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Pepperoni Grill Pizza Coral Springs

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pepperonigrill.jpgpepperoni.jpgThe Pepperoni Grill is located in Coral Springs and a place I never really noticed, therefore never tried.  We were heading to our friends house in Parkland the other weekend, and offered to stop off to get some pizza long the way.  Usually I figure it is safer for me to choose where to go, this way I ensure that I enjoy the pizza we will eat.

Our friends insisted we bring nothing and assure me that they ordered pizza from a quality place.  Although I was hoping for Pizza Supreme, I knew that I had as much of a chance getting their pizza, as Michael Phelps not screwing up again.  This is due to the fact that Pizza Supreme has closed.  So I arrived at their house without too much expectations, and luckily I did so.

The pizza I tried from the Pepperoni Grill was nothing to write home about, but well worth writing here on WorstPizza.  Looking back, i wish I had reheated my slices, but I was quite hungry and just grabbed a couple and ate them. The cheese tasted decent, but cold, and the crust was shockingly crisp.  I say shockingly, due to the amount of time it spent on the counter.  The sauce though left a lot to be desired.  It just didn't taste like the right sauce to use on a Sicilian style pizza.  It wasn't sweet, and it  actually tasted like a thicker version of Chef Boyardee.  All they need to do is get rid of some of the tomato chunks, and a bit more sugar, and take away some of the pepper, and they should be on their way to a good pie.

Pepperoni Grill gets 4 out of 8 slices.

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