The Slice Pizza Shirley, NY

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The Slice Pizza Shirley, NY

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After leaving Farmingville, Long Island with my buddy, he asked if I wanted to head further out and try a couple of places in some other towns around Long Island that I haven't tried pizza in. Of course I was up for the opportunity, so we headed out to a town called Shirley, and stopped at a place called The Slice.

The Slice isn't necessarily the type of place I would have stopped by myself. It just didn't look too appealing from the roadway. The Slice serves pizza out of an old stand alone building, that looks like the type of place that previously housed some sort of ice cream stand. Since this was probably my first time in Shirley, I have no idea what was here prior though, if anything.

Upon entering The Slice Pizzeria, there was only one other table of people eating there, and I have a feeling they were guys who worked there, or owned the place. We approached the young girl behind the counter to order our slices. Most girls at these pizza places out in this region of Long Island seem to have tattoos and nose rings. Not what I was used to growing up. When I was a kid it seems like you couldn't even have hair a certain length as an employee at most places (as a guy) and nowadays it seems like anything goes.

So for $8.99 a pizza everyday, I thought the slices themselves would be cheap as well. They were $2.00 still, so obviously the pie is the best bargain at this place.

When our slices came out you could see the excessive corn meal on the crust. Upon taking my first bite there was way too much cornmeal rolling around in my mouth. I was too busy getting it out of my teeth to tell how the rest of the pizza tasted. It shouldn't be on the top of the crust, only the bottom guys. Just my opinion. The crust did taste pretty good outside of this issue.

The sauce had too much of a tart taste to it, almost like a paste. The cheese tasted pretty good here, and that was probably my favorite part of the pizza at The Slice.

The Slice Pizzeria in Shirley Long Island gets 4 out of 8 slices.

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