Amici’s Pizza Coconut Creek

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Amici’s Pizza Coconut Creek

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amicispizza.jpgAmicipizza.jpgAfter receiving a tip from a reader about Amici's Pizza in Coconut creek, I decided to pass by and see what it was all about.  Amici's is kind of hidden on the south side of Hillsboro Road, 4800 W. Hillsboro Blvd, Coconut Creek 954.428.4911.  Although you might think you are in Deerfield Beach, you are actually in Coconut Creek.  I am sure all the swingers who frequent the Swingers club down the block are well aware of this place.  Only so much swinging you can do before you need some food.

When we first found Amici's, we weren't even sure if they were open.  The shopping center was as quiet as a movie theater watching a Ben Affleck comedy.

We took a pass by and saw an older gentleman smoking outside.  He reminded me of the Italian train passenger in Euro Trip (great movie).  This gentleman oddly ran inside when he saw us looking.  We drove around the lot and parked next to the only other 2 cars there.  They were presumably the workers of Amici's since, upon entering....nobody was there.

Amici's has a nice comfortable feel inside.  It was extremely clean, and happened to smell delicious.  I later found out the smell was from the garlic that was on the pizza that I was coaxed into trying.  We scanned the counter, looking at the pizza that was displayed.  They had a very pretty presentation, and a nice variety of slices to choose from.  While we were looking, the pizza maker asked us if we had interest in a fresh individual pie that they had on special, and motioned to the chalkboard on the counter.  I repeatedly read the writing on this board but didn't see any individual pie specials.  The pizza maker then told me if I didn't like it, I didn't have to pay for it.  I was up for the challenge.

The pizza looked decent enough when it was brought to us.  The garlic was extremely potent, and I realized it is a good thing I am not a swinger, since nobody at the club would want to even be near me after I eat this.  I took my first bite and almost couldn't breath!  It was so spicy, and the garlic was just purely overpowering.  The sauce had quite a tangy taste to it, and was not one I thoroughly enjoyed.  I ended up letting a lot of it fall off, and didn't care to scoop it back on.  On the positive side, the crust here was very good, and had a unique texture.  Each bite was crispy, and had a pleasant taste.  The cheese was also well placed, enabling me to get a small piece into my mouth with each bite.

When they rang me up and I realized that this small pie was about $14.00, I was ready to take them up on that "don't like it, don't pay thing" but I kind of felt bad since they were so empty inside.  After paying I went outside and wrote down my notes.  Amici's is not a place I will avoid, and actually, next time I am in the area, I would like to sample a regular and sicilian slice.  This special pie however, the one with marinara, garlic and fresh mozzarella cheese, is one I will have to avoid.

Amici's gets 4 out of 8 spicy slices.

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