Porcini Pizza Smithtown, NY

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Porcini Pizza Smithtown, NY

Posted By: gman
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After one of my son's games the other day in Smithtown, Long Island, I decided to celebrate with some pizza. We passed by Porcini Pizza on Terry Road, which I had never been into, so we agreed to stop and try it out, so Pizza Expert could at least get a new review out of our travels.

Once we went inside my phone started ringing and wouldn't you know it, I had to leave to go get my other son, so we asked the friendly pizza guy to put the slices in a box and figured we would eat them in the car on the way.

Porcini Pizza in Smithtown took the place of another pizzeria that I never got to try which was named Attilio's Pizza & Grill. New owners, new name, and new recipe. We ordered two slices and couldn't wait to try them out in the car, since they looked fantastic coming out of the oven.

When I brought what I hoped to be a crisp slice up to my mouth, I quickly discovered this slice of pizza was crazy soft. So soft that the bottom broke apart right in middle under the pressure. This was nothing even close to what I was hoping for. It appeared to be one of those crisp slices that hold up like they slipped some Viagra into the crust recipe. It was far from this. At least it tasted good, even undercooked.

The cheese and sauce were just ok. Not so good, but not so bad. They definitely put a good amount of cheese on the slice and the cheese wasn't cheap tasting but it did completely fall off the pizza, since the slice was very oily. In my opinion this slice has potential but between all the flour on the bottom of the slice making a mess all over my black shirt, and the fact that they didn't cook it properly , I am not sure I would run back here.

I should note that my son really enjoyed this slice, but 100% agreed with me that Porcini Pizzeria would have to learn how to cook it better before he would run back.

Porcini Pizzeria in Smithtown gets 4 out of 8 slices.

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