Joe & Pat’s Pizza Staten Island, NY

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Joe & Pat’s Pizza Staten Island, NY

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When eating pizza in Staten Island, there are several places you gotta try. Denino's Pizzeria of course, and Joe and Pat's. Both are legendary, and win awards quite regularly, well at least Denino's does. Since we went to Denino's Pizzeria and Tavern last time I was in Staten Island, we decided to go back and experience Joe and Pat's.

Joe and Pat's was just what I expected inside. An old style pizza joint with a bunch of tables to eat in, and a few tables to the left with waitress service. We sat down, ordered a plain pie and began the wait. Our waitress seemed nice, but I had some issues with her later in the evening that I will explain further down.


When the pie arrived it looked fantastic. It was super thin and had these little dabs of fresh mozzarella place on top of a nice smooth sauce. It smelled delicious just sitting there. No doubt in my mind that this pizza was made with the finest ingredients just based upon the fragrance. Although I had others and the table with me, I couldn't wait any longer and without manners I grabbed a slice and took my first bite.

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My first bite revealed a delicious tasting pizza. Joe & Pat's had a delightful great tasting sweet sauce, with just a fine hint of garlic. Although the slice was extremely thin, it actually was a bit heavy and held up nicely under the pressure. The cheese was beautifully cooked and tasted phenomenal on top of this amazing sauce. The crust tasted very good and had some corn meal on the bottom.

I must say, Staten Island definitely has some of the best pizza in New York. Although Joe & Pat's isn't as perfect as Denino's Pizza, it is a damn close second. You cannot go wrong by going and trying it out. This is the type of place I will travel hours out of my way to go back for.

Now to the bad part of the evening. When the bill came, I paid with a hundred dollar bill. It was all I had in my pocked at the time. The food came out to around $40.00, and I handed her the hundred and waited for my change. She brought back a $50 and a $10. I handed her the $10 for gratuity and put the $50 in my pocket. After leaving the premises and finding my buddies in the car, I heard yelling behind me saying that I didn't give her a tip and that she gave me too much change. This was shocking to me since I would never slight someone out of a penny. I went into my pocket and showed her that all I had was a $50. The same $50 she gave me as change, and I explained how the bill was like $39.00 and I gave her $100 and it all works out. She insisted I was lying and that I took an extra $20. This would be impossible since I wasn't even handed a $20. I just stepped into the car and drove off shaking my head.

Anyways, this disgusted me, and this is the very reason why I feel servers just get in the way of a good pizza.

Joe & Pat's Pizza in Staten Island gets 7 out of 8 slices.


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