Pasquale’s Pizza Company Coconut Creek, FL

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Pasquale’s Pizza Company Coconut Creek, FL

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Well here is just an unheard remarkable concept down in South Florida.....a pizza place where you order at the counter and take the slice to the table yourself. Yup, no server needed to carry you, your one slice of pizza to the table located directly in front of the counter. Pasquale's Pizza, you started off with a perfect score in my book for this novel idea.

Pasquale's Pizza has been known as some of the best pizza in the Coral Springs area for quite some time. We have previously reviewed the Coral Springs location and really liked it. This is their third location, and I suppose they will continue to try to open up more around the area.

Upon Entering Pasquale's Pizza in Coconut Creek, we immediately were overwhelmed with the awesome smell of the place. It smelled exactly how a neighborhood pizza joint should smell. The restaurant was immaculately clean, like not even a crumb on the floor, and everything was neatly organized on the tables and condiments area.

Here you can see just how neat they were. This did not change throughout the night, someone kept going and organizing them, and these little details go a long way with patrons.  It shows they care how their establishment looks, and the perception people will get of the cleanliness of the kitchen. I know I felt comfortable here, and I have plenty of germ issues.

We ordered a Sicilian Pie upon the recommendation of the counter girl. While waiting we went to grab our self-served sodas (another novel idea) and watched the Hi-Def televisions displayed all over the seating area. I even used the free wi-fi they provide for their customers to play a couple of games with Andy.

When the pizza came out of the oven we were called to the counter to pick it up. This was my moment to shine. Since all other pizza places down here seem to think we need a server to bring us pizza, since we must all be so stupid to do it ourselves, I knew this was my chance to try to be as amazing as the servers down here. Miraculously I made it back to our booth with the pizza in tact...WHEW!

It didn't take long to notice the first problem with the pie. The bottom of this Sicilian pie was WAY undercooked and almost had the rubbery consistency of being microwaved. I am certain it wasn't the case (the microwaving) but I am just trying to give you a real world example. You can see in the photo above just how bready this pie was. My first bite revealed some amazing cheese (probably Grande) which was layered over some sweet sauce which tasted great, but was thin and kinda runny. It didn't matter though since the taste was pretty good. If this pie was cooked more thoroughly and rotated better in the oven, it could have been one of the better Sicilian slices I have had down in that are.

We cannot wait to go back and try it again, but instead of a pie, we will just got some slices reheated.

Pasquale's Pizza Company in Coconut Creek gets 5 out of 8 slices.  You should go try this place out, I know we will 100% be going back.

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  • East Side of State Road 7 North of Wiles Road