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Scarfone’s Pizza Coconut Creek, FL

Scarfone’s Pizza in Coconut Creek was a place I had wanted to try for a second time and post another review. The last couple of times I went there, I lost my notes and couldn’t post an accurate second account, so I had to wait for another chance to be in the area. Recently when I was at a charity event at World of Beer in The Promenade at Coconut Creek on a Sunday night, my friend Stevette brought some pizza back from Scarfone’s Pizza and it didn’t taste terrible. So after a long night of talking and raising money for a good cause, a group of 8 of us headed over to Scarfones at 9:05pm. I had the craving for a fresh pie after trying the slice in World of Beer.

When we walked into Scarfone’s Pizza in their Coconut Creek location, we asked to be seated for 8. The hostess said they closed at 9:30pm and they wouldn’t be able to accomodate us. Someone else I was with said “so, what does that have to do with anything, it is 9:05pm”


Pasquale’s Pizza Company Coconut Creek, FL

Well here is just an unheard remarkable concept down in South Florida…..a pizza place where you order at the counter and take the slice to the table yourself. Yup, no server needed to carry you, your one slice of pizza to the table located directly in front of the counter. Pasquale’s Pizza, you started off with a perfect score in my book for this novel idea.

Pasquale’s Pizza has been known as some of the best pizza in the Coral Springs area for quite some time. We have previously reviewed the Coral Springs location and really liked it. This is their third location, and I suppose they will continue to try to open up more around the area.


Amici’s Pizza Coconut Creek Florida

Amici’s is a place I am upset I didn’t discover sooner then I did. If you have not tried Amici’s Pizza in Coconut Creek yet, you really need to get over there to try some of their pizza out. This is one of those places, with owners who get it. They are actively involved daily and actually care about the pie they put out.  Enough about them, let’s focus on the pizza for now.


Scarfones Coal Fired Pizza Coconut Creek

The other day I headed over to meet my co-worker for lunch in the Coconut Creek Promenade at Scarfones Coal Fired Pizza. We have been eying this pizza place for the past month and finally decided it was time to take the plunge. I opened the door and wasn’t sure if I was in the right place. When you walk in there is a full bar and lounge, gorgeous industrial ceilings, and hip modern décor. This was definitely a unique pizza place, never have I been to one quite like it. The menu had good selection of pies to choose from such as their Healthy Flatbread Pizza or Whole Wheat Pizza. But I wanted to know what this place was made of. Traditional Cheese for me Please.


Scarfone’s Coal Fired Pizza Coconut Creek at the Promenade

scarfonespizza.jpgscarfones_pizza.jpgA new coal fired pizza place named Scarfone’s Coal Fired Pizza just opened up their second location.  This time in the Promenade Shops of Coconut Creek.  After hearing about it from a buddy of mine, I decided to invite Lori & Willie and head on over there to see if it sucks, like some of their competition.

Upon entering into this metro-chic locale, I was truly impressed with the ambiance.  No cost was spared during the renovating of this restaurant.  After being shown our table from the waiter (there were plenty available due to the time we went, and the fact they just opened) I sunk into my couch like booth, and slowly leaned back to realize just how high the booths were.


Amici’s Pizza Coconut Creek

amicispizza.jpgAmicipizza.jpgAfter receiving a tip from a reader about Amici’s Pizza in Coconut creek, I decided to pass by and see what it was all about.  Amici’s is kind of hidden on the south side of Hillsboro Road, 4800 W. Hillsboro Blvd, Coconut Creek 954.428.4911.  Although you might think you are in Deerfield Beach, you are actually in Coconut Creek.  I am sure all the swingers who frequent the Swingers club down the block are well aware of this place.  Only so much swinging you can do before you need some food.

When we first found Amici’s, we weren’t even sure if they were open.  The shopping center was as quiet as a movie theater watching a Ben Affleck comedy.


Lorenzos Trattoria Pizza Coconut Creek

After the Dolphin game yesterday we decided to get off the Turnpike and head to Lorenzo’s Pizza on Coconut Creek Parkway.  Lorenzo’s, for those of us from Long Island, used to be located at the Busy Bee flea market in Massapequa.

I haven’t been to Lorenzo’s Pizza for a couple of years.  When I first discovered that they moved down to Florida I was thrilled since I had eaten at their place in Long Island for years.  One thing I remember truly enjoying there was their grandma pizza, which is really just a thin upside down pizza.  Naturally we ordered a pie of this grandma style pizza and some garlic knots.  Lorenzo, I am not happy that you have them listed as garlic rolls on the menu?  Why oh why did you have to confirm to the Florida way of saying things!

When the pizza came out, I was a little disappointed how small the pie was.  There were 4 of us, and it was barely enough to feed us all.  Other then the size, the pizza was really good.  The sauce was super sweet, and wasn’t piled on grossly.  The cheese was melted into the dough and the Parmesan cheese on top was a nice addition.  The crust was totally perfect, and I cannot find fault in it at all.  The only thing I could find a fault in, were the other old patrons complaining about everything.  I even heard one lady behind me saying to the waitress, that there are only 3 tomatoes in her salad, and she usually gets 4.

Lorenzo’s, I will give your pizza 6 out of 8 slices, and I will be back to try your other pizzas shortly!  Keep up the good work.