Alfredo’s 2 Pizza Ridge, NY

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Alfredo’s 2 Pizza Ridge, NY

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We headed over to Ridge, Long Island, which once again is a town I don't think I have ever been to prior. Doesn't seem like much is happening in Ridge, which is maybe why we never ventured out these ways. After passing several 55 and over communities along the way, we stopped at Alfredo's 2 Pizza. I am not even sure if there is an Alfredo's Pizza 1 anywhere, but this was was named 2.

We parked in front and wandered in. Alfredo's 2 Pizza is nothing fancy inside, but then again it isn't anything extravagant from the outside either. It is the type of place you would expect to find in a small town. The counter was to the right, and booths to the left, so we headed to the right and placed our order.

The counter help wasn't extremely friendly, and just asked me what I wanted. For some reason they kept looking at me funny like I didn't belong there or something. Many might say I was overreacting, but even my friend who took me there asked me if I knew the guys, since they kept looking over. I ordered a regular slice, and almost got some garlic knots, but decided the slice would be enough since I had a full day ahead of eating some pizza.

Alfredo's II Pizzeria had a nice assortment of different slices to choose from, and they proudly displayed them behind the glass counter. I obviously opted for the plain slice and began waiting. When my slice came out it was hot and crispy. I was a little surprised by how small it appeared. Usually places on Long Island cut their sliced in-house pies pretty big to make you think you are getting more. This is normally an illusion since the pizza maker stretches out the same amount of dough and just makes it look bigger. This wasn't the case at Alfredo's, since after having my first bite, I didn't like the thickness of it. For a regular slice, it was pretty thick, and I prefer thin unless I specifically ordered a Sicilian style slice.

My first bite also revealed a chunky sauce, which wasn't bad tasting but still not what I look for in a good slice. The cheese tasted good and was heavily applied by the edges. I liked this actually. The dough tasted very good, and was probably the best part of the slice. It was cooked nicely, and had it been thinner I think I would have enjoyed it more.

Alfredo's 2 Pizza in Ridge, isn't a place I would go out of my way for, but if I lived in the area, I could see how it would be a place I would frequent.

Alfredo's 2 Pizza in Ridge, NY gets 5 out of 8 slices.

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