Scarfone’s Coal Fired Pizza Coconut Creek at the Promenade

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Scarfone’s Coal Fired Pizza Coconut Creek at the Promenade

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scarfonespizza.jpgscarfones_pizza.jpgA new coal fired pizza place named Scarfone's Coal Fired Pizza just opened up their second location.  This time in the Promenade Shops of Coconut Creek.  After hearing about it from a buddy of mine, I decided to invite Lori & Willie and head on over there to see if it sucks, like some of their competition.

Upon entering into this metro-chic locale, I was truly impressed with the ambiance.  No cost was spared during the renovating of this restaurant.  After being shown our table from the waiter (there were plenty available due to the time we went, and the fact they just opened) I sunk into my couch like booth, and slowly leaned back to realize just how high the booths were.


We ordered some deliciously oily garlic bread, which for the price was kinda skimpy, and waited for our pizza to arrive.

One of the bestinside_scarfones.jpg things about eating at a coal fired pizza joint, is how quickly the pizza comes out.  I found it kinda surprising how long it took to cook this pizza here.  Seemed like it took well over 15 minutes for the pie to come out, possibly longer.  Luckily for them....when it did come out it was pretty damn good.

My first bite tasted awesome.  As I closed my eyes, I started to separate all the different tastes and ingredients they used.  According to their website, they use "the best mozzarella (but fail to mention what they consider to be the best), San Marzano tomatoes, and fresh herbs."  Now, whatever the best mozzarella cheese is, according to them, I do not disagree.  The cheese was marvelous.  The crush was obviously prepared minutes before we got there, and as you bit into it, it kinda flaked in your mouth like a wafer and just tasted divine.  When the pie was first served at the table I actually noted to my friends that this pizza is looking a bit thick for a coal fired pie, and that I feared it wouldn't be good.  Don't be fooled, it tasted great and had just the proper texture.

If there was something I could change here, it would be the sauce.  The sauce is just way to bland, and needs some type of sweetness, or herbs included.  If they could perfect their sauce recipe, I feel this place could be a contender.  There is no doubt that I would go back to this place before I would ever step foot in a place like Anthony's or the like.

Most Memorable Things at Scarfone's:

  • The ambiance
  • The Flat Screen TV's to watch the games on
  • The Service

Least Memorable Things at Scarfone's

  • Bland Tasting Sauce
  • Pizza Took a Bit Longer Than it Should
  • Expensive Bottles of Soda

Scarfone's gets 6 out of 8 slices.

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    (954) 590-3666

  • 4443 Lyons Rd, Coconut Creek, fl