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Joe & Pat’s Pizza Staten Island, NY

When eating pizza in Staten Island, there are several places you gotta try. Denino’s Pizzeria of course, and Joe and Pat’s. Both are legendary, and win awards quite regularly, well at least Denino’s does. Since we went to Denino’s Pizzeria and Tavern last time I was in Staten Island, we decided to go back and experience Joe and Pat’s.

Joe and Pat’s was just what I expected inside. An old style pizza joint with a bunch of tables to eat in, and a few tables to the left with waitress service. We sat down, ordered a plain pie and began the wait. Our waitress seemed nice, but I had some issues with her later in the evening that I will explain further down.


Brother’s Pizza Staten Island, NY

After many pizza trials in Long Island, we ventured into Staten Island, which has been known to actually have some of the best pizza in the entire state of New York. I know that many will find it odd that Staten Island possesses some of the most well known pizzerias but they do. Brooklyn obviously is more known for having the best pizza, so it was hard driving through it in order to try some new places in Staten Island, but we managed not to stop (at least on the way there).

Our first stop on our Staten Island pizza tour brought us to Brother’s Pizza on Port Richmond Ave., which I have heard from some trusted sources is the best Sicilian slice of pizza in Staten Island. I was told that the regular slice is decent, but not really worth stuffing into my mouth, especially if doing several other pizza places that evening. When I saw the regular it looked good so I ordered a plain slice and a Sicilian.


Denino’s Pizzeria & Tavern Staten Island – Best Pizza Staten Island

In the Port Richmond section of Staten Island, NY lies one of the TOP pizza places in New York City. Yes I am basically saying this could be the best pizza in all the boroughs of New York City NYC. I grew up in Staten Island and the debate always raged between Denino’s Pizza and a few other places on Staten Island, but unlike most other pizzerias, Denino’s Pizza seems to get better and better each and every time. I have so many stories about Denino’s Pizza, that I don’t even know where to begin. When I moved to Bayonne, NJ I asked my neighbor for a recommendation on where I could get some of the best pizza, and he proceeded to give me directions which involved going over the bridge to Staten Island to get this wonderful pie.


Brother’s Pizza Staten Island One of the Best Pizzerias

One of the benefits of growing up in Staten Island, NY was there is good pizza everywhere. Brother’s Pizzeria was something of a legend. It was known to have the best Sicilian slice of any pizza place around. And because it was always crowded, it was always fresh hot and delicious.

Everyone I went with had a favorite section. The corner gave you a lot of crust. The middle was a little softer, full of saucy goodness and cheese. I always preferred a side slice.

It has a nice crust to hold while enjoying the yummy cheesey slice. People have been know to wait for the next pie to get the slice they wanted.