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St. James Pizza in St. James, NY

My sister’s friend informed me that there was a new pizza place that opened up out in St. James, over by the car dealerships, simply called St. James Pizza. She had previously gone there and enjoyed it and suggested that perhaps we have lunch there to see what I thought of it.

After parking on the side of the building we walked towards St. James Pizza. Once inside you can easily tell that St. James Pizza is still new. Everything seemed clean and in place, and looked extremely inviting.


Satelite Pizza Bayport, NY

Found myself in the small town of Bayport, Long Island the other day. For those of you who never heard of this place, it is actually where The Hardy Boys were based. I have no idea why I know that, but since I did, I thought you should all know as well. Obviously I saw a pizza place, and had to stop to check it out for the site. Satelite Pizza had outdoor seating and looked cute inside so it seemed like I would enjoy it.

Satelite Pizza in Bayport was pretty busy for this off hour. Usually when a place has steady business throughout the day and not just at lunch time, it is a recipe for success. So with positive thoughts in mind, I headed on in and placed my order.


Porcini Pizza Smithtown, NY

After one of my son’s games the other day in Smithtown, Long Island, I decided to celebrate with some pizza. We passed by Porcini Pizza on Terry Road, which I had never been into, so we agreed to stop and try it out, so Pizza Expert could at least get a new review out of our travels.

Once we went inside my phone started ringing and wouldn’t you know it, I had to leave to go get my other son, so we asked the friendly pizza guy to put the slices in a box and figured we would eat them in the car on the way.


Phil’s II Pizzeria and Restaurant Massapequa, NY

In a half vacant shopping center in Massapequa is where you will find Phil’s II Pizzeria and Restaurant. I was out visiting some family and they suggested we try Phil’s Pizza out since they thought it was some of the best pizza around the Massapequa area. Someone offering me a chance to try some great pizza? Of course I didn’t say no.

Phil’s II Pizza was filled to capacity on this Sunday night. Many seemingly appeared to be regulars, based upon the way the staff and management greeted them. Phil’s II Pizzeria and Restaurant serves up large portions of plain vanilla Italian fare in what is politely called a really tacky Italian restaurant complete with awful tacky street scene paintings.


Anton Pizzeria and Brick Oven Pizza Center Moriches Pizza

Was coming home from the Hamptons the other day since we got rained on. On the way back we stopped and had some ice cream and then decided to grab some dinner. My uncle knew of a place in in the Moriches which has been known to have some of the best pizza in Center Moriches named Anton Pizzeria and Brick Oven Pizzas.

Although my aunt suggested we try the Brick Oven Pizzas which Anton Pizza is known for, we chose to get a regular pie instead since that is what the kids seemed to want. I probably would have preferred to try one of the Brick Oven Pizzas since they are quite popular among the locals, but like usual the kids won, and I didn’t want to make an all day event out of this dining experience.


Alfredo’s 2 Pizza Ridge, NY

We headed over to Ridge, Long Island, which once again is a town I don’t think I have ever been to prior. Doesn’t seem like much is happening in Ridge, which is maybe why we never ventured out these ways. After passing several 55 and over communities along the way, we stopped at Alfredo’s 2 Pizza. I am not even sure if there is an Alfredo’s Pizza 1 anywhere, but this was was named 2.

We parked in front and wandered in. Alfredo’s 2 Pizza is nothing fancy inside, but then again it isn’t anything extravagant from the outside either. It is the type of place you would expect to find in a small town. The counter was to the right, and booths to the left, so we headed to the right and placed our order.


Cataffo’s Pizza Stony Brook, NY

Although it was the tail end of one of my days touring some random pizza places on Long Island, there was always a spot which is hard to read from the road but is called Cataffo’s Pizza, I wanted to try near Stony Brook. I had seen for years but never went in. Although my folks don’t reside too far from there, they never went in to give it a shot either. So on the way home we pulled along side the building and went into Cataffo’s Pizza.

Cataffo’s Pizza in Stony Brook was nothing fancy, and looked more like the place catering to a college crowd rather than a place for family dinners. The place was pretty empty when we went, but I believe we went on kind of an off hour, so I cannot hold anything against them for that. We ordered a couple of slices and some garlic knots and began to wait.


The Slice Pizza Shirley, NY

After leaving Farmingville, Long Island with my buddy, he asked if I wanted to head further out and try a couple of places in some other towns around Long Island that I haven’t tried pizza in. Of course I was up for the opportunity, so we headed out to a town called Shirley, and stopped at a place called The Slice.

The Slice isn’t necessarily the type of place I would have stopped by myself. It just didn’t look too appealing from the roadway. The Slice serves pizza out of an old stand alone building, that looks like the type of place that previously housed some sort of ice cream stand. Since this was probably my first time in Shirley, I have no idea what was here prior though, if anything.


Pizza Corner Medford, NY

Another spot on Long Island I spent just about zero time in, is a town called Medford. During my last visit up to Long Island I went with a friend to a bakery he liked and I noticed a pizza place in the corner of the shopping center simply called Pizza Corner. Pizza Corner in Medford didn’t look too bad from the outside, so I ventured in and we ordered a couple of slices.

My friend got a regular slice and I got a Sicilian slice which looked good from behind the display case. It appeared cheesy, and light, and I was looking forward to trying it. We considered getting a couple of garlic knots, but didn’t find those particularly appealing from the counter, so we passed and just waited for the slices to come out of the oven.


Pizza Stop Farmingville, Long Island

Growing up in the middle of Long Island, we never really made it too far out east. Maybe to take a ride to Montauk or The Hamptons every now and then, but we seldom, if ever got off the LIE and saw some of the smaller towns. I do not think I even heard of a place like Farmingville Long Island until my parents took me to see a Lou Christie concert out there like 25 years ago.

Once I moved to Florida my friend Gary told me he grew up there, as well as my friend Lenny, so I got intrigued what this little town in Long Island looked like. During a recent visit to one of my favorite pizza places in Ronkonkoma (Albert’s Pizza) I asked the owner if he could take me on a ride around the area. As we drove down the block from his pizza place, I quickly noticed Pizza Stop in a little plaza in Farmingville, and asked him if I could run in to try a slice out.