.  Usually I figure it is safer for me to choose where to go, this way I ensure that I enjoy the pizza we will eat.


Pizza Supreme in Coral Springs Florida

On the way back to the office a couple of days ago, I found myself traveling through Coral Springs, or maybe it was Parkland?  It is hard to tell where the divide is.  Anyways, I haven’t been around this area too often since the loss of a grandmother many years ago.  As I was passing by, I remembered I used to really enjoy eating at this pizza joint nearby.

Pizza Supreme of Coral Springs (not to be confused with the Pizza Supreme in Long Island) on Wiles Road in Coral Springs / Parkland has been around since I used to come down to visit here, prior to moving.  So we must be talking about 17-20 years of being opened.  It is hard for a place that isn’t easily noticeable from the road to last as long as they have, without having a decent slice.  I was joyed to see that the lady Gail behind the counter recognized me after all these years.  My choice for today was 2 regular slices and some garlic knots.  They actually have knots here and not rolls, which shows their Queens roots.

The slices came out hot and crispy.  They tasted just as I remembered them from throughout all the years I ate at this place.  Do not expect to find fancy furnishings or paintings here.  You come to a place like Pizza Supreme to grab a slice and eat it.  No servers to carry your pizza to you 2 steps from the counter.  No busboy to take your paper plate to the trash bin.  Just good quality pizza made with care at this place.

Pizza Supreme is not a place that I will drive 30 minutes from my house to get to, but if I am ever in the area, or going to visit a friend across the street, I will always stop by to grab a slice or pie.  Try this place if you haven’t yet, and are looking for New York attitude, accents, and pizza.  Pizza Supreme gets 5 out of 8 slices.